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11 Essential Ways to Increase Organic Traffic Without Backlinks

Every blogger or digital marketer will keep finding ways to increase organic traffic to their web pages. There are various trendy tricks to get high traffic.

Among all, are you tired of building links all the day to increase organic traffic to your site?

Naturally, more quality backlinks will result in better ranking. Nobody could say No. However, here I am not going to talk about powerful link building strategies or techniques to bring more organic traffic.

Instead, let me discuss few other practical ways to increase your organic traffic without backlinks.

Getting viral traffic: It’s not that, only Backlinks can do

You may think, is it possible to get ranking in top position in the search engine pages without backlinks? Of course, Yes. Backlinks are not the only factor determining your visitor’s strength. I am not arguing that Backlinks do not work well. Still, case studies are proving the increase in high-quality organic traffic without backlinks. I have to make you notice one thing that content optimization proves its ability in this scenario. Hence, people are keen to improve writing skills for blog posts.

In general, we could say there are two significant types of traffic say.

  • Organic Traffic
  • Referral Traffic

These two traffic paths rely on the two primary factors like Relevancy and Authority respectively. The link building strategy works well in bringing referral traffic as each quality link to your site is a positive sign or vote to prove your authority.

A good sign of the best marketer or a digital player would realize what works right now even there are plenty of proven methods available.

Below are 11 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic Without Backlinks

  1. Using Rich Snippets

Have you ever tried using rich snippets for your pages? If not, then have a try it with schema markup code to have rich snippets providing the relevant pieces of information about your page to the search engines. Hence, search engine highlights that synopsis to your visitors.

You can have rich snippets to showcase aspects like star ratings, images, time duration, review scores, and more. Even if you were searching for something, probably you would click-through the results offering these looks. Hope I am right.

If you are a WordPress user, then its rich snippet plugin helps you wisely.

You may get clear idea referring the below example.

  1. Implementing Silo Structure

Implementing Silo structure or siloing your website will always have a significant contribution to getting high organic traffic. Siloing is nothing but grouping your related web pages by structurally or hierarchically building it and passing internal links (passing link juice) among pages with relevancy.

Silo Structure helps your readers as well as search engines to index your pages to know information about the pages having related topics or content. It generates more relevancy signals and automatically boosts up your rankings. Here is a pictorial example of a silo structure.

  1. Proper planning and scheduling

Though you are attempting silo structure strategies or anything, you will have to plan it properly for getting results out of it. You will have to build a topic cluster. It refers to accumulating your posts or pages titles focusing in and around a unique or authority topic.

With proper keyword research and market study, you will have to plan and pitch into the market. If you have done your planning well at least for say 90 days, then schedule your publishing table.

Don’t fail to follow your plan chart also not to miss your schedule table. This way of execution brings curiosity among the audience and makes them wait for your next action.

  1. Choosing Niche Topics

It is not a fact that choosing a familiar or familiar niche brings you more traffic, though, practicing dominant link building traits.

On another hand, try an ignoring or omitting niche and start writing exciting content what the people what from your page. Do you have any guess? In the latter one, the click-through rate will be high with no doubt.

In short, choose your unique niche which has even a low impact on the public. Have a specific track with weak competition and make your niche famous proving yourself.

  1. Prefer lists type of posts

You may notice several blog titles speak about “Blogging is dead?”. Help me out if you know the fact. I hope, still blogging survives and has its trend. Blogging evolves with different faces all the day. There are a lot of successful bloggers playing around the web dedicating their time, ideas and efforts.

Among all, you will have a fierce competition to stay on the top. So you will have to ruin your brain to come up with strategies to make you stay on top of the crowd.

Blog posting is a critical part. You have to be more conscious in choosing the blog post titles and the information what you are going to present to the readers under the title.

Choose catchy title as well as try to have the listing type of posts and bring them in-depth. Probably, people prefer list type of articles instead of having a bored kind of content flow.

Make sure you are numbering your lists thereby providing a clear outline about your page. Don’t miss to mention your title with that list number. It means a lot. This way increases your organic search traffic.

This page is itself a quick example. I am listing “11 essential ways to increase organic traffic without backlinks”.

  1. In-depth Keyword Research

Keyword determines what is your website or blog is all about.

You can read your audience or prospects mind through their search query. With that, you can research your keywords. The consistency ratio lies between users search query, and your keywords decide your search traffic.

So do spend enough time to study the audience before choosing your keywords. Keyword research is the baseline to practice any further SEO modules like content marketing, analytics, social media and further.

