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How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?

How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?

This is the question every wannabe Java Programmer wants to know the answer for, and this blog post is going to answer their query in detail.

Quick Answer:

Quick answer for the query “How long does it take to learn Java” is shared below:

If you are just starting out, then it would take around 4 months to learn Java considering you spend 4-6 hours a day. I mean this much time you will take to become pretty good in Java.

If you have knowledge of some programming language, specifically the ones that are based on OOPS(Object Oriented Programming System), then you only need to learn the Syntax of Java, so 3 months are enough to learn it well.

So, you got the quick answer. Let’s now dig deeper into it, and get to know what is Java, what it can do, how to learn, and how long does it take to learn Java.

What is Java?

JAVA is one of the finest general-purpose Object-Oriented programming languages. It is used to develop Desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications, and so on. It is one of the most popular programming languages across the world.

Java was started being developed in 1991 and was released in 1995 by James Gosling at Sun Microsystem(The company is now owned by Oracle).

How long does it take to learn Java
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Difference Between Java and JavaScript

Don’t get confused between Java and JavaScript. Both are very different from each other.  Here are a few general differences between them:

  • Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language Whereas JavaScript is an Object-Oriented Scripting Language.
  • Java files have the extension “.java Whereas JavaScript files have the extension “.js”.
  • Java is a standalone Programming language Whereas JavaScript is used within webpages integrated with HTML codes.
  • Java codes are executed by JVM Whereas JavaScript codes are executed by browser’s Java Interpreter.
  • Java is supported by almost all the operating systems Whereas JavaScript is supported by all the popular web browsers regardless of the operating systems they operate on.

These are a few general differences between Java and Javascript to give you an idea that they are completely different. However, there are many other differences between them as well. I have just mentioned a few for understanding.

How did it get its name “Java”?

Initially, it was named “OAK” but later it was found that it was a taken name, so the team brainstormed to think of something unique, and they ended up naming it “Java”. The name is taken from “Java Coffee” There is a story behind its naming which you can read online.

Features of Java Programming Language

  • Object-Oriented: Being an object-oriented programming language it can be extended easily. You can read more about OOPS here.
  • Robust: Java is a robust programming language. It emphasizes the error checking in compile and run time to avoid error-prone situations.
  • Syntax: Java’s Syntax is simple and neat. Also, it is quite similar to C++. So, if you are known to C++ language then learning Java is easier for you. Though it is similar to C++, it removes its drawbacks and complexities of C++ such as Pointers and Multiple Inheritance.
  • Secure: The whole Java platform is developed and designed with security features inbuilt into the language and runtime system. That helps you develop applications that cannot be easily invaded by hackers.  
  • Portability: Java is highly portable as you can carry the Java bytecode to any platform easily. 

There is a long list of features of Java but since we are not teaching the language here so we will not go into too much detail in this post. Here we are just suggesting to you how you can learn, and how long does it take to learn Java.

What Should You Need to Know Before Starting out with Java?

To be specific, you don’t need any prior knowledge to get started with Java. You can start it as your first programming language. Moreover, if you already know C++, then it will surely help you as the syntax of Java is similar to it, so you will take less time to learn the syntax. And, you may not need to learn the basics. But, I would again say that it is not necessary to know any language or anything to start with Java. You can just start your coding/programming journey with Java only as well.

How to Learn Java?

  1. Online Courses

    In the world we live in, almost everything you find online from learning A, B, C, D to learning high-end programming languages like Java. Yes, you can learn Java from various online courses and guides. I am listing a few of those courses and links below for your reference:

