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10 Sites like Kahoot (Best Kahoot Alternatives)

Kahoot is an awesome platform for teachers and students to host & play online quiz but it is badly attacked by bots, and we did write an article in the past about Stopping Kahoot bots. In this blog post, we are going to share 10 sites like Kahoot which can be the best Kahoot Alternatives that you can try out.

Kahoot, we would assume you should be aware of, is an online quiz platform that was developed in 2013. The platform is specially designed for working with a classroom pattern and should be an excellent choice for use in a classroom. 

It has been one of the excellent tools that can double up as a great choice for providing you with an enhanced experience in terms of a teaching tool for the kids and students. However, Kahoot does have a few disadvantages and shortcomings, and that should be one of the reasons you would look for the best alternatives to Kahoot. From that perspective, we thought we would give a  serious thought to compiling sites like Kahoot for arriving at the best teaching and learning experience ever. 

Why do you need to check out the sites like Kahoot?

Well, while Kahoot has been one of the prominent options for teaching your kids in a classroom ambiance, but still it does come with a few shortcomings as we already mentioned above. It is because of these shortcomings that you would need to go with a few sites like Kahoot. 

Kahoot suffers from a limited set of question types. Yet another major shortcoming we found on the Kahoot platform includes the lack of a few chart types such as pie chart that makes it a little under average as a teaching tool. Some of the disadvantages we observed on Kahoot would include a limited set off customisation, lack of open discussion option, and of course, the lack of Q & A. And, it is badly bombarded with bots.

The expensive non-transparent pricing structure is yet another significant element that we found quite defective thereby making it one of the complicated sites to use sometimes. 

Those are just a few reasons why we are forced to check out for the best alternatives to Kahoot. 

Top 10 sites like Kahoot – A formidable list of best Kahoot Alternatives

Having understood why should we go with the alternatives to Kahoot, let us now enumerate a few select options for the best services and games like Kahoot. The list has been created after checking out each of the apps and sites for their authenticity and functionality. 

  1. AhaSlides

You would find a host of other essential aspects as part of the package apart from being a quiz game tool. It can be defined as a perfect all in one  presentation software that carries a huge range of features. In fact, the tool packs in a considerable number of options in the form of polls, live charts, beautiful word clouds, and idea boards. 


An interactive presentation tool, it can be used to improve the appearance and conduct of your meetings, classes or workshops with an array of features such as polls, Q & A sessions and other events. The simple and easy to follow option can make it one of the best sites like Kahoot you can rely upon. 

  1. Quizalize

This is yet another excellent option for an improved and enhanced experience for the best possible experience for a classroom application that would provide you with a truly wonderful experience. What’s more, it is entirely free, and that should be what should make it a reliable source ever for an enhanced performance. The app works seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms. 

If you are a teacher who wants to come up with a fun based interactive atmosphere for your classroom teaching. The tool has more than 120,000 different readymade quizzes. You can even create your own quizzes and double it up as a gaming platform as well. No matter whether you are looking for quiz games like Kahoot or a capable learning platform, Quizalise should ideally meet all your needs. 

  1. Padlet

Padlet is yet another free to use education tool that can offer you a wonderful functionality with respect to enjoying a world-class experience. You just get access to a blank page, and you can move ahead to create whatever you would want to create on the platform. Just upload your videos and or write text posts, and you are good to go. 

Teachers, students and individuals have been using the application. It can be one of the great options a huge collaborative approach. It should be a great learning app that has been used for creating quizzes and play with friends. That would make it a combination of an education and a game service blended into one. That would make it one of the excellent options for the best sites like Kahoot. 

  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the best options for the best experience in games based teaching platform, and thus doubles up as the best games like Kahoot that provides you access to the classroom activities as well. The exciting learning tools and gamification should make it one of the perfect alternatives to Kahoot. It should be one of the easiest ways to practice and master whatever you are trying to learn. 