Long tail keyword Prefer picking a long tail keyword to present what users are looking for precisely. You can also dump your main keyword in your long tail keyword. Users using long search query would be potential prospects always.

For Example, instead of pitching ” kid’s fashion”, target Kid’s double layer frocks under 2 years”.

Low search competition keyword – Running in the low competition race will bring success ever. This type of winning is a known global fact. Same applies here. Click-through rate will increase in a drastic ratio targetting less number of targeted users.

For example, instead of pitching “kid’s fashion” target “frocks for babies under two years.” Ultimately, the search volume will also be low.

  1. Viral Content Writing and Marketing

Content is king. You have to agree. By the way, you have to be master in making unique and relevant content to engage your visitors. Keep an eye always that not to dissatisfy your audience.

Read more trusted articles, forums, and any other web pages. Grasp the ideas and build your content writing workflow. There are indeed articles help you giving tips to improve your writing skills for blog posts.

Content marketing relies majorly on quality and relevancy of your content. As a webmaster, always pay attention to engage your visitors successfully.

Have the practice to upgrade existing content. It not only refers to refreshing your old piece of material. You may also surf the internet to pick the most ruined topic so that you can reproduce it with the latest information. Google will see as your visitors engagement rate will be increasing and drives organic more search without any backlinks.

Also, I want to clarify you this. Content marketing strategy works well though it is not a one to get traffic the very next day. It is a slow and steady strategy and helps you for a long run.

  1. Present content with Infographics

Infographics type of content, getting viral these days. Using better quality and impressive infographics improves your site traffic to an unimaginable stretch.

It is true that pictorial presentations always get more attention than the textual content. In such a way, infographics are one of the best strategies to implement to increase your organic traffic. Don’t wait further if you have not tried it.

  1. Feed your audience with Latest News

An arbitrary rule to bring more traffic is offering current news and trends to your audience. If it is a business site, I recommend you to have your “News” section in your primary menu itself. It deserves to be there.

If you are a blogger, you may even write posts discussing recent updates related to your niche. You, please help users providing them with the hot news about your industry. So that people will show interest to click on your page regularly, automatically brings high traffic that too organic.

Try using this strategy; I am sure that you could see your analytics chart will hit the peak.

    1. Concentrate on Local SEO too

Local SEO is a term that suits all type of webmasters. As a business – selling a product or offering services, connect with your local networks like classifieds and directories to bring driven traffic.

Earlier in this post, we discussed rich snippet. When we talk about local SEO, the rich snippet will help you to a more considerable extent to target your local audience. Here, the conversion rate will be higher comparatively.

  1. On-site SEO (Must-to-do)

Here comes, a very familiar but essential strategy, On-site SEO. On page factors like your page title, meta description, alt tags, heading tags, appropriate images all do have equal contribution in bringing your site on top of the search engine results pages.

Try to have all these factors filled with keywords (don’t dump) to ensure search engines to place your pages depending on the relevancy-matching user’s search query.

I strongly recommend WordPress content management system as it’s Yoast plug-in will handle all your on-page SEO optimization tasks.

Final words

I am aware that it may not be that easy to bring high traffic as we do have a firm belief in building backlinks. Even I had that strong guess.

But, instead of investing your time and effort in building links try to concentrate more on content optimization. Your pleasing and relevant content efficiently serves users as well as helps search engines to index your pages promptly.

Also, make sure to design and host your page in such a way to load fast and thus reducing bounce rate.

I am confidently suggesting you to try these strategies above to see a notable increase in organic traffic without backlinks.

About the author

Sathish Arumugam

I am a passionate blogger, web designer and digital marketer. I am glad to be a founder of Trafficcrow and SGS Mediasoft. My blog is more into SEO, blogging, digital marketing and more. I have been blogging for more than 8 years. I am keen to share my thoughts, ideas and strategies through this blogging.


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  • thanks for sharing this thoughtful ideas with us. I have personally been paying much attention to the rich snippet idea. I use yoast seo plugin and have been putting much effort into this.

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    Thanks for accepting our guest post. I am hoping that this page would be more helpful for your readers. Readers may please throw your suggestions and further tips from your perspective.

  • Hi Sathish,

    Hugely informative article. Ranking being dependent on so many factors concentrating on one factor only while ignoring others is not a wise decision. If we can manage backlinks well and good. With or without it we should not neglect other ranking levers.

