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What Does OBJ Mean On Facebook?

As we post something on Facebook followed by emojis related to our emotions and later when we open the timeline to check that post, we find that the emojis are replaced with OBJ in a dotted box, we are left wondering what is this OBJ and why is it occurring?

It appears the platform is unable to understand our feelings and reciprocates by replacing the icons with a dotted box that says “OBJ”. 

obj mean on fb

Foremost it happens quite frequently, so you can be confident that others have also experienced this. Facebook users are understandably curious when they see OBJ instead of emoticons on the platform, and fortunately, here we have the answers!

In this article, let’s find what OBJ mean on Facebook; and how we can remove it.

What Does OBJ Mean On Facebook?

The sign OBJ in a dotted box stands for “object replacement character.” Facebook uses OBJ to indicate that there is an “object,” which may seem strange given that OBJ is not a true abbreviation.

Technically anything that appears on a website is an object. The OBJ symbol is used to signify those items that Facebook is unable to show on your screen.

What Does OBJ Stand For

OBJ stands for symbolising those objects that Facebook is unable to project on your device. If you are seeing OBJ on Facebook, in a text or on twitter, you may find it uncommon. 

OBJ in Unicode

The Universal Code of Character Sets is known as Unicode, a language that enables computers to communicate with one another. Emojis and other symbols are represented by Unicode, which enables their use on a variety of internet-connected devices, platforms, and operating systems.

In Unicode, OBJ acts as a placeholder when it appears on Facebook. The vast majority of symbols and emojis can be read by Unicode, however for a compatibility issue, a placeholder like OBJ is displayed. 

Reasons For OBJ To Appear On Facebook

You must be perplexed why OBJ appears on your Facebook screen while Unicode is meant to translate the emojis. OBJ shows on your screen as a software update to your device might be unabling Unicode from showing a certain symbol or emoji from a different programme.

It’s crucial to grasp the technical aspects of OBJ while learning what it means on Facebook. If not, it will be challenging to determine why you are seeing OBJ on Facebook and choose the best fix.

Let’s look over some typical causes for OBJ to show up on your screen:

  • iPhone voice-to-text: Sometimes OBJ appears on Facebook as we use the iPhone’s dictation feature to write the comments or posts and the difference in Facebook’s software and iOS makes it difficult for Facebook to project the explanation of the Apple translator. Because of this, it substitutes the characters or symbols it can’t display with OBJ.
  •  An Android software bug: In some cases, a problem in the system prohibits Unicode from correctly reading the various languages on your device and the dotted OBJ box appears on your screen. It can be a software fault if you uploaded using an Android device and the OBJ error appears. It is possible that a Facebook app bug or a problem with software libraries is corrupting the characters, pictures, or emojis. Fix this problem easily with a system update.
  • Emojis From the Apple iPhone’s Emoji Library: iPhone users will benefit from iOS changes to the emoji library more than Android users will. Since there is no Android equivalent for the emojis from iPhone, a post with an emoji from iPhone can show up on Android as an OBJ with a dotted box. They would only be visible to Facebook users with the most recent version of the Apple emoji library.

Removing OBJ from Facebook Post

As OBJ appears on your screen due to a Facebook app or device software problem, update your device’s OS. The software update may replace it with the appropriate emojis and OBJ will disappear from Facebook.

If your smartphone displays OBJ on Facebook due to the features of the iPhone and the emoji library, it is unavoidable. Wait for Facebook or Android to come up to iPhone’s development and replace OBJ with emoticons.

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