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10 Pokemon RPG Games For Kids

I love Pokemon! I still remember those days when I would eagerly wait for the clock to strike 5 PM. I would then open the cartoon channel (I don’t remember its name) and would enjoy half an hour’s delight of Pokemon. Those characters, their Pokemon, and their battles seemed to be a whole new world for me.

It was only between that half an hour time period that the channel would broadcast the show. I would literally quarrel with my mom so that I didn’t miss this show!

To be honest, I would still watch this show if situations permit me that way. (Yeah, I am still a kid you know by heart). But that is not the point of today’s article. Rather, I want to tell you a secret through which you will actually be able to play the game of Pokemon and cherish the noble experience. Yes, I am talking about Pokemon RPG games.


What is an RPG game?

The term RPG stands for Role-playing game. Meaning, you will be assuming the role of a fictional character from the series and play accordingly.

Thus, by playing Pokemon RPG games online, you will be able to play on behalf of your favourite Pokemon character and enjoy the game from its perspective. It’s a lot different from the conventional games you play out there. RPG games is a totally new dimension, and I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

So, without wasting any more time, here’s the list of free Pokemon RPG Games:


1. UnovaRPG (aka Pokemon Indigo)


If you have been into the Pokemon games lately, you might have heard about Pokemon Indigo. It’s renamed to UnvaRPG now! If you (or your child) is looking for Pokemon games for free, UnovaRPG is the one you may consider opting for. UnovaRPG is declared to be 100% free as of now and will be ever after.

The game revolves around being a human character and catching Pokemon, trading them or playing battles with each other. It’s fun to lead those creatures to victory. You can enjoy the free experience.

In case you do not have a PC, UnovaRPG works on most smartphones as well! And the best part? 100% of the desktop features are supported on the mobile version!

2. DelugeRPG


DelugeRPG takes a slightly different approach to UnovaRPG. The basic point is the same. You are a human character – and your task is to win battles. You can catch Pokemon from the wild and train them. There are battle gyms where you will combat with other players. You can earn badges by being victorious. You can even directly challenge your friends to fight.

There’s a trade option which allows you to exchange Pokemon with others. Trading is helpful when you badly need a specific Pokemon but can’t get it anywhere.

3. PokemonPets


PokemonPets is one of the more complex Pokemon RPG Games. If you’re someone who finds the basic ones too mainstream, you can challenge yourself with PokemonPets.

First of all, PokemonPets boasts of over 520 maps. That’s actually huge! Besides, there’s a map you are shown everytime – it’s from where you can navigate to all the places. There’s a Monster Shop, Monster Arena and a shop. A lot of features are included – an integrated chat system, buying/selling/trading options, friend-vs-friend battles and more. There’s a lot to explore in PokemonPets!

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4. Pokemon Thunder

Pokemon Thunder

There’s nothing new in Pokemon Thunder. It’s the same RPG concept you saw in the former three. Play, collect, battle and trade – this is all the game is about. Pokemon Thunder seems to be a glory of the past – they have a user base of around 50,000 members. But the fact that only a few members are online at a time makes the scenario not so appealing. You can give it a try if the former three free Pokemon games don’t work out for you.

5. Pokemon Eclipse

Pokemon Eclipse

Pokemon Eclipse is a unique portal out there in the category of Pokemon games for free. There’s everything you need, plus you can prepare to against the creator of the region of Apholite, the deity, ShadowCelebi. I haven’t seen such a concept being introduced before.

Furthermore, if you hate the hunt and train concept, you can play minigames and do mining job as an alternative. I would recommend you to give it a shot.

6. Pokemon Voyage

Pokemon Voyage

Pokemon Voyage has been here since 2011. There’s a lot you can do with this old man in the list of Pokemon RPG games. Hunt and train Pokemon to battle with the boss. You can upgrade your Pokemon to as high as level 100! Besides, there are challenges and tournaments to pump you up.

7. Pokemon Battle Quest

Pokemon Battle Quest

Most of the Pokemon RPG games share the same set of features, including this one. Hunt Pokemon and train them for battles. The more you train them, the more Pokemoney you earn. Use your experience to battle with other Pokemon out there.



TPPC RPG is another old man in the list of Pokemon games for free – being here for more than 10 years. TPPC RPG is team based. You are supposed to join either of the 5 teams – Team TPPC, Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Galactic. There’s no compulsion – you can switch parties any time you want to!

9. Pokemon Helios

Pokemon Helios

Pokemon Helios is a token based game. You are supposed to play and earn tokens. These tokens can be later redeemed for various rare Pokemon. The concept is that simple!

10. Pokemon Elites

Pokemon Elites

In Pokemon Elites, you start with a Pokemon of your choice. You are supposed to battle to earn more characters. You can even choose a cartoon avatar of yourself before playing. There’s nothing much you can do with this game – it has acute shortage of features.

Final Verdict

What do you think about my list of Pokemon games? I hope you are completely satisfied and enjoying the gaming experience. If you want to grab some more fun, you can explore more Pokemon like apps as well.

Playing as a fictional character is a fun idea! I wonder who thought of it for the first time. If you enjoyed reading my piece of work, do consider sharing it!

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Yashraj Kakkad is a crazy teenage guy who takes blogging as a passion. He is currently a multi-hobbied school student who also loves his piano, reading books and influencing people. Owner of TechProbeX, he seems to have special interest in Tech.


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  • I am a big fan of RPG type games and used to play games few games in that category. But I like to play Strategy games and hardcore player of Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Disciples and Marvel Avengers Alliance, Deck Heroes and all. Marvel Avengers is a Facebook game, though. My kid loves RPG games too and this post has definitely given some insights for trying new games in android for my kid to try out 🙂 Nice post, Yashraj, and thanks, Atish, for allowing Yashraj to spread this piece of article through TTW 🙂 Have a great day guys!!

    • Hi Gurunath,

      I too like playing games that tickle my brain – Age of Empires had been one of my favourite! 🙂

      But now, I am trying to keep myself away from games and focus on what actually needs attention. But these games are a matter of nostalgia indeed! 😉

      Thank you for your comment, have a nice day!


  • Hi Yashraj,
    When I was a kid I use to see Pokemon a lot and I think even today i would love to play games based on Pokemon. So, a great thanks for sharing these games. keep up the good work.

    • Hi Robin,

      You seem to be nearly of my age. 20th century kids like us had witnessed cartoons today’s kids don’t even get to see a glimpse of! Pokemon was indeed one of the best amongst them!

      How about playing 1-vs-1 Pokemon RPG battle someday?


  • I’m sure my son would love to play these games! Thanks for sharing this great list of them. I was just looking the other day for online games for his to play.

    • Hi Tanya,

      I am glad you got something valuable for your son! Pretty sure he’s gonna love it. RPG games are way too addictive ;-).

      Thanks for passing by!


  • We are a major supporter involving RPG variety online games along with employed to participate in online games number of online games in this classification. Nevertheless I like to participate in Tactic online games along with great gamer old involving Empires, Get older involving Mythology, Disciples along with Amazing Avengers Connections, Patio Characters along with most. Amazing Avengers is often a Zynga sport, however. Our little one really likes RPG online games way too this also article features surely granted a number of observations pertaining to striving brand-new online games throughout android mobile phone pertaining to our little one to test out ? Wonderful article, Yashraj, along with cheers, Atish, pertaining to making it possible for Yashraj for you to propagate this specific part of content by way of TTW ? Have a very wonderful morning folks!!……..All in your hand

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