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10 Facts About Chizuru Ichinose {Rent Her as Girlfriend} #Anime

If you are somebody who’s invested in the anime world then you must know about the anime “Rent a Girlfriend”. And in this article, we are focusing on the main female character of the anime Chizuru Ichinose. She is a student in college and her other job is working as a rental girlfriend. Thus the name of the series.

Rent a Girlfriend is a Japanese manga series. Kazuya Kinoshita is a character who got dumped by his girlfriend Mami Nanami. They only dated for a month. He then decided that he will use a dating app to find his next girlfriend. In this app, Chizuru works as a girlfriend who can be rented. She is a charming and overall attractive girl. However, he finds her to be inauthentic. Unfortunately, he gives her a very low rating

Chizuru voiced her opinion against this and he thinks her to be even ruder than he anticipated. Then Kazuya’s grandmother gets hospitalized and he decides to bring Chizuru along. Following the visit, his grandmother gets charmed by her. But his family becoming aware of Chizuru being his girlfriend, he is forced to continue renting Chizuru and bring her with him while meeting his family and friends. 

But things take a different turn. They discover that they live right next to each other which complicates things to a great extent. Also, they attended the same college.

10 Facts About Chizuru Ichinose

Chizuru Ichinose is also famous as Rent a Girlfriend Chizuru Mizuhara. She is what you can call a good “waifu” material and thus after finishing the anime or while watching it many people come in search of facts about this main character. So here we have tried to list ten facts about Chizuru Ichinose keeping in mind the demand of the viewers.

Her Looks

The first thing we need to discuss about Chizuru Ichinose is her looks. She has characteristic hair. It is waist-length and chestnut-brown hair. When she ties her hair she has a characteristic way of doing so too. She ties it with bangs hanging on the right side. She has eyes that are light brown

She has two representations as we very well know. On one hand, she is a very dedicated student. As a student, she wears glasses, has a significant butterfly accessory and her hair is always double braided. Other times she does not wear her glasses like when she is going out with her friends. Now later we will see that she actually has trouble seeing and thus has to use a pair of contact lenses. 

She is one of those girls who everyone envies. A madonna. She has the kind of beauty that everyone is jealous of and wishes to possess. She wears simple clothing, very light makeup, and minimal accessories and still comes off as gorgeous. 

A Rough Past

What we all will say about her is that she is kind and warm and considerate. But underneath she is calculative and sharp and stings. She is hard to put up with if one is being honest. This trait is further proved by the fact that she caused a lot of trouble in her high school years. 

She got caught in fights and even was known for being in fights that involved boys. So although we know her to be the gorgeous girl everyone is jealous of, she has indeed a very different side to her. 

She wanted to be an actress

The fans of Chizuru Ichinose will know what she wanted to be. She wanted to be an actress. During her high school years, Chizuru went a little astray and even got caught up in fights with boys. Her grandfather however guided her in the right direction. He influences her to become a good person who people can rely on. This led her to follow her dreams.

She found an old DVD of Sayuri. This kindled in her passion to become an actress. Later we will see that this is one of the reasons she gets into the business of working as a rental girlfriend. She thought that posing as a rental girlfriend would give her roleplaying experience and she could do better in the acting world. 


The name Chizuru originally means “a thousand cranes”. The Chizuru name meaning will turn out to be significant too. 

There is an ancient Japanese legend. It says that if you fold one thousand paper cranes, you will be granted one wish even as far-fetched as curing an illness. This is very likely a reference to the illness of Sayuri Ichinose. 

She is a college student

Are you a big fan of Chizuru? But did you know that she is a college student? Many of the fans of Chizuru might not be aware of the fact that Chizuru studies in college. 

Many individuals think that she is much older than any college student. She looks like she is much older. But Chizuru is only 21 years old. She was born in the year 1998. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

She has sight troubles

She has been noticed wearing glasses most of the time. You might not know but she suffers from sight troubles. Due to her sight trouble many times she has to face some unwanted difficulties. 

Though she does not wear the glasses while working as a rental girlfriend. She puts on contact lenses during that time. But when she has the personality of a diligent student, then you will surely spot her wearing glasses. 

She works as a rental girlfriend

In the manga and anime “Rent a Girlfriend“, Chizuru  Mizuhara, whose real name is Chizuru Ichinose, is the main character. Though a college student, she involves herself in a profession that might not be very much acquainted with many people. In her free time, Chizuru works as a rental girlfriend. The name she adopts while being a rental girlfriend is Chizuru Mizuhara. 

She gets paid and then she becomes the girlfriend of the corresponding person for a certain decided amount of time. After being paid, Chizuru holds their hands and shows every gesture that is required to let the other person give the feeling of a girlfriend. She is booked by a rental app. Her name has been a bit changed in the rental apps to enable her protection. 

Men and boys who have never had any girlfriend or are incredibly busy building up connections in the offline world are much more likely to rent a girlfriend. They are the persons who hire girlfriends like Chizuru to have the pleasure of being a boyfriend but not share any bonds. Girls like Chizuru in exchange for money provide them the comfort of having a girlfriend. 

Her rental persona is completely different from her real self

You might get shocked by seeing her as a rental girlfriend and on the other hand noticing her real personality. There happens to be a huge change in both of these. Her rental persona is completely different from her real personality. 

She is extremely precise about her personality change whenever she needs to switch her real persona to being a rental girlfriend and vice versa. You might feel these two personas are imposed on two different girls. Chizuru is someone who will force you to believe that by her varied gestures in the two personas. 

She possesses a very high rating being a rental girlfriend for her kindness and composed act. But in reality, she is extremely calculating, sharp, and cheeky. She is also found to work at the karaoke bar where Kazuya works.

She used to be a clingy crybaby

Chizuru used to be a clingy crybaby. You might be thinking that how can you be sure whether this fact about Chizuru is true or not. Her grandma was the one to reveal this fact. She said that Chizuru used to be a clingy crybaby when she was a child. It took her years to overcome this situation. 

She has a heart disease

Did you know about her disease? Are you aware of the fact that Chizuru suffers from heart disease? This is one of the very severe health conditions she goes through. She has a low heart rate and the first guy to elevate it was Kazuya. 


Now that you know the facts about Chizuru Ichinose, you shall be more interested in knowing her more. Being a fan and not knowing the rare facts about the one you are a fan of is not done. Here was the article, to help you out and know about Chizuru.

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