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10 Anime Like Psychic Princess – 2024

Psychic Princess, also called Tong Ling Fei is an anime that has caused quite an uproar in recent times. Readers have liked it to a great extent and that’s why many of them, right after completing the series, go on to search about other anime like Psychic Princess. Let us see first why there is such hype around the series. 

The story of Psychic Princess is about Qian Yunxi, who is a young lady. She was sent to live in the mountains when she was only eight because she was in possession of “strange abilities.” To counter this, her noble family decided to marry her off to a prince, who is an enemy of the family, Ye Youming, to restore peace and harmony among the sides. Although the marriage was originally supposed to take place between her sister and the prince. 

Ye Youming did not care much about the princess and also suspected that she was a spy. He sent her away to a haunted house. However, having “strange abilities” meant that Qian Yunxi was a psychic. This is when the story starts unfolding, for the better or worse. We will see how the princess saves herself and faces everything that is thrown at her. 

Now if this is your favourite genre, then there are quite a few more anime that you would definitely like. Let us see which one sounds good enough for you.

Anime like Psychic Princess

Whether in terms of the plot, the characters or the general vibe, this anime is your answer to anime similar to Psychic Princess. We are all waiting eagerly for the second season of the psychic princess, although there has been no announcement. The lack of announcement has led us to suggest something that can take its place. 

The Recollection of Chang’An / The Memory of Chang’An

The Memories of ChangAn or also known as The Recollection of ChangAn is a 2020 Chinese anime. It is based on a popular manhua Wang Ye Buyao E which is also known as Please, Prince Don’t Do This. We assure the anime fans that they will find a lot of similarities between this and the anime psychic princess so we start the list of anime like Psychic Princess. 

The story is about a princess and a prince who married each other. The similarity is not only in their royal status but also due to the fact that the marriage was an arrangement made by their parents. They thought that the marriage would help in securing the future of both kingdoms. However, what happens before marriage is something very unexpected.  The life of the princess at the imperial court will come as a surprise. Just as she was settling and making herself accustomed to her circumstances, she and her family faced challenges.

The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife

Psychic Princess and The Demonic King Who Chases His Wife are two Chinese anime which have to be talked about at the same time. Both the anime were aired at almost the same time and there are similarities that even surpass this. This is another anime similar to psychic princess.

The Demonic King Who Chases HisWife (Xie Wang Zhui Qi) is what you call an isekai anime. The plot is such that it is the story of the most famous assassin in the modern world. The assassin was betrayed by her lover and then tragically dumped in the sea. But she did not die. instead of dying, something magical happened to her. She woke up and then found that she was reincarnated into a different world. In this new world, she is the daughter of an official who is apparently very in vain. 

As the story goes on, she catches the attention of the almighty male protagonist. We think you now know why we said you would definitely like this. Just like the psychic princess from Tong Ling Fei, the protagonist we have here is not a damsel in distress. She is a modern woman in a historical fantasy world.

Bai Yao Pu: The Manual of Hundred Demons

This anime is also known as Hundred Demon Spectrum or Fairy Album. Bai Yao Pu would sure remind you of Psychic Princess a lot. Here the similarities lie in the protagonist. Both the main characters have a strong and independent personality. They are both equally full of sense of humour and a purpose.

In Bai Yao Pu’s, the main character Tao Yao is known as the Divine Doctor so she has special abilities like our princess from psychic princess too. Just like her, she was also able to see supernatural creatures and command them as she wanted. So if you were more interested in the supernatural side of Psychic Princess, this is definitely the anime like tong ling fei that you have been searching for.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War 

Psychic Princess has several cute and romantic moments that will make you clutch at your heart despite the fact that the two main characters were mortal enemies. For a majority of the fans it was this enemies to lovers trope that caught their attention and they kept watching the anime for this.

If such is the case, that is, you are trying to find that romantic aspect of Psychic Princess in another anime, then Kaguya-sama: Love is War will not disappoint you. We have the two main characters Shinomiya and Shirogane. We see them trading on an electric fence whenever they are around each other.  

The spirit of the competitiveness they share will be just overwhelming. So here also we find two characters, apparently at each other’s throats, develop a romantic relationship. Thus it is an anime like tong ling fei  and we are sure you’ll equally enjoy it.


