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15 Best PS4 Controller Skins That You Should Get Your Hands On!

When it comes to gaming, PS4 stand out as gamers love to play with it. To make your PS4 controller look great, you can use PS4 controller skins that are available online. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you would understand how hard it is to stand out from the crowd when literally every kid in your neighborhood is buying the same gaming console as you did. Well, you now have 15 ways to customize PS4 Controller with the help of different skins which will make your friends jealous.

Below are the 15 best PS4 Controller Skins

PS4 Controller Skins Under $10

  1. Skins for PS4 (Spiderman)

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To start the hunt for the PS4 controller skins, we must start from the cheapest one on our list. If you are a Marvel comic fan, then you cannot get a skin better than this. This is the cheapest skin on our list and oh boy, what a great cut and finish it gives to the controller. You can easily get this one under $6 mark which makes it the cheapest and one of the slickest PS4 stickers/skins available on Amazon.com.

  1. Goliton Rubber Soft Case

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This is a rubber case for a PS4 controller which will serve two purposes; provide protection to your controller as well as give it a distinctive look to it. What makes it better than the usual skin or case is the grip it provides as skins make the controller even more slippery whereas the rubber case or skin for PS4 controller gives it better grip without sacrificing the look of the controller. The best thing about this rubber case is that it costs under $7 making it one of the best PS4 controller skins.

  1. Skins for PS4 Controllers (Universe)

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If you are looking for a skin for a PS4 controller that matches the black color of the controller, then you probably cannot find anything better than this. It belongs to the category of PS4 stickers and offers great print overall. One of the most impressive things about this skin is the way it fits onto the controller with perfect cut-outs for each key and joysticks as well. Definitely, one of the best looks for PS4 controllers without breaking the bank.

  1. eXtremeRate Light Bar Decal (Set of 30)

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If you are looking for awesome PS4 skins, then nothing comes close to these cool PS4 controller skins! For us, skin means the piece of sticker that covers the whole controller, but eXtremeRate has taken a different take on the PS4 controller skins as they have taken advantage of the little LED light that glows at the front of the controller. So, all you need to do is paste the triangular sticker on the glowing LED, and the character on the sticker will glow from the LED underneath which not only makes it look dope but will also make your controller stand out from the rest. What makes this a go-to-deal is it comes under $10 price tag and for that money, you will be getting 30 stickers which is just amazing.  

  1. Vanknight Vinyl Decal Skin Stickers

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Vanknight has come up with an absolute awesome PS4 skin in the past, and this one is not an exception. The remarkable thing about this skin is that it comes in a pair of 2 skins which will set you back at under $10. So, you would expect both the skins to be exactly same, but this is where thing start to interesting as both the controllers will have different skins prints making it even more desirable for gamers. Marvel fans, don’t wait long to get your hands on these.

  1. Pandaren PS4 Slim Console and controller skin

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Looking for dope PS4 stickers? The Green Skull will definitely satisfy your need in terms of looks and finishing of the skin. The light green and black colored skin is printed using high-quality materials hence giving the users a scratch free experience. This is not all as you will also get the complimenting green skull skin for your PS4 Slim console as well. The Skull in the middle of the skin will make you and your friends look more than once at your newly transformed PS4 controller.

  1. Pandaren Soft Silicon Skin Cover

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Pandaren soft silicon skin case is a modern approach to the cases and skins for PS4 controllers as it doesn’t cover the whole controller but the base and the sides of it as it exposes the area where all the buttons are located. This means that you will not feel weird in terms of the feel of the controller compared to a silicon or rubber case which would also cover the button area and make the feel and click of the buttons a bit different. Available under 10 dollars makes it the real deal.