  • Udemy – This link is of various Java courses on Udemy that you can choose to go for, and start learning. However, they are paid ones.
  • Codecademy – This is a free course for learning Basic Java. On this website, you can not just read, but you can practice with realtime codes as well. This is one of the best sites to learn Java and many other programming languages.
  • Coursera: Coursera is a popular online learning platform similar to Udemy where you can buy the courses and learn Java. The link will take you to the page where many Java courses are listed. You can choose the one you want to go for.
  • Udacity: Udacity is another Udemy like website where you can find many Java courses. Moreover, the link I have shared here is of a Java Developer course that helps you become a Java Developer.
  • Geeksforgeeks: This website shares a lot of free courses. The link will take you to the Java Tutorial.
  • The Java™ Tutorials by Oracle: One of the best guides out there available for free.
  1. Books

Another option for learning Java is by reading books. Moreover, you have to keep practicing the codes on your computer when you learn from books because just reading is not enough. Reading and practice should go along in your Java learning venture. I am mentioning a few books that you can buy online and start learning:

These are a few books that are good to go with. Moreover, there are many more out there which you can look out as per your requirements.

  1. Free YouTube Videos

If you don’t have a budget to spend on courses or coaching classes, then you can go for the free option, and let me tell you that there are many great tutorials on YouTube, that you can watch, and learn step by step. Here are a few Video playlist links:

  • Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials
  • Java (Intermediate) Tutorials
  • Java Video Tutorial
  1. Coaching Classes

The last option is coaching class. Yes, if you think you cannot learn by online courses, videos, or reading books, then you must enroll yourself into some Java coaching center in your area and learn there. Moreover, you have to keep practicing on your own as well. Whatever you learn in the class, keep practicing it.

These are the best ways to learn Java.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Java?

As I have mentioned at the beginning that usually it takes around 4 months to learn Java but being proficient in it will take time, and you will get expertise as you keep on working on this technology. So, just learning usually takes less time but by working regularly, you gradually become better and better with time and get expertise.

There are some FAQs that I would like to share here with answers?

Q1: If I know the C programming language then how long does it take to learn Java?

A: C is not Object-Oriented programming but Java is. So basically by knowing C, you are clear with the programming fundamentals but you have to learn a whole new thing when you start learning Object-oriented programming, i.e. Java. But, knowing C allows you to skip the basic introductions of programming. So, you can take out 1 week’s time from 4 months duration. 

Q2: If I know C++ programming language, then how long does it take to learn Java?

A: If you know C++ then you know a lot because C++ is an Object-oriented programming language, as well as its syntax, is similar to Java. That means, when you know C++, you are well aware of Programming Fundamentals(Reduce duration to 1 week) + Object Oriented concept(reduce 1.5 weeks) + Syntax (reduce 1.5 weeks).

In a nutshell, normally within 3-4 months, you can learn Java pretty well if you give 4-6 hours a day both in studying and practicing the codes.

Q3: How Tough is Java to Learn?

A: Java can be as easy or as tough as any other programming languages. Some of you may enjoy coding in Java, and some of you may find it very tough to work with it. So, there is no clear cut answer to this question. But, I would say that the most important thing in programming is the  “Logic”. No matter what programming language you are going to work with, the logic you have to think of yourself and it will be the same for a particular solution in any language. Just the way of writing codes will be different in the different programming languages as every language has a different set of syntax for writing codes.  And, as long as I feel, Java’s syntax is quite clean, and you will love to write codes. And, if the Java syntax is easy for you, then Java is easy! Enjoy coding in Java.

Disclaimer: The durations shared in this article are indicative, and it can vary person to person. The intelligence level, their learning style, how much time they spend daily on learning, and a few other factors may affect the duration of learning Java.

Final Words

Java is an excellent programming language. And, it is fun to write Java codes. As I have explained in this article, it usually takes 4 months to learn Java when you spend 4-6 hours a day in learning and practicing but to be an expert, it takes time. And, as you keep working, you become an expert.

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  • I don’t think you can just say “around 4 months”

    It depends on lot of factors such as their IQ, their age, etc

    Just like learning anything. If you practice efficiently and effectively. You’ll get better results.

    • Hey Dex, yes, and I did mention the factors as well. If you read the full article, you might get to know the things that I have mentioned. Thanks for sharing your views.

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