How to Remove Password from ZIP File Without Any Software?
ZIP files have been one of the excellent options for handling a large amount of data. Sometimes, the ZIP files come with a password. This is done to safeguard confidential information. Credit card statements and similar other files are sent as a password-protected ZIP file. While the password information is shared with the genuine recipient,… (1 comment)

How to Enable DHCP in Windows 10?
Most of the corporates around the globe use a DHCP network. This would be helpful in assigning an IP address to your computer automatically. But, in case the DHCP is disabled on your computer, it may have problems connecting to the internet in some instances. How to enable DHCP in Windows 10? We will try… (1 comment)

How to Block People on Google Hangouts?
Google Hangouts is a chatting app basically but you can do much more such as audio/video calls, and group chat/calls, and even more. Most of the people like it and use it because it is integrated into many Google products. So, it becomes convenient. Moreover, for those, who want alternatives to hangouts, there are more… (5 comments)

How to Put Text Over an Image in Google Docs?
Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor tool, and very popular. It is a great replacement for Microsoft Word but it has some limitations as well. But, for almost all the users, Google docs is well enough to do their tasks.  There are many people who still prefer to work with MS Word. But, I… (2 comments)

How to Reduce Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks?
No business is safe from the reach of cybercriminals. If anything, small businesses are an easier target for them. Many small business owners leave their companies vulnerable to cyber-attack without even realizing it. If you are one of them, these incidents can be extremely damaging to your business reputation, not to mention your bottom line.… (1 comment)