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What is Snapchat? 10 Apps Like Snapchat!

Aha! So you’re a Snapchat addict and are looking for some more fun! Or maybe you got bored of it and decided to give another app a shot! Whatever that reason may be – we all must confess Snapchat has redefined social media through its simply weird features. Let us talk a bit about Snapchat:

What is Snapchat and the evolution of Social Media

The current version of Social Media you see is the result of the evolution of new ideas which changed the way people interact. Every popular social network you see has a unique feature which it pioneered. Perhaps that feature is its key to success.

But first, what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is basically a platform where you can share your snaps, edit the heck out of them through filters and layers and send them to your recipient. It’s a lot more than simple photo sharing. Snapchat makes it way better with its features. There’s support for videos too!

The concept might sound boring, but it’s pure awesomeness when you have a front camera and a dozen friends to interact with on Snapchat.

Those cat-faced photos you send to your friends are destroyed within seconds after they view it. Yes, it’s because of the self-destructive feature that people feel so safe with Snapchat. But what will happen if someone takes a screenshot? (Think, think!)

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Coming to the evolution point, I would strongly recommend you to watch this video:

Friendster was perhaps the first successful social network and was slowly overthrown by MySpace. Then came Facebook, and literally threw everyone else out – we can still see its dominance here. Then came Instagram, which Facebook soon acquired. Now, Snapchat is in the field. Facebook offered $3 billion for acquiring it, but one of Snapchat’s co-owners refused the deal.

Download Snapchat –  Android | iOS

10 Alternatives to Snapchat

snapchat and alternatives

Snapchat is so addictive that you aren’t probably bored with it yet. But still, if you’re looking for some more fun with your smartphone, you might end up hunting for apps like Snapchat. Find your favourite Snapchat alternative here:-

1. Slingshot

Remember I told you about Snapchat’s refusal to Facebook’s $3 billion? Facebook created Slingshot, later on, to compete with Snapchat, but Slingshot didn’t receive the tremendous popularity that Snapchat got.

According to me, Slingshot is the app like Snapchat, despite it’s not so widespread user base. There’s hardly any difference between Slingshot and Snapchat. Like the latter, the former has a photo cum video sharing feature, and the media destroys itself after viewing. There’s a unique “reshoot” feature in Slingshot, which lets you re-take a picture/video in case you weren’t satisfied with it earlier.

Since it’s from the house of Facebook, the interface is pretty clean and sleek. You won’t find inconvenience in using the software. The main disadvantage although is that it is not yet available for Android. It’s exclusive for iOS only.

Download – Android (Not Available) | iOS

2. Wickr

Wickr is one of the usual apps similar to Snapchat, but it guarantees far greater privacy and anonymity. Firstly, Wickr assures you that they won’t introduce ads, ever. Secondly, you are allowed to set a “self-destruct timer” which will destroy your images soon after the deadline. The messages are end-to-end encrypted, and nobody can read them, even the Wickr team. Wickr also assured that your private data, including your location, is safely deleted in a non-traceable manner. Wickr doesn’t store your data – yet alone sell it, so there’s no room for content mining.

Talking about the interface, it seems to be influenced from Instagram. The interface is pretty neat. There are three reactions available for a photo – you can like it, mark it as “awesome” or label it as “poop”. It’s like a Snapchat’s perfect alternative with enhanced privacy features. With Wickr, you can be assured that your private information is non-existent. Wickr is available both for Android and iOS.

Let me say it directly, consider Wickr as one of the best apps similar to Snapchat.

Download – Android | iOS

3. Clipchat

Clipchat is kind of something like Snapchat – even their names sound the same. There are hardly any differences in features. But, unlike Snapchat, the recipient first receives a blurred image. The image is rectified once the user taps on it. Moreover, the default sharing is set to “video” – unlike photos in Snapchat.

The unique feature about Clipchat is that it notifies you even if someone attempts to take a screenshot of your sent image. This ensures enhanced privacy since screenshot is the only way your images can be stored via such apps. However, this feature only works on some devices.

Also, this app is not available in some countries.

Download – Android | iOS

4. Cyber Dust

Cyber Dust is not just meant for sharing photos and videos – rather it’s an all round secure messaging app. If you’re looking for extreme security, Cyber Dust is best amongst apps like Snapchat.

Cyber Dust does to everything what Snapchat does to your photos. Cyber Dust keeps everything on self-destruct mode. The information sent is purely user-to-user. Nothing is stored on the hard drives. Also, the information is not preserved at the other end. Like Clipchat, you are notified if someone tries to take a screenshot of your chat.

To sum up, it’s a highly secure Snapchat Alternative.

DownloadAndroid | iOS

5. Yovo

Yovo has almost the same feature set as that of Snapchat – true that. However, you might find the interface to be a little uglier than it. Snapchat’s yellow color seems to enhance everything, Yovo’s red tone isn’t that appealing.

However, the “D-fence” technology introduced by it makes it exceptional. Yovo doesn’t attempt to protect your photos from screenshots directly; rather its D-fence mechanism blurs the image automatically before the phone snaps the screen out. This ultimately makes the screenshot useless for the capturer. This feature ensures 100% protection of your images.

Sounds awesome? Yes, it does. Available only on iOS as of now.

Download – Android (Not Available) | iOS

6. Burn Note

The only similarity between Snapchat and Burn Note is that they are private. Burn Note is exclusively made for text messaging. There’s no support for sending media. But still, you can consider it amongst apps like Snapchat.

Burn Note doesn’t offer screenshot protection directly; rather it has an indirect way to do that. The recipient has to tap and hold the message box to view the message – which makes it literally impossible for one person to take a screenshot. It is not 100% secure, but I would appreciate their unique concept.

Download – Android | iOS

7. Slinger

Slinger is exclusively made for videos, I repeat – videos only. There’s nothing much you can do with it, but its simplicity has made it a much sought among other apps out there. It is slowly gaining momentum, and you can use it along with Snapchat for now. It’s fast and fun. Take it as something unique amongst apps similar to Snapchat.

Download – Android (Not Available) | iOS.

8. Strings

There is nothing special with Strings. Almost entirely similar to the Snapchat concept. Download the app, add your friends and family and you’re good to go. Your privacy will be maintained for sure. Available exclusively for iOS.

Download – Android (Not Available) | iOS. [update: We found that the app iOS link is not working, seems they have either removed it from iTunes or it may have some issues. ]

9. TigerText

TigerText is highly targeted for enterprise people. While there’s no sort of self-destruct functionality, it’s pretty strong when it comes to encryption. Your messages are encrypted end-to-end, and you are allowed to choose whether to keep or discard them.

DownloadAndroid | iOS

10. Silent Text

Silent Text is a part of Silent Power Communication Suite, which comes at a nominal fee. You can set an expiration time for your messages, and you can even delete them manually from both sender and receiver’s message boxes. That is what you are paying for in the app!

It is the only paid app in the list of apps like Snapchat, but the payment is worth it!

Download – Android | iOS

Final Verdict

What do you think about these Snapchat alternatives? I hope you liked them! Let me know your views in the comments section below!

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  • Interesting list of snapchat-like apps! Once you get the hang of it, Snapchat can be a useful tool to send self-destructing photos, videos, and messages to your friends, as well as quickly video-chat with them. That said, Snapchat was built with a simple vision and the app needs to be careful as it keeps adding new features. They don’t want to make it so complicated that people won’t want to use it any more.

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