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Important Things to Look Out For When Getting a Used Laptop

As they come in better and more advanced features, new computers keep getting pricier these days. For a new, game-ready, and powerful laptop, for instance, you can expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $1000 for the best experience. This is why, for many people, especially those on a tight budget, used laptops become a worthwhile alternative since they are often cheaper.

Nonetheless, buying a used laptop can be either fulfilling or frustrating. It is not unheard of to buy a second-hand laptop, only for it to start freezing, lagging, or overheating after a few times of use. This brings in the need to be very careful when acquiring one. There is no certain way to make sure you get the best of whatever type it is you want. The best you can do is arm yourself with the right knowledge so you can protect your investment and avoid frustrations. With this having been said, let’s look at a few things you should be on the lookout for if you want to avoid getting a raw deal on a used laptop.

Get Device from a Trusted Dealer

If you are after a used laptop, that means that you want to save some money or you just don’t have enough to get yourself a new one. You should always have in mind that the person selling the used laptop to you knows this. So, they could make the offer so tempting that you might end up getting something that will end up frustrating you if not careful.

For this reason, it is overly important to make sure you purchase the laptop from a trusted dealer. Better yet, a refurbished laptop will be a better deal. If you click here, you will notice that a reputed dealer goes the extra mile to ensure you are buying something of high standard quality. Before being put up for sale online, a trusted dealer ensures that the device passes the premium condition checks after being upgraded. Before all this, these devices are also manufacturer-tested using level 102-point checks. They are also deep-cleaned and conditioned.

For any used gadget, a face to face kind of transaction is important, but it is not always the best. You can still purchase the laptop online and get the best deal out there. However, it has to be from a site you can trust. The seller should be easy to reach via various means of communication channels in case an issue ever arises. Most importantly, used items from a reputed seller always come with a warranty.

Know Your Needs

Laptops usually come in many types depending on the processing speed, memory, graphics, and other hardware. Before you begin looking for a machine, it is important to have your needs at hand, so you know which type will work for you. It is easier to acquire a high-quality laptop when you know what you want. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you will need a laptop that has good processing power. The same applies to fans of high-end video games or those who want to take a dip into virtual reality. Understand what you need and ensure you get the right machine to suit your needs. The last thing you want is to buy a used laptop that can’t do anything more than play music and videos. Your user experience is highly important.

Compare the Prices

It is basic knowledge that a used item cannot match the price of a new one. The same applies to used laptops. A used laptop will have depreciated both in value and price depending on how long it has been used. There is no fixed price for which a used laptop is to be sold. It all depends on what you and the seller will agree upon. You, however, don’t want to pay new computer prices for a used one. Therefore, make sure you know how much a new laptop of the same kind costs before paying up. You can cross-check with the prices of those posted online just to make sure you are getting yours at a fair price. Especially if you are buying a few pieces, you can even go ahead and shop around to find out where they have discounts.

Check the Battery Life of the Laptop

While you want a laptop that fits your needs, you should always ask yourself why the other person wants to sell it. Most people sell their laptops because battery life is failing them. Therefore, when getting yourself a laptop, unplug it from the charger to see how fast it drains. You don’t want to get a laptop only to realize that it is dead five minutes off the cable. You can decide to get a new battery for the laptop if it doesn’t cost much and check out all the other specifications. A good laptop should be able to keep working for at least 6 hours.

Test It Before Leaving

Once you get the machine, don’t pay up and leave just yet. If possible, start it and run a few tasks and see how fast it responds. Check the basic functions it should be able to perform, like Bluetooth connectivity and WIFI. You can also open the web browser and see how long it takes to respond. Simply make sure the laptop can do whatever task you are getting it for before paying up and leaving.


Finally, it is best to get a used laptop that comes with a warranty, say two years. In most cases, these will be refurbished laptops from reputed vendors, as earlier mentioned. This way, you can be sure that your investment is protected in case the machine backfires on you.

While you want a good and cheap machine that fulfills your needs, you have to ensure that it can handle the kind of tasks you are getting it for. If you are looking forward to getting yourself a good machine in the second-hand market, try and follow the few tips above and you will be good to go. You will hardly regret your purchase.

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  • You have covered all points. Well written. Refurbished laptops from reputed online retailers like Amazon or Flipkart [India] come with warranty and are quite good. But are pricier than buying from the neighbourhood store. Many people these days are quite eager to ditch their old laptops as soon as a new model hits the market so there are some really good deals available if you are willing to look around.

  • From my little experience used laptop are really frustrated . because there battery life not so good and bot time really bad need to wait 2-3 min to home home page. its my point of views

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