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8 Best Sites Like Hoodsite {Alternatives to Hoodsite}

If you are looking for sites like Hoodsite, look no further. In this post, we will cover some best Hoodsite alternatives handpicked for you. 

Hoodsite, as we all know, is one of the popular news sites that is known for its uncensored crime news and media. It became popular for its transparency. Being an adult website, it ensures fundamental rights, freedom of expression, and the right to be informed to all its users. Launched in 2019, it has been an instant success among cult new lovers. Having a distinct set of loyal followers has some glitches. Some users get annoyed by the large number of ads that pop up. Whatever the reason is, many users today are looking for Hoodsite alternatives. 

After the success of the site, many sites came forward with similar themes, while some other websites transformed a long way to provide similar uncensored news to the users. In this scenario, there are many sites like Hoodsite currently available. In this post, we will explore our picks of the eight best alternatives for Hoodsite, which we hope you will love to access. 

Hoodsite Alternatives – Best Sites Like Hoodsite

Now that we have comprehended the need to look for alternatives of hoodsite, let us check out best sites like Hoodsite that you can choose from apart from Hoodsite:

Leaked Reality

Whenever you look out for Hoodsite alternatives, the leaked reality is one of the first picks you may choose from. With a large number of similar features, it ensures to keep yourself engaged but away from irrelevant adult content.  You can choose between light and dark modes as per your choices. The content is divided into videos or albums. What makes this site special is its home page. You can access almost all the content in the homepage itself. Further, any user can upload content after a few layers of filtration. 


Launched in 2006 as Ogrish, it was later redirected to a live leak website till May 2021. Liveleak was a British video sharing website that shared uncensored footage of politics, wars and many other crucial events. It had an important role in fostering journalism in many countries and areas. Liveleaks was shut down, giving rise to the itemfix site. Itemfix site entices viewers with a clean and simple interface that comes with various channels. Some popular channels include Viral, memes, News, Fail, WTF, Crashes and Cool. Almost all the content is video-based; thus, it can be a great choice for short-video lovers. 


Shockgore is another interesting alternative for hoodsite; being a pretty old website, it is deemed to be popular by Alexa. Believed to be a safe site to check out, you may have to be aware that some adult content may also come across your way. This site is trusted by trend Micro. Despite many good aspects, it is constrained by negative reviews by users. One of the strong reasons behind it is that it is not optimised to be viewed in various search engines. However, this may turn into the best pick for you as an alternative to Hoodsite.


If you are a fan of platforms like YouTube, Metacafe can be a pick for you. It is a video sharing site, just like youtube. What differs is that you can view and share recent updates and uncensored gore videos. Evidently, the validity of the videos is questioned; you can access content free from any corner of the world. All you need to have is an account on this platform. You can access sections like latest and popular that appear on the homepage itself. Apart from gore videos and news, you can also relish comedy, cooking and entertainment content too.  Now, this site is redirected to Videoshub.com.


TheYNC is one of those few platforms that try to offer content to all sorts of viewers. It covers ordinary, adult and gruesome videos along with some adult too. This site deals with disturbing videos on real-life occurrences. It posts videos that can be divided into a wide range of categories. As expected, abuse and graphic adult have been the top categories for this site. However, inferring the right content can lead the users towards the greater good. This site offers many enticing features to viewers like points, badges and ranks, which makes viewers stick to it and stay engaged. 

Documenting Reality

As the name depicts, this site is a collection of documented real and uncensored collections of images and videos. The collection covers content like celebrity Death pictures, Read Death Videos, Street fights, Autopsies and much more. Being a free-to-stream site, it is free for all users and can be accessed in almost every country. You can access top posters that are updated frequently. Some peculiar features of this site include: it doesn’t condone violence and unethical and unhealthy content. Thus, it bans people who accumulated more than 3 points.


It is a shock website that offers visitors uncensored images and videos of accidents, cadavers, suicides, overdoses, capital punishment and many more. Murders of various people are freely available here, Being officially one of the top gore sites. It was deactivated in Dec 2021 and was reactivated and updated in January 2022. With around fourteen years of its journey, it has released many shocking videos that made it retain its position as one of the top uncensored sites. 


If you are a meme lover and want to access more updates in the form of memes, Crazyshit can be great for you. Evidently, this site is filled with some adult content, but it is not a dedicated Adult site. If you are not accessing the dedicated adult section, you are almost free from such content. Top categories on this site include Extreme, Fights, slutty, WTF and much more. Conferring these can give you a good idea of who this website consists of. It has a decent mobile phone experience, thus can be handy in many scenarios. The content is not too long to handle, which further increases the user experience. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Here are some best Hoodsite alternatives that you can choose from. Many sites like hoodsite have been discontinued due to various reasons. However, the available alternatives are no less in any way. While some also encompass adult content, some keep away from them. You may choose an apt option among them based on your choice and convenience.  

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