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10 Best Low Memory-space Games

Most of us love some exciting and addictive games. But, many times, our PC or mobile space does not allow us to download and hook into these fun games. And here is where low memory space games come to the rescue!

We often underestimate low storage games for pc, but these are real-life saviors when you want to save up on data and space and wish to indulge in a wholesome gaming experience. A gamer who buys entry-level phones yet has an unshakable love for games often faces this problem. 

Low storage games deserve all the credit and recognition, but the truth is, they don’t get much acknowledgment or appreciation when it comes to mainstream gaming. So, here in this post, I will tell you about 10 best low memory space games that you can enjoy without worrying much about the space in your smartphone.

10 Best Low Memory-Space Games

  1. SimCity 3000

This game allows you to build a whole new city of your own. Build buildings, offices, roads, and skyscrapers, just how you like it to be. This is one of the best low space games for low-end pc, as the minimum requirement of this game is that it needs anything higher than windows 95/98. With a size of just 450 MB, SimCity 3000 is definitely one of the best low storage games for PC. 

Game Size: 450 MB 

  1. Downwell

With 200MB, this is one of the low storage games for PC, which are even smaller than some of the apps out there in the wild. This game lets you go down a well with a pair of rocket boots strapped to your feet. To make the game engaging, a lot of enemies approach you and become your hurdles. Your task is also to grab as many loots from their body as possible and later go on to buy new items for your character to upgrade them. Downwell is one of the most engaging free games that don’t take up much space on PC. This game is also available on android and iOS.

Game Size: 200 MB

  1. Into The Breach

    If you are a fan of tactical games, into the breach is for you! And the best part is, this is among the low space games for low-end pc which take up just 200MB on your device. This is one of the best free games that don’t take up much space on PC. Gamers love this game because it is strategic, challenging, and extremely tactical.

Game Size: 200 MB

  1. 2048

    If you talk about the best low size games for android, 2048 surely makes it to the top of the list. This is a fun and one of the most engaging low memory space games that keep you hooked for hours and hours. In this game, the player needs to swipe to the tiles of a similar value to make it of a higher value. One needs to be sure to plan their move according to the last move. The best thing about this game is that it can be played offline, too, so it necessarily does not need an active internet connection.

Game Size: 37 MB

  1. Pixel Kingdom

If you are a fan of the yesteryear RPGs, then this game is for you! This is a tower defense game, which definitely tops the list for the low storage games for android. This game with real-time strategy elements keeps you engaged and excited. In Pixel Kingdome, you are the ruler of the kingdom who needs to defend itself from an invasion. New troops, weapons, and powers are added after each achievement. This game is not available on iOS, but it is one of the best low size games for android devices.

Game Size: 15 MB

  1. Zigzag

Zigzag is a popular clicker game, where the player’s job is to lead a ball through a topsy turvy path and collect gems and coins on the way. The further you go, the more score you’ll have. This extremely competitive game is super addictive, but at the same time, it is a light file of less than 100 MB that does not take up much space on your device, which makes this game one of the best low size games for android and iOS.

Game Size: 37 MB

  1. Slither.io

We all love games that do not take up a lot of space on our smartphones and PCs. Sitting on the device, grabbing most of the space, heavy games make devices run slow and kill the space for other apps. But, thank God for a game like Slither.io, which can be played on smartphones, as well as on a web browser. This is one of the best low space games for low-end pc, wherein the player takes control of a worm and tries to navigate it. This game is not as simple as it looks, as if the head touches another player, it’ll explode. Not just for PC, this is also one of the best low size games for android devices.

Game Size: 17 MB

  1. War Wind II: Human Onslaught

This 415 MB game which works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, is a real-time strategy game that follows the story of the Marines and the Descendants. Both have their own motives to follow. The popularity that this game has gained has surely made it one of the best low storage games for pc.

Game Size: 415 MB

  1. Dr. Driving 2

We all love some fun driving games. And Dr. Driving is one such game that is super popular amongst gamers. Dr. Driving 2 is the sequel to this famous game. This game is one of the most popular and adventurous low storage games for android, which is larger in size than its predecessor but is still under 25MB. If you want to experience an excellent driving simulation game, get your hands on this game today.

Game Size: 21 MB

  1. Shovel Knight

Games that are forgiving on the storage space yet are fun, and engaging are the best ones. If you talk about free games that don’t take up much space on pc, this one is amongst the magical ones, as it is extremely compact yet has great pixels and graphics. This game grabs just 250MB of your space and yet provides you with a great gaming experience. 

Game Size: 250 MB

We all are always on the search for some fun and exciting games to play. Whether it’s our PC or mobile phone, low memory space games are a blessing for all of us. I hope you have a wonderful and playful experience with these games. Happy Gaming!

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