One of the features it shares with Kahoot includes the availability of flashcards. You can either use the flashcards afresh or opt for the flashcards that have been created by other users. Boasting more than 30 million users, the application is available practically everywhere and can be accessed on any device irrespective of the platform. 

  1. Course Hero 

Course Hero is an online solution for the best possible experience in studying any sort of study purposes. Of course, it is a paid solution, and once you opt for it, there is no limitation on the studies and your pick of the study-specific courses. You can learn a whole lot of subjects with a complete detail. In addition, you would also get access to a host of research papers as well. 

It does provide you with access to a huge number of options in terms of courses. You can just lay your hands on your picks and get access to the best possible experience ever. The 24 x 7 services would be what would make it one of the excellent choices ever. You can even upload your skills and perhaps make money with those skills as well. 

  1. Seesaw

It is a student-driven platform, and that should be what would make it one of the best options for a truly enhanced experience as a digital learning portfolio. The learning app comes with a host of tools and even games that would offer you a unique learning experience ever. One of the excellent sites like Kahoot, it provides an inspiring digital portfolio for providing you best work and lets you save time. 

You can get access to a huge range of options to browse through thousands of activities to use in your classroom. You can even play different games on the platform and thus ensures that your studies are extremely gamified. Seesaw also lets the teachers to ensure and engage in a one to one focus on the students. 

  1. Socrative

If you are looking for the best intuitive classroom app ever, Socrative is what would make it one of the excellent options. The app does offer you access to a fun, interactive and engaging platform ever for more student-centric assessments. It has been considered to be the great options for both students and teachers as one of the excellent sites like Kahoot. 

Students can share their understanding of the subjects through the answers to the formative assessment questions offered on the platform. The platform consists of multiple categories, and each of them would provide you with its own set of games, quizzes and questions. In sharp contrast to Kahoot, the tool works as a mobile app and thus works as one of the perfect options for a Kahoot alternative. 

  1. BookWidgets

BookWidgets is one of the excellent choices for the perfect experience in terms of creating an engaging experience ever for a perfect learning exercise. The huge range of activity types available on the platform would definitely make it one of the exciting choices for all-round development of the students. What makes it a great choice as one of the valuable sites like Kahoot is the availability of worksheets, quizzes, games, maps, and timelines almost akin to the ones on Kahoot. 

You can use the widgets on any of the learning platforms or can be worked with the means of a simple link. It would blend seamlessly with a host of blended learning flipped classrooms. The feature of analytics would help the teacher review or grade the students works. A huge number of quizzes and multiple games would make it one of the prominent Kahoot alternatives. 

  1. Popplet

Looking for some simpler alternative to Kahoot that would not have a steep learning curve? Popplet can be a great option in this perspective. It would double up as a perfect alternative to Kahoot and provides you access to a simplified and easier platform both inside a classroom or home. Focus on visual understanding and learning would definitely make it one of the most preferred options.

The learning tool lets the students capture the thoughts, images and other elements and generate new ideas. Apart from being a learning tool, it would also double up as an excellent solution for generating new project ideas. The stunning platform really provides you with one of the perfect options ever. 

  1. Brainscape

How about creating electronic flashcards for the wonderful learning experience? This is what would be possible with Brainscape. No matter whether you are a student, teacher, or a corporate analyser, it lets you create a range of flashcards. You can even use the ones that have been created by the users and publishers. 

It does provide you with a perfect example of a significant educational platform on both web or mobile interface. The platform can be one of the excellent choices for almost all your requirements in terms of learning new skills, imbibe complex activities, and even a new concept. Brainscape is constancy monitored by the qualified educational team that keeps optimising the manner you would study. 

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, Kahoot has been one of the most promising platforms ever for the best learning experience. However, since the learning tool does come with a few limitations, that would make it quite essential to find the best sites like Kahoot. That is precisely why we thought of picking the best options for the Kahoot alternatives. 

We assume the list of best options outlined here should ideally meet most of your requirements and help you get access to an enhanced experience. 

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