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How To Catch A Cheating Wife Or Husband?

As per the data shared by pcTattletale, 70% of the women and 54% of the men are unaware that their partners are cheating on them. So if you suspect even a little bit that your husband or wife is cheating on you, then your wild guesses might actually be true.

But there’s nothing you can do unless you have proof against your spouse. You need to be dead sure that they are actually having an affair. And once you have proof, you can hold them accountable.

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But manually getting out the truth is not possible at all. Your spouse is going to be super cautious that you don’t reach their WhatsApp, social media account. That’s why you need an app that once installed on the target phone, remotely gives all the data from it.

So, here we are with pcTattletale, a hidden spy app that can access data from your lover’s cell phone remotely.

How To Catch A Cheating Spouse With pcTattletale?

pcTattletale Installation On Your Device

For using the services of pctTattletale for monitoring the activities of your spouse, you need to create an account on the app first.

  1. Open any browser on your PC and reach the official website of pcTattletale. Scroll down a little bit and you will see the pricing plans of pcTattletale. Click on the Buy Now option.
  2. You have to create your pcTattletale account in order to use the app successfully. Enter your email account, set up a password, and click on CREATE FREE ACCOUNT.
  3. Finally you have to make the payment by filling up your details and clicking on Buy Now option.
  4. Time to add the device that you want to spy on. Simply tap on ADD A DEVICE option that appears on the screen.
  5. Now it’s time you select the type of device that you want to monitor. As you want to monitor the Android phone of your spouse, select the second option, that is, Android or Kindle.
  6. You will get two installing options from pcTattletale, and you have to choose Install Without Computer.

After this step, you will see a unique app downloading link appearing on your screen. This link will further be needed to download the app on the target phone.

Setting Up pcTattletale On Your Spouse Device

It’s time when you need physical access to your husband/wife’s phone in order to set up the pcTattletale app on it.

  1. Using any browser on their phone, search for the unique link that you got while setting up your device. Once the page gets loaded, you have to tap on OK, and now the app will automatically start to download.
  2. Time to INSTALL the app once it’s downloaded.
  3. Next you have to give permission to the app to use mobile data by tapping on Allow.
  4. pcTattletale will ask for certain permissions to work on your husband’s phone flawlessly, starting with the permission to read the notifications. Similarly, give the accessibility permission.
  5. Time to change the floating window management by toggling on the button adjacent to Android.
  6. Give permission to record the target phone screen by tapping on Allow.
  7. Now, make the app run in the background by ignoring the battery optimization and also give the location access to the app.
  8. Finally, tap on START RECORDING to complete the setup process. Now go back to your device and start keeping a track of your wife’s phone.

Spying With Live Viewing Feature

pcTattletale has a feature you won’t find in any other spy app. You can stream the screen of the target device remotely, so it feels like you are looking directly at their phone rather than monitoring a PC.

You will see a LIVE option appearing on the portal, and once you click on it, the target phone live streaming will start.

The live streaming that you will see is going to be just a few seconds late. So if there’s something that needs to be taken care of immediately, you can rely on pcTattletale.

In case the target person is watching a video, in that case, you can’t rely on pcTattletale much. While a video is being played, pcTattletale sticks at a particular frame while the video is continuously going on in the target phone.

Similarly, if a search is made in incognito mode, you will only see a blank screen appearing.

Recorded Videos

No one is so much free that they can watch someone’s phone screen all day. But on the other hand, you might miss something important if you don’t watch their phone activities continuously.

To save your time without compromising on tracking, pcTattletale has come up with a recorded video feature. While you are not watching the phone screen online, the video will automatically get recorded in the background. Whenever you are online again, simply go to the calendar option that you see on the top, and select the date for which you want to see the recorded video.

Downloading the videos is also possible.

Click Activity

This feature can be of great use if you are using pcTattletale for monitoring of kids, but maybe you will need it to spy on your spouse as well.

Using the Click Activity feature, you can know how much your husband uses their smartphone per hour. You will get to see the total number of clicks made each hour, and based on it, you can well estimate if they are addicted to their phone or not.

Location Tracking

It’s more than easy for your spouse to lie about their location. They will tell you that they are going to work, but actually, they will be going to meet their new friend.

But what if you can see their current location anytime you want? Is there any way left for them to lie?

Using the Location Tracking feature of this spy app, you can keep an eye on their location using the map mode and satellite mode of the app.

Pricing Of pcTattletale

Money matters the most. Even if an app is good, if it’s overpriced, anyone would resist going for it. Let’s see how much will pcTattletale cost you.

There are three choices to make, FAMILY, FAMILY PLUS, and BUSINESS. If you go for the FAMILY plan, you have to pay $99 with 7 days of storage. In the FAMILY PLUS plan, you have to pay $147 and you get the storage capacity of 30 days. The BUSINESS plan can be purchased for $297 with a storage capacity of 365 days.


Besides Android, pcTattletale also comes for Windows PC as well. So if you don’t find anything suspicious on their Android phone, maybe you can try to find the truth by monitoring their PC or laptop.

As for the iOS and Mac devices, unfortunately, you cannot avail the services of pcTattletale. So make sure you spend money only if the target device is compatible with the app.

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