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5 Call of Duty: Warzone tips and tricks you need to know

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you must have already played COD. It is a popular game, and most gaming enthusiasts have praised and played this game for its impressive graphics and fantastic features. But, as we said, not everyone can cope with the game’s difficulty level. Playing like a COD pro is probably the wish of every player out there. 

Thus, we have some easy warzone hacks built-in with anti-detection features, especially for you. With these hacks, you will never be placed last on the scoreboard. Don’t you believe us? Well, just hold tight because here we go.

5 Call of Duty: Warzone tips and tricks you need to know

Own your style and prioritize weapons 

Let us be forthright here. Warzone is a challenging game. Not many players can make use of their sniper to target non-stop headshots. Besides, not everyone can take the enemies down single-handedly. A massive amount of dedication and practice is required to reach that level of perfection. 

Different players have different strategies. You may be comfortable in a defensive process, while some are good with SMGs. Also, there may be some who love playing aggressively. Thus, it would be best to decide your gameplay style, be particular about your strategy and stick to that. Spend hours to be at ease with your style so that you can execute and plan better.  

After you have decided your style, keep in mind that weapons are the golden keys. You need them to win. The more improvised your weapon is, the closer you are to victory. Weapons here do not only mean the floor weapons. 

You need a set of specific loadouts for giving your best. Make sure you get truckloads of cash to purchase the featured loadouts. This way, it will be a lot easier for you to personalize the weapon and win games

Do not haste and use plates 

Slow and steady always wins the race. We recommend keeping this advice at the back of your head every time you play Warzone. Remember that executing gradually and being alert will help you bag wins. Do not hurry pointlessly. When you revive your squadmates, be super careful. You have to make sure that the enemies do not decimate you. 

Begin the reviving process when you are confident about the absence of the enemies. Another minor but essential tip would be to utilize the plates. Make sure you are using them properly so that you are always secured. You can obtain up to three plates to cover you and store an additional 5 for security. During gunfights, always keep yourself shielded. If you do not have enough plates, buy some from the standard buy station. 

Teamwork always makes the dreamwork

Teamwork can make your dream work, and you can do that by notifying your friends. You can alert them regarding a weapon or enemies you have found nearby. As long as a communication method is in place, you will stand a greater chance of being the last standing squad. 

Another tip would be not committing the mistake of taking action without notifying or discussing it with the team. Remember winning at COD: Warzone is all about teamwork. Do not ever try to run and face the opponents all on your own. If you are playing a group, make sure you are loud and clear about your strategies.

Plan with the team and execute together. Communication is easier said than done. But try your very best to communicate frequently to avoid confusion. 

Make preps for Gulag 

Death does not mean the end in COD Warzone. If you ever find yourself on a fight’s losing side, remember that you will get a second chance to fight back into action as you enter Gulag. The Gulag places you in 1 versus 1 situation where you must take out your enemy.

Both you and your enemy will have the same weapon. Thus, it will be a test of solid skill. Keep your cool in this 1 versus 1 scenario, pressure your enemy, and give your best shot at the Gulag. If you win, you will re-join your team.

Stop by the Buy Stations 

You must make the most of Buy Stations that are scattered throughout the map of Warzone. To secure victory, you can purchase supplies. Thus, stock up on gas masks, armor handles, killstreaks, and more.


Honestly, Warzone is a complicated game, and not everyone can ace playing the game effortlessly. If you are a newbie, you have to invest a lot of time to understand the game. However, nothing is impossible. With the clever hacks and tricks we shared, you are sure to win with ease. Good Luck!

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