What is Suikoden  Why Should You Play it
Well, the scene of RPG games has gone through a huge update over the past few years. However, one of the games from the Japanese stable, Suikoden has still reigning the scene – if you are a real connoisseur of RPGs.  One of the most loved RPG game has been one of the little-known ones;… (1 comment)

10 Best Games like Freelancer
When Freelancer was released to the gaming world in 2003, hardly was the gaming world prepared for the revolution that the game would trigger. The game came with amazing features that were previously alien to games. If you are a game enthusiast and are looking for games like Freelancer that can raise your adrenaline, you… (1 comment)

10 Best Games like H1Z1
H1Z1 is a horror-survival and an action video game that is set in an open world on the rural side of the US. As a player, you will be left in the middle of an area infested with Zombies, and your survival becomes your primary goal. For survival, you have to hunt for everything you… (1 comment)

10 Games Like Slither.io
Slithering snake games have always been in our lives since the beginning of the gaming world. They are immensely addictive and popular amongst youth and adults. The only change is there, besides the similar concept of eating food to grow your snake, is that new companies made them individually competitive and also come with the… (15 comments)

Over 8000 Gamers Take Out Pokémon Go Insurance
We insure our homes, our cars, and even ourselves. But now, over eight thousand Russian gamers have taken out a special insurance policy to protect themselves while they play Pokémon Go. If you are not familiar with how the game works, it’s essentially an augmented reality game that takes place in the real world. Players… (3 comments)