    You have presented a long list of things we can do that can help ranking. Good content is at the center of it all. All other tips are meant only to support the content.

    Thanks for sharing the great tips with us. Have a great day!


    • Hi Naveen,

      Thanks for reading this page. Of course, content has its contribution much. Link building has proven track in bringing traffic; however, there are factors with equal importance as an individual or mix up. Working smartly at times what suits our need is appreciable.

  • Hello Satish

    Wonderful post. Back links are considered as backbone of SEO and helps to rank higher in search engines. You have shared some great and helpful tips here to increase organic traffic. Thanks again for this beautiful post.

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  • Hello Satish,

    Thanks for such wonderful post. Well, I think local SEO with proper use of Rich Snippets makes a very powerful combination. These 2 techniques are capable to catch attention form target base quite easily. Let Google study and recognize every element on website and appear in search results. Other than this, let the local audience know about the business and leave their queries.

    Nice collection of points again….

  • Hii Sathish..

    Wonderful explanation. I have created some backlinks for my blog but traffic is very less. Your points will be very helpful for me. I really love the way you presented this post. Really helpful and worthy of praise.

    Thanks for sharing such insights. Great Work. Much appreciated.

  • Hi Sathish,

    Good to see you on TTW, you are going on the right path. Improving organic traffic is the dream of almost every blogger and yes, even I too would like to drive the search engine traffic.

    Keyword research is the best way to bring the targeted audience to our blogs. I agree that the SILO content structure boosts the Google traffic and enhances topical authority as well.

    You have written as nice post for the TTW readers, keep writing.

  • Hi Nirmala,

    I am more cheerful to see your presence here and thanks for your compliments. These strategies altogether would definitely make remarkable upgrades, as almost all rely on content and its promotion.

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  • Hey Sathish

    Very nice and well-explained article. Doing the SEO right way can make a huge difference. Sometimes competition is not using the keyword wisely and you can leverage that to rank even higher.
    Social media presence is also very important but it can not beat the Organic traffic.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Hi Ashish,

      Thanks for reading this page and your comments. For the long run, it is always preferable to work on organic factors bringing organic traffic naturally. Appreciable too. Keep following TTW for more informative posts.

  • Doing the SEO right way can make a huge difference.Very nice and well-explained article.Keyword research is the best way to bring the targeted audience to our blogs.

  • Hi Raj,

    I am glad to see your contribution. In no way, keyword Research lost its importance as far as SEO is concerned. It might have got new faces or different roles and of course, if we talk about content, then keyword comes in. Becuase, through keywords only we are supposed to learn our audience mind.

  • Hi Artish

    I would be interested in your thoughts on Rich Snippets. Have you seen any research that shows this generates pageviews? I worry that people essentially get the answer but never click through.

    While its certainly better to have the rich snippet spot, than not be shown at all I would be interested in understanding how that translates into traffic.

    I have a blog for my company Task Pigeon, but as yet do not rank for any snippets

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    I just install jason-ld plugin in my site. But It is not working properly . can you guide me? How to setup schema.org for site.? I just wants to publish knowledge graph. How to publish knowledge graph for site.

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  • Hugely informative article. Ranking being dependent on so many factors concentrating on one factor only while ignoring others is not a wise decision. If we can manage backlinks well and good. With or without it we should not neglect other ranking levers.

  • I have a product product related website(client website) on which I am working on. Previously there were no schema implemented for product pages, and When I placed the schema codes for product reviews, and category pages, my CT got a pickup from 3% to 8.5% in just a week. Ranking Zero should be the main motive now.

  • Hi Satish! thanks for sharing such an informative guide. All these factors seems to be very helpful but I also believe that all the strategies will give you prominent results only when your content is good. Along with that its very important to target the right audience.

  • Hi Satish!
    Thank you very much for this post, it´s pretty useful!!
    A question: I’m using Yoast in my WordPress site, and am thinking if going premium or not. Is it really worth it? What seems to be a major feature is the possibility of ranking up to 5 keywords instead of only 1… But is it really like that? What’s your take on it?
    Best regards!

    • Hello Sofia,

      Yoast doesn’t make you rank but it tells you how well optimized the article is for the keywords that you put in focus keyword. Hope, this clear your doubts. Moreover, premium version is always better than free version because you get more features.

  • Hey Satish,
    Thanks for expressing this concept in such simple words . All these tips are really important to know. I don’t know these awesome Tricks. You shared new experience. Thank you sir for your nice sharing.

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