Another anime like psychic princess Spiritpact. Again we have an anime which features enemies turned into lovers. There exists a rough relationship between the main characters. Then as the story unfolds, they finally catch feelings for each other and ultimately fall in love with each other. 

Furthermore, they also deal with supernatural stuff – ghosts, shamans, and more. So we see that it also brings the supernatural aspect of a psychic princess with it. But one thing, it is not a heterosexual love story. It is one of the gay anime in the chinese cultute which makes it stand out. 

The thing about spiritpact that is so great is that it is about an exorcist, who is also an heir of the family, which is another step towards the psychic princess. So from the beginning, it is based on the supernatural and when the main character meets his love interest, begins the journey, for most of which, the audience is left wondering what is going to happen next. 

No Doubt In Us

This Chinese anime is presented by Paper Plane Animation. It is based on a popular manhua and is an anime like tong ling fei.  We can surely say that if you go and read its plot, Psychic Princess is the first thing that will come to your mind. Yes, the similarities are that obvious. However, No Doubt In Us anime is unique. It offers a plot twist of its own that will leave you bewildered. 

The story is bound to get the interest of many of the shoujo fans that the. It is about an Emperor and his Empress. At first, they don’t get along with each other at all. But, like most stories of this genre, there happens to be one fateful incident. It changes their lives and puts them in a totally different atmosphere of bloody warfare and turmoil. 

This story is totally different than what you would expect an anime to offer. The emperor and the empress don’t go through the normal stages of a regular love story. They learn a lot about each other, the troubles and the ups and the downs, from the perspective of the other. This leads to an understanding between them like no other. 

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Next we will talk about an anime that can easily be claimed as one of the best romance-comedy from the previous decade. Although from the previous decade, don’t even think for a moment that it is going to be a turn off.  Kaichou wa Maid-sama!has as a protagonist, a very charismatic character. The plot, though can be described as cheap and generic, the characters sure make up for it. 

Now we come to it’s similarities with the Psychic Princess. Maid-sama will offer you clever and enjoyable interactions between two main characters. This will make the story intensely entertaining. This anime like Tong Ling Fei  is fun and worth watching. Even if you don’t get into it at first, you are sure to get into it if you just wait. 

The World Is Still Beautiful

You want an anime similar to psychic princess right from the start? Then the World Is Still Beautiful is the one for you. This will feel like it right from the start. The anime first aired in 2014. Even if you want to watch it now, you will still feel the relevance of it.

Just like the Psychic Princess we have here, our princess is being forced to marry a notorious ruthless king in order to save her kingdom from being invaded. Her kingdom is remote and poor compared to that of the famous ruthless king who wanted her as his wife. The next plot twist is the fact that the groom is not only younger than her but is still a minor. 

This is the complication. The way the story unfolds is outstanding and it is always amazing to have a strong woman as the lead who listens to no one but her own, again a modern woman in old age. The romance of this series is that she becomes successful in changing the heart of the ruthless king. 

Adorable Food Goddess 

Here is another anime like Psychic Princess. Adorable Food Goddess will not disappoint you. This anime is set in a historical era too. Again there is a character just like our princess, the main character in this donghua is again a very strong and independent woman. She has a strong dislike towards the main guy. The main guy also happens to like her but does not show it at all. 

Again the similarities lie in both women having very strong personalities and so their character is almost similar to each other. Not only this, the main guy in the two anime is also very similar in their appearance. Overall you will surely get the real taste of Psychic Princess in this.


The Story of Saiunkoku

This anime is about a beautiful young lady. She’s independent and she takes it in her own hand to change her destiny. She resolves to escape from poverty by becoming a royal concubine of the imperial court. She is set with the task of changing the Emperor who’s almost a monk to become a much better leader.

Now arises the difficulty in her task. The emperor doesn’t really have any interest in ruling in a proper way and there is a rumor that he is sweet towards men. This is an amazing romance drama anime. It is there for the Psychic Princess fans to enjoy being so much an anime like tong ling fei.


Anime like tong ling fei is not hard to find. The aesthetic, the main character, the plot – there can be any similarity you want. We have listed ten of them. You can take your pick from here. We have given you a synopsis without spoiling the main fun. Pick one and enjoy!

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