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How to Stop Kahoot Bots?

Bots are problems everywhere when it comes to online websites, software, games, and all. Bots are computer programs that are designed for various purposes to do automated tasks such as automated registrations, automated spam to some forums or games, etc. Generally, the bots are designed to repeated tasks automatically such a registration bot will keep registering to the websites which it was instructed to register on. Moreover, some bots are created for good purposes only such as GoogleBot is created to crawl the web and index websites to Google index so that they can show up on the Google Search Pages.

Kahoot Bots are the bots to spam the popular game-based learning program, Kahoot which teachers/schools use to assess their students’ knowledge. Let’s first talk more about Kahoot, then we will talk about how to stop Kahoot Bots.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is game-based learning program in which a common screen is shown to all the students in the class on which there is PIN generated which all the students can use to access the game on their separate devices and all of them are connected. Now, from their devices, they have to answer to the questions created by their teacher.

This game is being used widely for reviewing students’ knowledge, and moreover, the game is quite interesting, and students love to play. Recently they introduced “Jumble” which is also a quiz but it asks/challenges the participants to place answers in the correct order rather than just selecting a single correct answer. Jumble brings more fun to traditional Kahoot.

Kahoot was developed by Jamie Brooker, Johan Brand, and Morten Versvik in a joint project with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Its beta version is released to the public in the September 2013, and as per Wikipedia, till May 2017, it reached 50 Million, active monthly users. And, by October 2018, Kahoot is valued $300 Million. So, in a very short span of time, this game went viral.

What are Kahoot Bots?

Due to the popularity of the game, many bots are created that can join the game itself, and answers to the questions automatically. Many students started to use such bot to automate their work of answering. So, basically Kahoot Bots are the bots that spam Kahoot game in various ways.

How to Stop Kahoot Bots?

But, this is not as simple as it looks. If you check out this forum thread, multiple users/teachers have reported that when the set up the game, and having a small number of students, but they see a huge number of users joined which is obviously the bots, and when an unlimited number of bots join the game, it crashes the system. 

On the forum, some users say that using 2-factor authentication for joining the game works, but some say that even 2-factor authentication doesn’t stop the bots.

And another say,

You can check out this video to know how to enable Two-factor join/login, as the video creator says, 2-factor join/login method worked for him, and no bots penetrated.

The Kahoot team is working hard to solve this issue but they admit that bots are tricky programs which are not easy to prevent but they are also suggesting some solutions which you can check on the thread which link I shared earlier.

How to stop kahoot bots

Moreover, you can submit the details as they asked to submit to support shown above if your Kahoot is botted.

So, basically, there is no perfect answer for “How to Stop Kahoot Bots” but the team is working because even people are facing this bot issue, they love Kahoot a lot, and they don’t want to lose this.

There is even a website kahootbot.org, that just asks you the Game PIN, and username. And, then allows you to answer the questions in just one click, and it allows you to spam the game with any number of users. And, the worst thing is, no one else knows that you are the one who is using this website to spam the game. This is how many students are using this bot website or by other ways and spam the game.

There is even Chrome Extension available to put bots into your Kahoot Games, and then the extension owner says “it is not for hacking but for fun”. But, users start using this to spam the game and for hacking purpose only. 

If you go on YouTube, and type “How to Bot Kahoot”, you will get tons of videos that teaches spamming Kahoot with bots in much easier ways.

How to stop kahoot bots

Since, there are so many easy was to put bots in the game, it is becoming nearly impossible for the game owners to avoid them but the team at Kahoot is working on this to avoid bots easily while hosting a Kahoot game.

Also, those who love Kahoot, and use, must report such bot websites and extensions so that they get closed soon, and you can enjoy Kahoot.


To be honest, I have not personally used Kahoot but as per my research and learning, I see this is one of the most awesome game-based learning platforms but bot spamming are making it struggle. And, there is no perfect solution to the bot attacks yet. However, the team is still finding the way to the question “How to Stop Kahoot Bots”. But, we never know when there will be a full-proof solution to this. However, for some users 2-factor authentication for joining work well but for most, it doesn’t work as well.

So, if you love Kahoot, keep trying various ways suggested by their support staff, and community members of their forum. Maybe some tricks work out well for you. However, we are awaiting a complete fix to the bot issue on Kahoot so that it can be used and enjoyed without any issues. “How to stop Kahoot Bots” is being searched by most of the Kahoot users because bots are making things worse.

If you are still not convinced with Kahoot and want to use any similar platform, then check this post: Kahoot Alternatives.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please write back in the comments.

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