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How To Tell If Someone Blocked You on Discord?

You might wonder why some accounts that were visible to you do not appear anymore on your Discord page. Well, the answer will be a bitter pill for you to swallow. It is because you may have been blocked by that person. 

I have been using Discord for a few years, and I really love it, and that is the reason, you must have seen on my blog that I have written numerous blog posts related to it. I was having this issue a few days ago, so I thought to write on this topic so that at least you would know if you are blocked by your friend on Discord.

Although no platforms tell you directly whether you are blocked by any user, you can still find out if someone has blocked you using a few tips and tricks. A little confirmation is always good right? You will know in this write-up about How someone knows for real that they have been blocked by someone on Discord.

How to Check If Someone Blocked You On Discord?

Checking if someone blocked you on Discord is actually a strenuous task, you aren’t informed by their web portal or app. If you know about Discord and are familiar with How the platform works, you will know that Discord has servers where you connect with your like-minded creators. In the gaming space, Discord is kind of a big deal. 

The server has a pool of people that gather and discuss things relevant to the content being streamed. Sometimes in fits of anger, someone can block you while you guys are conversing about something. You can go and check if you can text the person back. If you can’t then he/she might have blocked you. Let us know simple techniques that you can do to confirm your suspicions:

React to Chat Messages

If you are close to the person then you will have chats with that person. In the charts, you can try to react to their messages and if you are not able to properly react like when you try to react the screen will refuse to register the reaction. The screen will vibrate slowly, that is a sign that the particular user has blocked you. If you do not have personal chats with the concerned person, you can try accessing convos on mutual servers and then try reacting in one of the texts.

Try searching for them on your friend’s list

Another trick that you can try is checking your friend list to find out whether your friend is still on the list. When you are blocked by someone on Discord, both persons get removed from each other’s friends list. So, if that person has blocked you, he won’t be on your Discord friendlist.

Try Sending a Friend Request

Another best way to check whether blocked or not is just simple, to send in a friend request to your friend. If you do not find an error that just means you are not blocked. You have to surf the profile and on top click on the top right option”Sending Friend Requests”. If you are blocked you will have an error appearing once you click the option or tap the screen. The error will read, “Hm, didn’t work. Double check that the capitalization, spelling, any spaces, and numbers are correct“. Some people in Discord are also very private and keep their private lives away from the public gaze. If that’s the reason, then while sending in a friend request you can also encounter an error reading, “Username is not accepting friend requests.”

Check User Profile

Checking user profiles is the best fix. Once you check for the user profile, you will be confirmed about the status of the block. If you are blocked here, you will not be able to access the concerned persons bio. You can try visiting their profile and try navigating their social media handles and the chances are you will not be able to access them.

Send a Direct Message

Direct discord messaging seemingly is the last resolve to find out about the block. Text the person and check if the messages that you are sending to the concerned person are getting properly delivered or not. In case they aren’t, the chances of you getting blocked by them are pretty high. Do remember however if you are sending messages from the common server you won’t be able to reach them if they have enabled messages from only friends’ servers.

As far as my view goes, all these methods are simple and easy to fix, but in cases of deceptive ones, especially ones that can often restrict your access because the person has a private feature on. That way you will not be sure whether the blocking has actually occurred or not. So, be sure about the degree of specificity in each fix mentioned here.

What Happens if Someone Blocked You on Discord?

Following things that you might encounter if someone blocks you on Discord:

  • You won’t find any updates and shared messages between the friend and you on the shared server.
  • You can’t actually post a reaction to their messages.
  • You cannot access the profile info of the concerned person.
  • You might not be able to call the user and access their chat history.

Why Does Discord Avoid Telling People Who Blocked Them?

You need to understand that Discord is a social media platform. In such platforms, people have all the rights to access whosoever in whichever way they deem fit want. Hence, the person who blocks someone is within their right to do so. I know personally, you feel bad. But the truth is, anyone might have an issue with anyone and for privacy and user experience sake, they cannot disclose sensitive information to those who blocked them in the public domain. This sort of information can cause big problems and intense conflicts between people.

Thus, Discord or any other social platform avoids telling you whether someone has blocked you.

Do You Want to Block Them Back?

I mean everyone on social media has the ability to express themselves. In case, if someone has come to be on good terms and then you realize that it’s time for payback. You can try to reverse the favor. Here is how you can do it:

Block them on desktop

  • Login to your Discord account, and click on your friend’s avatar whom you want to block to, and open his/her profile. The profile will be opened in a pop-up box. There, click on three dots.


  • There you will see the option “Block”

Block them on Android and iOS

It’s similar to how you block a friend on the desktop. The mobile UI is just a tad bit different but the working is pretty great.

block someone on discord mobile

Any Other Ways to Know Who Blocked Me?

Frankly speaking, you can use other third-party apps, they can generate the name in a few minutes. Apart from that you can always contact a mutual friend and cross-verify all your observations. If he can access the account and mediate between you two, you can always be thankful to him. Apart from this, there is no other way to know. These tricks up your sleeves are actually enough to know about the person who blocked you.


Q. Can Discord users that I have blocked view my profile photo?

You can be sure that they can see your profile photo even if you have blocked them.

Q. Will I get Discord messages after a person who has blocked me unblock me?

Yes you can get their messages, however with certainty, I can tell you, all your existing conversations will be wiped out.

Q. Can you see messages from any user who blocked you on a common server?

You don’t see their latest messages or updates. But you do get access to them and their profile just no update on messages.


Discord is a great social media platform, however knowing who blocked you can be tricky here. But let’s be fair no social media platform, especially social media websites tell you who blocked you. I have mentioned some basic checking that you can do to confirm it. One of these fixes will do wonders.

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