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10 Games Like Slither.io

Slithering snake games have always been in our lives since the beginning of the gaming world. They are immensely addictive and popular amongst youth and adults. The only change is there, besides the similar concept of eating food to grow your snake, is that new companies made them individually competitive and also come with the improved visuals and graphics. In short, this would be the modern version of Nokia’s Snake, with better visuals, arenas and having the additional multiplayer option, but what made Slither.io stand out are the intriguing inter-playing options in which you can trick other snakes to die to form a pit to feed hungry divers.


You can play slither.io by going to its website http://slither.io or download it on your smartphone from Google Play by clicking here.

In the world of gaming and technology, there are always some alternatives available that you can use when required. Similarly, there are many games like slither.io already designed which you must want to know about so that when you want a change or got bored of playing slither.io, you can have fun with those games. In this blog post, I am going to list those games and talk little about each.

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10 Games like Slither.io

  1. Agar.io


The list would obviously incomplete if I don’t list Agar.io in my post. But instead of being a snake, it is a circular cell shaped being who can eat the smaller particles to grow in size and mass. One of the smartest options in this you could also split your cell into little parts to strategically move ahead in the game.

Links => Google Play, Official Site

  1. SuperSnake.io


The idea remains same that you have to eat all the spotted objects around you in order to grow bigger in size, but it has some unique power-ups which elevate the whole gaming experience. It is little complex as compared to others as it has some difficult hurdles which make it slightly intense. This also gives you best of the multiplayer experience.

Links => Google Play, Official Site

  1. Worm.is


If you are exploring somewhat very similar to slither.io, then this is it for you. In our experience, one of the best parts of this game that it has less hold up as compared to Slither.io may be because it is not that much-hyped or popular and has less traffic as compared to Slither.io. To make this more interesting, the new updates given by developers has some amazing skins for your worms; the graphics are vivid, and gameplay is smooth but still it is a copy cat of Slither.io!

Links => Google Play, Official Site

  1. Nokia’s Snake


Nokia snake game

I would say this is the pioneer of the concept, like the father of all these modern games that are currently present in the market. I know this is a previous generation game but still it was addictive back then. There are some changes in the new creations but still, it is simplest and watch-out until you haven’t bite your own tail. This is an old school mono-player game which was pre-installed on the Nokia devices, so no online option in the old days.

Links => Google Play

  1. Armagetron Advanced

armagetron advanced

Though this is not much popular in the market among users but still a very common game in the arcade genre. You might recall the concept from the movie “Tron”, you have a tron motorcycle which leaves the sign of the lightning wherever it goes, and you get slammed by it then you are a dead man. Majorly it plays alike your snake. Now this advanced version is a free online game which users can play if they like similar games to Slither.io, also I would suggest you guys go online and see this remodeled version of the classic arcade gaming experience in a new 3D way.

Links => Official Site

  1. Pikan.io


Pikan.io is another game like slither.io. The prime objective of the game is quite similar but in this, instead of increasing the length, you need to consume the dots to get more triangle shaped bullet that you can fire at other players to shoot them. I loved the game while playing.

Links => Play Online

  1. Limax.io


In this, a water drop shaped being that moves around and develops in size as much as you kept eating items off the map. You also have to trick your enemies smartly to bump into you to kill them. If you want to speed up faster you losses your length at a faster rate, so it is important to maintain your pace. The only drawback is the graphics could be better; it lacks a spark but still its clean and crisp, I would say limited.

Links => Google Play, Official Site

  1. Osmos


Although somewhat akin to Slither.io, the idea that has implemented is “eat and grow or expire” is well organized, in this a singular cell is in control instead of a snake. The best features are the various modes of “time-wrap” zones that affect what type of enemy would be interfering. This is innovative with good background sound and music, gives you good ambiance and visuals during the play. I think is might be stepping up the game to reach many users.

Links => Google Play, Official Site

  1. MaMuSnaMa


This has maintained some of the authenticity and proves well with features combined of Nokia’s Snake with Slither.io; you can grow by digesting randomly available items, and you can die if you touch yourself or any of the opponent’s snakes, yes this comes with a multiplayer gaming option. The core mechanism is good and hell this is good free snake madness.

Links => Play Online

  1. Mitosis

Very relatable to Slither.io and Agar.io, you can eat other opponents as well as other scattered items to grow in size and mass, the major difference to make this little different are the various other modes which are Flag, Soccer or Capture makes it more addictive. This made by the creators of the Worm.is, making a good option for the parallel alternatives.

Links => Google Play, Official Site

Final Words

If you liked playing Slither.io, you might love to play these games like slither.io as well.

I am sure you will have some fun time playing these games on your smartphone.

Did I miss any similar games like slither.io? If yes, please mention them in the comments; I would love to check them out as well.

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  • I like gaming very much. SuperSnake, Nokia’s Snake and MaMuSnaMa game give me pleasure.
    It is a very interesting story. Of course, I’ll play slither.io on my smartphone after downloading it from my Google paly store.
    Thanks for sharing your ideas, Mr. Atish Ranjan.

  • Hello Atish,

    I still remember that I used to play that snake game on my mom’s old black and while Nokia phone. I used to play it all day. It was very addictive.

    The games you mentioned are good replacement to old snake game, especially the 4th one.
    But still I miss the old one.
    Thanks for the collection.

    Have a great day

    • Hello Susheel,

      Who can forget that Nokia snake game. Now, these all are the improved version in terms of graphics. That was the mother of these games.

  • A Game will take the player with it to relax and player feels cool in mind those game are which are above,those are good for mind

  • I am the craziest person for games, that i can start anywhere, it gives me a bliss feeling after playing games as well as i enjoyed a lot with it. It is now become a strongest part of my life.

    • Hey Andrew,

      I think everyone loves to play games at some point of time in their life. Glad that games have a great place in your life.

      It’s fun playing! 🙂

  • Hi Atish, This is a great list of games. I used to play supersnake on mobiles. It really helps to relax. I remember playing this game on portable video game players too.

  • hey atish really great post and this one is the great list of games and my fave game is supersnake becasue this game is very addicated for me

  • Hello,

    Well I’ve been a fan of gaming since a decade now and had played several games. But during these months I’m not getting enough time to play any times.

    Seems like you have shared some great games which reminded me about classic games.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Atish,

    What a great list of games! If I allow myself to start playing, that is all I would do. I used to be a gamer back in the day and noticed that I get “hooked” on them. So now I have to keep away lol. I get addicted too fast.

    However, these look so inviting and I know many that would just love to jump in and start playing. You know I will be blasting this all over the place on social media.


    • Thanks for the visit Donna. I love slither.io and thus the alternatives too. Though I don’t get time to play games, I take out some free time sometimes to play some really cool games.

      Have a great weekend!

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