6 Reasons Why Facebook is Dominating the Social Media World
For those who still remember the golden years of early Internet communications via instant messaging or Myspace, Facebook truly seemed like a flavor of the month platform with no one anticipating the behemoth that it became. Despite recent scandals, congressional inquiries, rumors of misdeeds, and the dawn of rival social media platforms, Facebook is still… (0 comment)

How to Get More Likes On Facebook without Spamming?
Who else wants to get more likes on Facebook without actually spamming your fans and followers? We all know how important Facebook is for our business to grow faster in crowded market. If you are still not using Facebook to grow your business, you are losing a lot of money on the table. Don’t let your… (43 comments)

Kotak Mahindra Launches KayPay to Transfer Money using Facebook
Send money through Facebook using Kotak Mahindra’s Kaypay Yes, you read that right. Now you can transfer money by using Facebook. This is made possible by Kotak Mahindra Bank which launched a service, KayPay, based on Facebook for instant fund transfer. By using KayPay, a user can send money to his friends on the world’s… (6 comments)

Facebook is building Slingshot, an app like Snapchat
Everyone must be aware that Facebook offered Snapchat a $3 billion to buy the company. But unlike Whatsapp, they rejected it. Now this was a foolish idea where Snapchat seemed to be too overconfident. It’s quite certain that it can be replicated easily. And more so over by Facebook who has such a huge user… (5 comments)