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Must-Have Equipment for Vloggers

Video blogging is getting more and more popular because it’s becoming a means for people to express themselves or sell on a product that they are promoting or creating themselves. While blogging is just as effective, it doesn’t have the human connection that seeing a person in front of you does. You can see their expressions and body language, and that makes it all the more personable and relatable. So if you’re looking into becoming a vlogger, there are a couple of things that you need to have in order to carry it out successfully. This is why we’re going to go over the must-have equipment you need to become a vlogger.

5 Must-have Equipment for Vloggers

  1. Camera

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Of course, in order to make videos, you need a camera to record yourself! What’s important here is the quality of the recording. There are some cases where you may not be able to afford the more expensive options, in this case, look up for top rated youtube camera that isn’t heavy on the wallet, but can also give you just enough quality to get you by. There is always the option of just using your laptop’s webcam or your phone, but if you’re going to make this a regular thing, then you’ll want to think about investing in a proper camera because it really does make a difference. 

  1. Tripod Or A Selfie Stick

It gives for a much better visual if your recordings are stable, and it’s very hard to do that if you have someone else recording you without a tripod. If you invest in a decent tripod, then you can record by yourself and activate the recording without having to get up from your spot. You can also play around with the angles and the height to really go for the effect that you are after. If you are the kind of vlogger that moves around outdoors, you might want to consider a selfie stick as well because that gives enough distance and stability to make a decent recording.

  1. Microphone

When recording indoors, having a shotgun microphone is absolutely crucial so that you can provide top-quality sound. There’s no point in being a vlogger if the sound is not going to be clear and easy to hear. While the camera you are using obviously has its own microphone, this is definitely not a good option because the sound will be really bad, and you’re bound to lose followers if that happens, so don’t bail out on getting a microphone. The great news is that a shotgun microphone is really great if you’re recording outdoors too because it’s able to pick out any sound as long as you point in directly in the direction of the source of the sound and are not too far. 

You also have the option of getting a USB microphone which is a great option if all your recording is going to be done in close vicinity of the computer. Then there is the portable audio recorder option, which provides awesome quality, anywhere at any time, and this is great if you think of something you want to add to your vlog over different kinds of visuals, for example. 

  1. Lighting

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Lighting is the make or break of any kind of video recording, and it’s the line that’s drawn between an amateur or a professional-looking recording. You can have a camera that doesn’t make the best quality of the recording, but with the right lighting, it may not even matter because you’ll be able to get the effect that you’re looking forward to making it look perfect. You need to have a perfect mix of natural and artificial lighting that plays with the shadows and the colors in the room that you are recording in. You may want to play around with the backdrop and do some research on what kind of backdrops are flattering and work well with the lighting that you have. There are even soft-light kits available that basically help you achieve the perfect natural-looking lighting that will make the recording look extremely professional and not over the top. 

You can have a light that is placed on top of your camera, this is especially effective if you are on the move and there isn’t enough natural light while you record. Just make sure it isn’t too dark because this can still look very amateurish if not done correctly.

If you’re going to be making videos where the focus is on your face, such as beauty or conversational videos, then invest in a ring light as this is very flattering to the face. It brightens it up and gives a soft, even tone to your skin, and also illuminates your eyes. 

You also have the option of getting an umbrella light, and this is something that photographers use a lot to provide a little bit of extra soft lighting in case you don’t have enough. 

  1. Editing Software

There’s no way to have a perfect vlogging experience if you don’t have decent video editing software. There are actually a lot of free options available online, and these are great, especially if you’re just getting started. However, as you gain more experience, you’ll find that investing in a video editing software with a number of features will go a long way in helping you create awesome effects and vlogs to rake in the viewers and make you stand out. 

Vlogging is all the rage these days, but because there are so many people that are getting into it, you want to make sure that you do it perfectly and with original content so that you can stand out. And by having the right equipment, you’re already halfway there, so make sure that you get the right equipment and also understand how to use it correctly and effectively to have the best results. There are tutorials online available on each of these items in case you feel like this is new ground for you, and always be sure to do sufficient research so that you’re getting the best equipment that suits the kind of vlogging that you will be presenting.

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