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9Anime “Server Error, Please Try Again” | 9Anime Error 500 (Fix)

9anime is an online streaming platform that provides you with a broad listing of anime content. It offers a vast collection of anime series and movies from various genres, including action, adventure, romance, fantasy, and more. Users can watch anime episodes and films for free on the website without the need for a subscription or registration. 9anime is known for its extensive library, user-friendly interface, and high-quality video playback. Everything’s good about 9anime apart from one issue, 9anime error 500 also known as server error can be stubborn and might cause a nightmare for you if you try to resolve it. Let’s know about it more.

9Anime error 500

What is 9Anime Error 500?

The “500 Internal Server Error” on 9anime, or any other website, generally indicates a problem on the server side rather than an issue with your computer or internet connection. But is it solely server-side issues? No, it’s not, there is more to this than that primarily, if server management is not going underway the problem is caused mostly by ad blockers that curb the video output due to incessant ads.

Problems With External Server

Server Overload

If a large number of users are trying to access the website simultaneously, it can put a strain on the server’s resources, causing it to become overwhelmed and return a 500 error. It often happens when the server’s ability to load memory fails to regenerate constructive outcomes. Generally, such issues don’t happen with big websites as they keep huge server resources for serving millions of users. But, you never know, when the number of users surpass the limit, and cause this issue.

Software or Configuration Issues

Issues with the server’s software or misconfigurations in the server settings can also lead to a 500 error. This could be caused by bugs in the website’s code, problems with the server software, or conflicts with other software running on the server.

Sometimes, some script or app on the server may get some issues, and because of that, it uses all the server resources resulting in a server error. I have an example for this, I host many of my sites on shared hosting, and in that, I added a Python app to automate something, but recently, I found that app stopped working, and its code maybe got corrupted, and it keeps working in a loop, consuming all the resources of my hosting account, and that make my all site stop working. So such issues may happen with 9Anime as well where some code or script goes rogue.

Database Problems

Websites like 9anime typically rely on databases to store and retrieve information. If there are issues with the database, such as connection problems or corrupted data, it can result in a 500 error. Database issues often occur when there is a requirement for internal connectivity within datasets.

Maintenance or Updates

Occasionally, websites undergo maintenance or updates that require the server to be taken offline or restarted. During these periods, the website may display a 500 error until the maintenance is complete.

Server Infrastructure Issues

Problems with the physical infrastructure hosting the server, such as power outages, hardware failures, or network connectivity issues, can also result in a 500 error. Please remember this is 9anime’s failure of their components and not yours. 

Problems With Your PC (Mainly Software Issues)

Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers are a boon in more ways than one, they block all the unnecessary and irrelevant ads for you and provide much-needed happiness with seamless content accessibility online. However, sometimes the same ad blockers in order to block ads can stop streaming content from platforms because of this higher degree of ads.  Or some site doesn’t allow streaming if you have installed Ad blockers because their source of earning is running ads. So, at times, Ad blockers may be an issue. You can try disabling and checking if this solves the issue.

Web Caches and Cookies

Caches are actually smaller chunks of files present in a browser in order to make seamless access to content. Cookies on the other hand have trackers in them when you visit a website certain trackers are identified and saved in the system, for easier access both caches and cookies are saved. They are also known to block data exchange if certain files are often installed in the browser. This can lead to issues, the best will be to clean your website spot clean.

How to Know if 9Anime is not working only for me or it is down for everyone?

Before trying to fix the issue, you should know if the issue is for everyone or just for you. If the issue is just for you, you can try disabling ad blockers, clearing out caches and all. But, if the issue is happening to everyone, you are not able to do anything as the issue is at the servers End.

To check this, you can try online tools. To track server-related issues you can visit this platform.

Try Fixing the 9 Anime Error 500

Error 500 typically indicates a server-side issue, which means it’s not something you can fix directly. There is a very small chance of an issue being in your PC and mainly the fixes are more local and not the server problem fixes.  However, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to resolve the issue or at least identify the cause:

Refresh the website

Sometimes, the error is temporary, and a simple refresh can resolve it. Right-click on your PC and then select Refresh. Do it on your desktop background.

Now press F5 (on Windows) to continue doing it.

Clear browser cache

Clearing your browser’s cache can help resolve any temporary data or conflicts that might be causing the error. Go to your browser’s settings or preferences, find the option to clear browsing data, and select the cache, cookies any temporary files option. In all browsers, you can access cleaning data in a history tab. This is Brave browser’s cleaning option.

Try a different browser

If the error persists, try accessing the 9anime website using a different browser to see if the problem is specific to your current browser. If that’s the issue then get a better browser. All mainstream web browsers that are widely safe and users should not show this error that includes Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Edge.

Many times, due to some issues, I see a site is not working on one browser and as soon as I change the browser the site works. So, you can try this thing for 9Anime too if you see the error.

Disable browser extensions

Certain browser extensions or add-ons can interfere with website functionality. Disable any extensions related to ad-blocking or content filtering and see if the error persists. If you are using Brave then you can disable the extensions altogether by clicking on extensions and then toggling off. You can also turn them off by disabling developer mode.

Check your internet connection

Ensure that your internet connection is stable and working properly. You can try accessing other websites to confirm this. And see if there are any updates involved. Update when necessary.

Wait and try later

If the issue persists, it could be a server problem on the 9anime side. In such cases, waiting for some time and trying again later may resolve the error. Do remember that there are no solutions to server problems. You need to just accept it and wait till the 9anime backend team identifies the issue and resolves it.


Q.Why is 9anime not working?

9anime is working fine as of now, but if it stops someday and the stopping is not because of your PC then do know there is a server outage and hence apart from waiting you cannot do anything.

Q. Why do ‘9anime request is invalid’ occur?

This error occurs solely because of the upgradation and improvement of the server taking place on the back end you need to try again later for access.

Q. Is 9anime down?

As of now when I am writing this piece, 9anime is not down, however, if something on the server happens it might go down. You can check this website to see the status.


9anime usually goes down when facing shortages in servers, when there is maintenance going and upgrades happening. The PC problems mainly stem from browser issues and corrupt files. This can be simply weed out by a cleaner or disk cleaner itself. It’s easy and fast and helps you to weed out the issue granted it’s a real vehicle.

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