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10 Anime Like God of High School #Anime

Are you a big fan of anime? Have you heard anything about anime similar to God of high school? If not then this article will prove to be a helpful one for you. The God of High School chiefly explores three realms, namely The Human Realm, The Sage realm, and the Heavenly Realm.

The Human Realm is the place where human beings continue their lives. The Sage Realm is also known as the Demon Realm. It is a place where the mythological beasts or spirits are found to be inhabiting. The Heavenly Realm is the most powerful of the three. It is the living place of the legendary gods. Today we go with some of the best anime like God of high school.

Anime like God of High School

Tower of God

This series is based on a young boy whose name is Twenty-fifth Bam. He has spent his life staying beneath a gigantic tower. The only person he has in his life’s a girl whose name is Racheal. Racheal somehow makes her way to the tower. To reunite with his friend, Bam is also determined and thus, enters the tower. 

Zodiac War

This has been released in 12 episodes. The plot of the story is based on a city of half a million people. All of them have been removed from the city. But twelve of the deadliest mercenary warriors took the attributes of the Chinese zodiac animals. They also changed their names. The twelve of them are pitted against each other in the Twelfth Zodiac Tournament that is organized every twelve years. 

Megalo Box

This anime has simple premises. The story is about a slumdog boxer whose name is Junk Dog aka Joe. he is devoted to making a name for himself in the field of boxing. Joe wants to become a legitimate boxer. Hence, creating a fake persona for himself he participates in the Megalonia Tournament. This upcoming tournament is an international boxing competition which searches for the best boxer. 

Baki Series

This is one of the most popular anime like god of high school. The Baki series revolves around the protagonist, Baki Hanma. He is the main character of this series. He trains with extreme focus so that he can become strong enough that he can surpass his father. His father, Yujiro Hanma is the strongest fighter of the world. In the advancement of the story, it can be witnessed that five of the world’s most brutal and violent death row inmates are accumulating and are about to face Baki.

The law of Ueki

The plot of this story is based on the tournament that has been created by God. The battle is called the battle of the supernatural powers. It has been held to decide the ruler of heaven. The one who wins the tournament is going to take the throne of heaven. All the 100 God candidates are needed to pick a middle school student. The student has to be given a unique name and act as.

Fate/Stay series

This anime is one of the best anime similar to God of high school. The plot of this anime focuses on a young mage whose name is Shirou Emiya. Shirou becomes a warrior in a battle that was fought among servants. The name of the war was Holy Grail War. Through every single route Shirou was found to make a bond with a heroine and he keeps on confronting different mages who took part in the war. 

Kenichi, the strongest disciple

The anime is about the strongest disciple history has witnessed named Kenichi. Kenichi is a school boy who is a Shounen, Comedy, and Action about a typical high school. He is always being bullied. Suddenly one day he learns of a special dojo. This special dojo teaches Kenichi various forms of martial arts. From the very beginning, this anime revolves around a very typical plot and story.

Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura depicts a timid young man who has been summoned by a chairman to become the manager of Tokita Ohma. Tokita Ohma is a highly skilled gladiator who only cares about fighting and winning. The Kengan matches are of extreme importance for Ohma. He comes to know that these hired gladiators are involved in wars called “Kengan Matches” so that they are able to protect the corporate rights of those businesses which they are representative of. 

Kill la kill

This anime was created by Trigger and Kazuki Nakashima. It has been one of the most viewed anime similar to God of high school. The series follows a vagrant school girl Ryuko Matoi. She is in search of the murderer of her father. In course of time, she gets into a brutal conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin. Satsuki is the iron-willed student council president of Honnouji Academy. He is also a student council president at Matoi’s mother’s fashion empire.

Darwin’s Game

This story is based on a 17-year-old high school sophomore whose name is Kaname Sudo. Kaname accepts an online invitation sent by one of her friends. The invitation was regarding the participation to play an app game. This app game has been named Darwin’s Game. This game is a fight between life and death but Kaname is completely unaware of the fact. Those who play this game are provided with a Sigil. Sigil is an ability that depends from player to player. 


If you have been browsing for information regarding anime like God of high school for so long, then here was your solution. We hope that you will not have the need to browse further and you can easily know more about the anime genre. 

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