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Marketing Strategies That Any Reliable SEO Company Should Be Good At

The internet has opened up the floodgates for entrepreneurs who want to put themselves out there in the world and make something of themselves. It seems as if being an online entrepreneur is quickly becoming a third option compared to the unskilled workforce and school for an advanced degree which were previously seen as the only two ways one could make a respectable living for themselves.

One service people sell on the internet is the services of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Any website can see a huge increase in traffic once proper SEO practices have been implemented because good SEO leads to a higher ranking in Google search which is directly correlated to more clicks and therefore sales. Websites including blogs, e-commerce shops, and even government ran websites enlist the help of an SEO company with intimate knowledge of modern ranking techniques to boost their visibility on the search engine results.

What exactly does any good SEO company get up to achieve these results? Here are just a few:

Content Marketing

An old saying among SEOs says that content is king. What is meant by this is that good content that can keep visitors engaged and on the site is much more valuable than content that’s there for the sake of word count alone. Many SEOs see all of the extra parts of a website as just a meaningful and nice way to deliver content to readers. An article found at https://www.bearfoxmarketing.com/seo/how-a-great-content-marketing-strategy-can-work-seo-magic/ shows off some of the more in-depth explanations as to why a comprehensive content marketing strategy can be amazingly effective. In simplest terms, good content will help a website rank higher in Google search not only because the keywords have been carefully selected but because people will stay on the site for longer which signals to Google that the website actually fulfills the need of the user.

Nowadays, most of the of SEO companies are running behind content marketing as SEO has been changing a lot in the last decade as Google has been experimenting with their search ranking algorithms a lot to offer the best experience to users.

Off-Site Link Building

Google and other search engines like websites that have authority within their domain of knowledge. For instance, CNN is much more likely to rank for any given news story than your local paper because CNN has more authority behind their information, being a national news network and all. One way search engines calculate how much authority a website has is how often other sites link to it. A website that’s frequently cited by as many different websites as possible is clearly an authority on the topics being discussed, leading to increased rankings.

An SEO company comes in at this point and finds novel ways for relevant, quality sites to link back to their client’s website. Irrelevant & poor quality websites are seen as low-quality links but getting a link from a website that covers similar material and is respected in their niche are seen as high-quality links. So, SEO agencies find whatever ways possible to get links to their client’s site, whether it be through guest posts or creating online discussions around their client’s site in the hopes eventually someone will talk about it on their own site or somewhere else where a high-quality link is likely to come from.

When it comes to link building, contextual links are doing quite well for most of the websites, and that is what SEO agencies are doing nowadays using blogger outreach in most cases. Moreover, there are many link building strategies they put into use to get good quality backlinks for their clients’ websites.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals with everything on the back end of a website that allows it to be properly indexed and crawled by search engines. This involves making sure the site can work on mobile devices & tablets, ensuring the site can be crawled & indexed by search engine bots, and making sure the website is as fast as possible. On top of that, making sure that content is structured in an easy to follow way (categories that lead to subcategories, etc.) is referred to as site architecture and is vital in allowing search engine crawler bots to find out what a website is about and how they deliver that information.

On-Page SEO

Now this has to do with what visitors of the site see and what information is present on the website. On-page SEO involves lots of research to better understand the demographic that is trying to make use of whatever service the site provides.

To do this, SEO companies do keyword research to understand what terms are being searched for & adding those keywords to the posts themselves and making sure things like URLs and meta-descriptions are as clear and useful as possible.


These four marketing strategies are the bread and butter of any SEO agency worth their salt, so if you happen to be talking to an agency that isn’t able to fully explain their strategy as to each and every one of these sections, there’s a good chance they aren’t actually that great at what they purport to do. Moreover, there are more SEO techniques agency should use, and you should know about them prior to talking with agencies so that you could make sure that if the agency discusses those strategies or not.

Choose marketing agency wisely because a bad SEO campaign may ruin your website’s search ranking, and later fixing that could be a difficult task. Thus, don’t trust any agency without proper research and discussions so that you can make sure that the SEO of your website is in good hands.

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