PS4 Controller Skins Under $15

  1. CHINFAI PS4 Controller Skin Protective Case

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Looks epic, doesn’t it? Well, if you are looking for cool PS4 controller skins this would probably satisfy your hunger for one. It comes with an amazing fit; the fit is so perfect that you would be questioning yourself if Sony manufactured this product for the PS4 controllers. The area surrounding the buttons is the only area that is exposed here which is not a complaint in any way as it makes the movement between the buttons so easy. If you are worried about the joystick pad getting worn out by time, then this will put a smile on your face as CHINFAI also includes the joystick pads for better handling and increasing the life of them. Available at just over $10, this thing right here is a ‘must have’ skin. If not, then the next skin will definitely catch your attention if your budget is above 10 dollars.

  1. Mudder 4 Colors Silicone Skin Protector Cover Case

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Priced at just over 10 dollars, Mudder has come up with the great case in terms of quality and design. If you are looking for more than 2 awesome PS4 skins, then this will be the product you will stop at. In the cost you pay, Mudder will give you four silicon covers for your PS4 controllers with different colors like red black, white and blue. Not only this, but they will also give thumb pads of each color so that you can match these with your cases.

  1. Skinit Superman Themed Skin

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Skinit is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to skins, and the Superman skin for the PS4 controller looks absolutely outrageous. The skin is perfectly tailored for a PS4 controller giving it a unique look with a flying Superman on it.

  1. LZETC Silicon Military Print Skin Case

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Who doesn’t love military prints? LZETC has really done an excellent job in providing these high-quality military prints onto the silicon cases. Available at around 12-13 Dollars mark, these definitely ensure a great look for your PS4 controller. As a cherry on the top, LZETC also provides thumb grips for better grip over the joysticks and 4 cases in every order, each of different color.

  1. Red Carbon Fibre Skin

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The red carbon fiber will give you unique texture that you can find in no other skin, and it will fit perfectly onto your gaming controller. The remarkable thing about this is the attention to detail as dBrand also provide a circular skin just to cover the joystick which is insane. Along with two skins, you will also get the skin to wrap your PS4 as well.

PS4 Controller Skins Over $15

  1. YTTL Woodgrain Controller Shell

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YTTL’s wooden shell looks classy and epic at the same time. It is a hard shell which not only promises protection but also great in hand feel as well. The case comes with wooden buttons to make it even better looking, and the only black thing popping out from the shell are the joystick handles which can also be changed as they throw in 2 black joysticks in the package as well.

  1. Pandaren Studded Anti-Slip Silicone Cover Skin

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It looks like Pandaren has got all price ranges covered in their product catalog. This silicon skin case is a textured high-quality case or skin for a PS4 controller which offers scratch resistance to the controller as well. It even comes with different sizes of joystick thumb grips to offer a different level of feedback to the hardcore gamers. Available at just over $15 mark, this one promises to give you the best in hand feel that you can imagine.

  1. Pokémon Graphic Front Shell

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Since the world is taken over by Pokémon lovers, why shouldn’t we get similarly themed skin or shell for our PS4 controller? Well, this one offers definitely the best feel and fit when it comes to shells. This Pokémon-themed shell is available at just over $22 and may sound expensive, but the built and finish of the product offers an enjoyable experience with the controllers.

Over to You

These are the handpicked PS4 controller skins that you must try out if you are die hard gamer. I hope you are going to get a few of them for your Controller. Enjoy!

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    Happy to read your amazing post. PS4 is the ultimate gaming machine for every games lover. Playing games in PS4 gives the real experience of world of gaming. Many people wants to customize their lovely gadgets to look funny and attractive.

    Here, you listed amazing 15 PS4 controller skins. I like the Pokemon graphic front shell skin most. It very nice and attractive look.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Praveen verma

  • An awesome blog post for gamer like me.
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  • These are awesome!

    My top picks are…

    The sticker that you stick to the LED light, pretty minimal but it looks badass.

    The military camouflage is perfect when playing military FPS games.

    The anti-slip is perfect for someone with sweaty hands that one is my favorite in terms of practicality.

    But the best aesthetics for me is the wooden skin. A Wooden skin on modern day devices make’s it look very natural and refreshing.

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