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How Long Does it Take To Learn Python?

I mentioned in my last blog post that one of my friends asked how long does it take to learn HTML, and he also asked how long does it take to learn Python. I did write a complete post about his question about HTML; now I thought to write about Python as well. Continue reading to find out how long does it take to learn Python. And, also you would know how to learn Python easily and quickly in this blog post.

What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted and high-level programing language. It can be used to create web applications, Mobile apps, and even desktop applications. Python is quite popular because of its simple looking syntax.

Python was not named after the snake “Python” but Guido van Rossum (Creator of Python) was a fan of comedy series “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, and the name of this language is inspired from this comedy series. Python was first released in February 1991.

The coding in Python is much smaller than other languages such as Java, C++, etc. Small in the sense, you need to write less code to do the same work in Python for which you have to write more codes in other languages like C++ and Java.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Python?

How Long Does it Take To Learn Python

Python is an extremely easy language but is able to do everything that other programming languages can do. Therefore, more coders are using it nowadays.

If you already know a programming language, then it would take less time to learn Python because in all the programming languages the concepts and logic are same. Just the difference is the way you write codes using that language’s syntax.

So, if you are well versed with a programming language already, I would say it won’t take you more than 1 month to learn Python because the main thing you learn is the syntax of this language and the way of code writing in it. However, 1 month is enough time to learn most of it, but as you know practice makes a man perfect, you have to keep learning it to become an expert. Don’t think that in just 1 month of learning you will be an expert but yes, you will have a fair knowledge of it if you do learn it consistently by spending 3-5 hours a day.

If you are new to the programming, you might need more time to learn Python. However, if you learn it consistently by spending 3-5 hours every day, it might not take more than 3 months to learn Python considering you are a complete newbie to the programming.

To be perfect in Python, it would take a long time which I cannot estimate. The things you need to do are to be consistent, spend more time in practise writing codes and compiling them, understand the errors, and debug your code, and most importantly, be patient. You should have the perseverance to learn it completely.

How to Learn Python?

There are different ways to learn Python, and you need to use all the ways to become perfect.

  1. Online Courses

You might know that there are many websites which offer online courses, and videos to teach you different subjects. Same way, you can learn Python as well.

Below are few websites to learn Python:

  1. Codecademy
  2. Udemy
  3. Udacity
  4. TutorialsPoint
  5. LearnPython

These all sites have different ways of teaching Python. You must try all.

  1. Books & Practise

If you want to read the book and practice on the sample codes to learn Python, you can do that too. However, you must get some really good books and start reading lessons one by one, and alongside, keep practising the coding on the computer.

Below are few Good Books to Learn Python:

  1. Google’s Python Class e-Book
  2. Python: For Beginners: A Crash Course Guide To Learn
  3. Python in 24 Hours: Sams Teach Yourself

You can get many more books on Amazon; you can get few good ones after reading their reviews. Moreover, you can ask some of your friends or seniors to suggest a good book for Python.

  1. Coaching Class

Since it is a programming language, I would suggest you to join some class at least for 1 month to clear your doubts in the far better way. In coaching class, you interact with other students and tutor and discuss about Python which helps you learn it in the much better way.

Self-learning is awesome, but sometimes some doubts are not clarified while learning on your own, therefore joining an offline coaching class is very important to learn Python easily.

These are the top three ways; I would suggest you learn Python. Moreover, whether you learn through books or website or coaching class, do join some Python forums so that you can ask for help for clarifying doubts or you can also help other newbies that definitely will boost your confidence in the language. The forum is like a community where you ask for help and do help others with your knowledge. Such knowledge sharing will make you very confident in Python, and you will learn quickly.

Examples of Python code snippet

If you want to print “techtricksworld” using a Python code, you need to write this:


That’s it.

You can do print anything by assigning a value to a variable and then print that variable. For example:

A = 8


The output will be 8


A = 9

B = 10

Then to add them, you can write


And the result will be 19

This way, you can write small codes and practice Python. Gradually, you can write more complex codes.


Python is an easy programing language to learn, and it is equally powerful as well. It has been very popular because of its cleaner syntax. Hope you now know How Long Does it Take To Learn Python. If you start learning, you will get to learn it easily. So, start today itself if you have interest in learning Python.


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  • i wanted to learn python as my company wants me to learn in 2018 your guide is perfectly matched my requirement thanks atish for sharing this article i will bookmark this article

  • Learning Python alone will get job or do we need to learn any other technologies with python
    Please anyone clarify my doubt

    • Hello shiva,

      When it comes to programming, you have to be very good at logic, and if that is what you are good at, you can learn any programming language quickly. About Python learning, yes you can get a job if you are very good at it. Moreover, to boost your resume, you can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax along with Python.

      Let me know if you have any other question?

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