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How To Remove A Pop Socket?

Popsockets are one of the most trending accessories that you can buy for any mobile phone. Designed to be compatible with all mobile phones, these come with various benefits and catches. One of the greatest disadvantages is that they get worn out and need cleaning, especially at the joints. For such reasons, users need to remove it from their phones. Accordingly, queries like how to remove a pop socket surfed the internet like wildfire. 

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If you are one of those users and want to know the answer for the same, you are at the right place. In this post, we will look into all the relevant insights along with the answer for your convenience. 

Pop Socket: Inferring Its Essence

Have you seen plastic circle-shaped pieces hanging on the rear of mobile phones? These are known as pop sockets. Being a simple yet mind-boggling invention, it has a large number of advantages than you have ever imagined. These inexpensive phone accessories can aid with the following benefits:

Beat Grip on Phone

Being in the trend of bigger phones, it is getting relatively taxing to hold the phone right while making various operations; this is where pop sockets come in handy by offering better grip to the users, especially with small fingers and hands. On the other hand, it has gained immense popularity among selfie lovers by offering a stable grip and thus leading to impeccable selfies in no time. 

Better stand Option

Looking for a stand for your mobile to place on a table for watching movies and videos? Again, pop sockets come into play by offering impeccable support to the phone; You can use these to place the phone either in portrait or landscape. 

Carrying Wired earpieces

If you feel it annoying to carry wired earpieces in a separate space, pop sockets come into play by letting you wrap these wires around them, thus keeping them close to the phone leading to easy access. Apart from these edges, you can always press it towards the phone when not in use so that you don’t feel an unnecessary bulge in your pocket while carrying it. 

Can You Take A Pop Socket Off?

Users probably install pop-sockets on their phones for a purpose. When this purpose is hampered or the device needs service, the pop socket may need to be removed. You can effortlessly remove the pop socket on your phone; however, using a perfect method with utmost care can ensure no scratches on your phone. Not every brand offers a chance to reuse the pop-sockets, thus once removed, you may need to either change the adhesive or go for a new one. Before we comprehend more about the same, let us learn how to take a pop socket off.

How To Take Off A Pop Socket

It is time to comprehend how to take a pop socket off, the question for which probably you are here. Traditionally, peeling it off using a fingernail is followed. However, a twisting technique can be a better choice for those it is applicable. Let us look into each of these in detail in the following lines. 


Most of the latest pop sockets are adorned with innovative techniques to peel off. Many offer the users to twist and remove it effortlessly. Thus, you may try this method first since this method can be gentle on your mobile phone’s surface. Here is what you can do:

Step 1: Ensure that you press the pop socket inside to see it stick flat to your mobile phone. 

Step 2: Now, hold the pop socket with your fingers to almost 90 degrees

Step 3: See if the pop socket has been detached; if not, you can twist it much more.


If the previous method has not worked for you, try opting for the traditional method of removing pop sockets: using fingernails. This method may need you to be careful since there is a high chance of scratching your phone. Here are steps on how you can do it:

Step 1: Before you can start removing it, press it to collapse so that it lies flat to your mobile phone

Step 2: Now hold the Popsocket and use your nails or any other tool to start peeling it off

Step 3:  Once the pull is initiated, pull out the Popsocket gently so that it gets off the device carefully. 

How To Replace Or Remove The Adhesive On A Popsocket?

After a few months of use, the adhesive gets worn out due to expensive use and dirt. This requires the users to remove the pop socket to change it or replace the adhesive and paste it back. Whatever may be the case, after removing the pop socket, the adhesive residue needs to be removed on the device and the pop socket. Take care of the following while you remove or replace the pop socket:

  1. While removing the old adhesive, you may need to clean the gum residue; The best option can be applying rubbing alcohol. A 3M adhesive can be easy to remove. However, others need some effort.
  2. Applying a new adhesive can also be tricky at times. Ensure that it is right in the circular area of the pop socket. Avoid making contact with the adhesive once applied; this way, you can ensure it is strong enough. 
  3. When you stick back the pop socket to the mobile phone, ensure you put pressure at least for 10 to 12 seconds and leave it for 24 hours to make a strong bong again. 

Concluding Thoughts

That’s it! You now know the answer to your question: how to remove a pop socket. While many of us are aware of the basics of the same, not being gentle often ends up with annoying scratches and residues on the device. Comprehending the relevant strategies to avoid these can aid in better results. Now that you are aware of how it is done, gear to remove and service it or replace it with one.

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