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How to Make Money When You Are 11 Years Old?

In the fast-moving world, there is no age to start earning money. Yes, you can even start making money when you are just 10-11 years old. The Best thing you have to do is to tap into your inner entrepreneur spirit. There are tons of ways which you can use to start making money when you are 11 years old or more.

In the world of technology, there are so many new opportunities evolving that not only teens but older can make money as well. 

In this article, I am going to share a list of the ways to make money when you are 11 years old. So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

Ways to Make Money When You Are 11 Years Old

  1. Start a blog

Blogging used to be a hobby in the early days but now, this is one of the career choices that many teens are opting for. If you are 11 years old, it is the best time to choose a topic of your interest and start a blog on that, and as you learn more about building up traffic to your blog, and various things, you can then monetize your blog with different types of ad programs.

Although it is not an overnight earning method, it is one of the best options for teens to make money online working right from their bedroom with just one laptop and internet connection. It takes time to build a good blog, and start earning from that. I have written a blog post which you can read to know more about creating a blog, and making money from that.

  1. Become a Freelancer on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great marketplace where you can sale any of your services starting from $5. If you are a native English speaker, you can just give your voiceover to various clients’ videos. If you know designing logos, you can do that too, even you can offer content writing services there. Literally, you can sell any services you want. 

Although Fiverr allows you to be 13 years old to join and start selling your services, you can still manage to join it using your big brother’s or parent’s name, and work.

Apart from Fiverr, there are so many freelance websites where you can sell your services. All you have to do is to make a gig there and fill all the details about the service you are offering and then wait for the first order. Once you complete a few orders, you start getting more orders. Just some starting hurdles in getting new orders. Once started, you may get tons of orders depending upon the quality of your work. So, becoming a freelancer when you are 11 is the best way to make money.

  1. Become a Video Creator & Editor

Vlogging is becoming popular because users are consuming more video content than text-based content. So, becoming a video creator and editor can get you some freelance jobs in this area or you can create your own YouTube channel, and start creating awesome videos. 

Although it takes time to get your YouTube channel monetized, you will be able to churn out a lot of money if your content is awesome.

  1. Start an Instagram Account

Having millions of subscribers on your Instagram may bring a lot many sponsorship requests which would help you earn money from there. So, if you have something creative to post on Instagram, go ahead, create an account, and start posting. It is not easy to get millions of followers there, but if you have something unique, it would be an easy-peasy task.

  1. Sell your Photos

Do you have an interest in photography? If yes, you can click some awesome HD photos, and try selling them to stock image companies such as iStock, Shutterstock, etc. They pay photographers for their stock photography. So, get your camera, go out, and click some beautiful photos, and sell them to earn some bucks.

  1. Offer Tuition

If you have the interest, you can offer tuition to small kids which would help you stay in touch with studies as well as making money. This is one of the best jobs for every kid of age 11 or more. This is like revising everything that you have studied when you were a kid, and for that, you are getting money as well.

  1. Birthday/holiday Decorations

If you have some spare time out of your study, and really want to work, then helping busy parents decorating the house for birthdays or holidays would be a good and creative job which would make you some bucks.

  1. Sell your craft

If you are able to make some amazing crafts, you can sell them online such as on Etsy or other sites to make some good amount of money. This job is creative so it is great to go for this one as it helps you increase your creativity and at the same time you would earn some money as well.

  1. Help the Elderly to Water their Plants

If you have elderly people in your vicinity, and they are too tired to water their plants, you can offer them your help for some few dollars. This would help you earn some money as well as doing something good for the elderly which means you are giving back something to the society as well.

  1. Offer Content Writing

If you are good at some language, say English, then you can offer content writing services as well which is in huge demand. Writing would help you learn a lot of things as well, and you earn quite a good amount of money too. So, why not giving it a try.

Moreover, while choosing writing, you should go with the topics that are of your interest, so you can offer better writing to your clients.

  1. Micro Social Media Jobs

Since we all use social media, so why not doing micro social media jobs such as sharing, upvoting, commenting, etc. Yes, there are such jobs where various companies offer some bucks to social users to just like and share their posts or comment on them. So, you can do these jobs easily while you are using your social handle such as FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of ways to earn money when you 11 or more but, I have suggested only those ways which won’t hinder your own studies much as well as you learn something while you work. 

Although there are various articles where I saw people recommending to do car washing job, and other such jobs which require a lot of physical work, I tried to not recommend those jobs in my article because being 11 years old, you have to focus on your studies as well, so its better to focus only on those jobs that have something to help you learn as well.

So, these are few of the great ways to earn money online when you are 11.

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