Goodbye Facebook! Hello Work
At the tail end of last year Facebook hit the 1 billion mark for active monthly users. This means 1 in 7 of the entire world’s population, quite a staggering figure. More people being better connected is generally accepted as a good thing but should they be connected all the time, including when they’re at… (7 comments)

Facebook’s Updated Features – What are they?
Facebook has earned a good name in the sphere of social network. This site is not only used for connecting with the friends and near and dear ones but is also used for brand promotion and business. With the growing craze and popularity of this site, Facebook is coming up with the latest features. The… (10 comments)

Facebook Security Tips
Facebook is the best social networking site on the World WILD Web. And since it’s the best, the evils always have an eye over it. Of course Facebook tries to secure all its data in the best possible way, but the black hat hackers are always searching for the loop holes to get access to… (8 comments)

Facebook Boon or Curse on Teenagers?
Facebook is a very popular social networking website. It has got the ability of attracting billions of users. In fact, it has got the power of grabbing attention of all age groups. Particularly, you will find many teenagers around you spending most of their time on Facebook. It has got both pros and cons. Some… (11 comments)

How To Backup Your Facebook Data
How long have you been using Facebook? 1 year? 2 year? 5 years? And during this time spent on Facebook how many times have you uploaded a photo of you and your friends? How many comments you received when you updated your Facebook wall with your engagement news? And how many likes you got? Do you remember all this activity?… (2 comments)