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Tips and Tactics To Help You Increase Your Rank in Valorant

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Valorant is a relatively new project in the shooter genre, which appeared under the influence of the popularity of CSGO and offers a similar gameplay concept, but with its own features and ideas, some of which were even adopted by Valve for the new CS2.

You will be able to play matches where two teams will oppose each other and at the same time, you will be able not only to manage your economy and tactics but also to choose your unique hero and combine his shooting and unique skills with different effects.

Your personal rank will play an important role, which will be formed and change depending on the results of the match, but in order to progress and receive a Valorant rank boost you need not only to win because you will not be able to win literally every match – it’s enough to just play well and have a good statistics – so the game will understand that you are already stronger than average opponents at this rank and will promote you.


You can choose different agents from the proposed list and open new ones gradually so that in addition to shooting, you can use the unique skills of each hero, which can influence each round, and then the match and boosting in Valorant as a whole.


Sage is a support hero who makes a huge auxiliary contribution to any game because the character can restore the health of allies and even resurrect one of them.

A secondary important feature will be the ability to install a special wall that can block any direction of your choice and your enemies will need to go around, or break it, but create a lot of noise and indicate their position.


This is a reconnaissance hero who adds his special bow to the main types of small arms to use arrows for attacks and reconnaissance and adds drones to his gameplay.

You can launch an arrow that will fly across the map and when it collides with any obstacle, it will explode and give you visibility around you, and if there are opponents in this radius, you will see their silhouettes with their position.

You will be able to launch a drone that you will control and look around corners with it until its duration expires, or it is destroyed.

You can also charge an attack arrow, which will cause good damage in a situation if you hit the enemy.


This is one of the most useful and active heroes, who completely focuses his efforts in skills on effective assaults and defense of plantations.

You can use smokes by opening a special map interface and selecting three points, you can activate them.

You will be able to use a fiery projectile that will set the ground on fire and cause damage to all enemies that come into contact with it, due to which you can greatly slow down the advance of enemies, or smoke out defenders from closed positions.

You will be able to select a point on the map at which a strong artillery strike will be delivered and will cause enormous damage to all affected targets.


This is a fast hero who is more of a raider than a scout but can fill both roles.

You’ll be able to use high jumps and dashes to quickly change your position on the map in a way that other players can’t, allowing you to appear in unexpected places and understand the location of enemies, or attack them one by one.

You will be able to activate knives to throw them at enemies from a long distance and destroy enemies in six unique attacks one after another until the knives run out.


Each team uses its own tactics depending on the characters of the players who gather in one team and try to get a cheap rank boost in Valorant through their efforts and winning the match.


When your task is to set a spike or destroy opponents, you are in a more advantageous situation in the match, because you have the initiative in choosing the location and type of attack.

The ideal format would be to first explore the map and divide the attacking forces to occupy the center of the map and the exits from the sites so as to catch aggressive attacks from the defenders if they follow.

In an ideal format, one part of the squad enters the target, and the rest intercept other defenders who will rush to the rescue.

But the enemies will not always act aggressively, and then you will have to knock them out of the sites and to do this you need to approach the point confidently and quickly, otherwise you risk completely stalling on the approaches to the site and losing.

Use the skills of the heroes to scatter smoke and fire at various dangerous points and quickly destroy and install a spike with further defense and retention from knocking out the bombsites.

Remember that the side that controls the center of the map with the help of a sniper, or shooter, because you get an overview and understanding of the basic movements, either for the attack or for the defense side.


Playing as a defense is more difficult because the enemies will attack you in large numbers, but you can choose many points and positions to occupy the defense, and with the right game and use of skills you can even destroy all the enemies without losses, or knock them out after losing the bombsite in Valorant.

It is beneficial for defenders to occupy the center of the map because it will deny enemies the ability to attack from multiple directions and move safely through the area and will limit the attack to one of the two bomb sites in a straight line, which will make it easier for the defense, especially when using smoke and fire, which will force enemies to act more actively, which can lead to mistakes and rash actions.

From time to time, you can try to act aggressively but do not make this the main combat tactic, because sooner or later the enemies will stop these attempts.

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