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How To Drop Things In Oblivion? #GamingTips

Oblivion is an open-world game that lets players hold weapons and use them in their mission. The game makers, Bethesda Softworks, have shared many tips and tricks to know the game better. However, they have not stated anything about dropping things in Oblivion, which raises and intrigues many gamers. 

So, How to Drop things in Oblivion?

To Drop things in Oblivion, you need to press the TAB key, then SHIFT + click on the item on PC. While, if you are on Xbox 360, you need to click on B, LT and then on the C button. For PS3, you need to press O, then L1/R1 and then the Red Square.

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Some professional gamers questioned how do I drop stuff in oblivion? Well, If you want to know how to drop things in Oblivion, you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you all about dropping stuff in oblivion.

When Should You Drop Stuff In Oblivion?

Oblivion is a popular game among gamers. But when talking about dropping things in oblivion, in most cases, you will need to drop an item due to one of the following reasons:

  • You cannot move around with massive objects with you,
  • You want to secure the weapons at some place. This works only in main maps and not on dungeons,
  • You cannot sell the item to clear your inventory.

Selling is a great alternative for dropping. However, for this, certain care factors are to be noticed in the inventory window. You can see a gold column in the inventory window that shows the valuation of your items. When this selling ability increases, the vendors get ready to pay higher values. Thus, if your item value goes up, it is always a better option to sell it off.

How to Drop stuff in Oblivion?

The game’s controls are different for different devices; thus, many games do not support cross-play. However, this is not the case with Oblivion. You can play Oblivion on a Personal computer, Xbox 360 and PS3. Let us see how to drop stuff in oblivions for all these devices.

How To Drop Things In Oblivion On The Ground

You can do this only after opening the journal of your inventory section. Let us see how it is done on various devices.

How to Drop things in Oblivion on the ground – PC Method

To open the journal of the inventory section,

Step 1: press the TAB key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Now, click on the Fist button that you see beside the health, stamina and magic.

Now you can get access to your inventory.  

Step 3: Press SHIFT and select the object that you may want, now move it out of the inventory window to remove it.

How to drop things in oblivion on the ground- Xbox 360 Method

You need to switch between the pages to open your inventory in Xbox 360.

Step 1: Press B and then use LT or RT

Step 2: Now, the X button to move the item 

How to drop things in Oblivion on the ground- PS3 Method

If you are using a PS3 and you want to use the inventor, you need to switch between the pages. Here is what you can do:

Step 1: Press the red circle / O and then use L1/R1 to get into the inventory window.

Step 2: Now, Highlight the item and then press the Red Square button to remove or drop.

How To Drop And Grab Things In Oblivion

Oblivion not only offers you to drop the object but also an option to grab it back. This way, you can see the dropped item in front of you until you release the grab button. Let us see how it is done across platforms.

How to drop and grab things in Oblivion- PC Method

To drop and grab an item on a PC, you need to click and hold it. When you want to drop it, you can release the left mouse button. 

How to drop and grab things in Oblivion- Xbox 360 Method

In Xbox 360, you need to highlight the object that you like to grab and drop. You can do this by holding and pressing LB, and later you can drop the item by releasing LB.

How to drop and grab things in Oblivion- PS3 Method

To highlight the item, drop and grab, you need to click L2. You can later release this button to drop the item.

How To Put Items In Container In Oblivion

The container is a space where you can drop your items. However, not all containers are safe in Oblivion. You can drop an unwanted item and wait for at least 73 hours to see if the item is still in it. If the item stays then the container is safe.

How To Drop Item In Container- Pc Method

Step 1: Select a container in which you want to put item

Step 2: Look at it and press SPACE BAR to open it

Step 3: You can navigate between the container and the inventory once the container is open— Press SHIFT+ Left Arrow for inventory and SHIFT + Right Arrow for Container

Step 4: Select the item in your inventory and drop them in the container by pressing enter.

How To Drop Items In Container- Xbox 360 Method

Step 1: Select a container that you want to drop an item in.

Step 2: Now, you can open the container by looking at it and pressing the A button

Step 3: Now, to navigate to your inventory, press LT. Now press LT and RT to view contents in the container.

Step 4: Highlight the item that you want to move and press on A button.

How To Drop Item In Container- Ps3

Step 1: Select a container that you want to drop an item in.

Step 2: Now, to open, look at that container and press the X button

Step 3: To navigate into the inventory, press L1.  To view the item in the container, press R1

Step 4: Highlight the item you want to move and press the X button in the inventory.

Summing Up

That’s it! You now know how to drop things in oblivion. Oblivion is available in various platforms like PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Since the controls are not the same for all these,  the keys for dropping items are not the same. The above sections will let you know what keys to use for each device you play in. 

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