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10 Apps Like Spotify You Should Give a Shot

Spotify is the God of music apps! I mean – you’re gaining access to unlimited songs over a variety of artists for free! Besides, it works seamlessly with almost every smartphone and tablet. What else do you need in a music app?

Besides, there are a lot of other features to quench your music thirst. Firstly, with Spotify, quality music is guaranteed. Besides, it works on PCs and TVs as well! Lastly, there’s an offline mode too which saves your music for streaming offline.

In short, Spotify is that complete package you’re looking for! But, the other side of the coin might not sound very appetizing to you. Spotify might not run properly on your device – it is pointless to make it your musical friend then. Besides, Spotify is not available for every country. They have plans to expand, though, and they might surely be moving at a rapid pace. But if Spotify isn’t available in your country yet, all you can do is – find out something else.

This article is a comprehensive list of apps like Spotify. Take a look at each one of them and decide which one is the best for you!

10 Apps Like Spotify (1)

10 Apps Like Spotify

I won’t waste any more of your time.

Here are the 10 best music apps like Spotify:

1. Pandora Radio

If Spotify is the king of music apps, then Pandora is the prince. Pandora literally has all the features you would expect in a music app, and it also includes all the features of Spotify. You can find music from various albums, artists, genres, etc.

An interesting feature of Pandora radio is that you can create your own personalized radio stations and add music of your choice to them. This ensures a steady supply of music to your ears. The stations can also be saved for future reference.

In short, Pandora is the leader in the list of free apps like Spotify.

Download – Android, iOS

2. Google Play Music

Oh gosh! It’s already present in my Android smartphone, and I never gave a damn about it. What’s so new in it? – Google Play Music, though a system app, is one of the most underestimated music apps out there.

There’s full command over your music. You can play anything from your memory, or you can even buy music from within the app itself. You will never be in scarce of music with it. There’s an option of creating stations too, but that comes with a price tag of 15 USD a month. You can give it a shot once.

Download – Android, iOS

3. Last.fm

Last.fm is basically meant for PCs, but it’s available for Android as well as iOS. Last.fm is renowned for its good quality music. You won’t ever have to compromise a bit with the music quality ever. But, there’s no option to create music station or playlist. Instead, it is based on an entirely different system.

You’re allowed to like or dislike music – and Last.fm uses this data to showcase music suggestions to you.Last.fm notes which artist and genre you prefer and displays data accordingly. You will definitely love it if you’re a music explorer, not if you have a fixed set of music. It competes fairly well in the list of apps like Spotify

Note: Last.fm is known as Scrobbler in Apple iTunes.

Download – Android, iOS

4. Deezer

Brace yourselves,

Deezer is a cutting-edge competitor that can tremble the entire list of music apps like Spotify. The best part of Deezer is that it supports more than 100 countries. So in case, Spotify didn’t work for you because of this reason, do consider giving Deezer a try. It has all the features you will need – find songs from various artists and genres and create playlists according to your preferences. As an added advantage, you’re allowed to view the lyrics of the song too!

You can get additional features, and high quality 320 kbps music by paying a subscription fee. There are two types of subscription plans, and you can opt for whichever you like – but I believe the free version would suffice for most of the people.

Download – Android, iOS

5. Stereomood

Stereomood takes a slightly different approach than other apps out there. You tell it about your feeling, and it gets some music for you. For example, if you say, “I am happy,” Stereomood celebrates with you by picking out some happy songs for you.

There’s hardly anything you can do on the customization part – it’s meant to be a fun, free app. It used to be available on Android and iOS once, but it isn’t as of now. Thus, you can use it only if you’re a PC user.

In other words, Stereomood is perhaps the most unique one in the list of free apps like Spotify.

Open – Stereomood Web Page

6. SoundCloud

Now that’s what I call a beast! SoundCloud is the ultimate storehouse of music, an app which can make all other apps like Spotify run for their money. Be it top notch bands or upcoming stars, SoundCloud has covered them all. The features too are great – everything you’d expect, an additional feature being that you can access SoundCloud music controller from the lock screen itself.

The free version would mostly suffice, but you can consider switching to SoundCloud Pro if you like. The premium version removes the ad, exposes you to more music and lets you download music and carry it offline.

Download – Android, iOS

7. Tidal

Once again, Tidal is a music app that has all the features we have seen above.

Tidal was made with a purpose to give more money to the artists themselves rather than the album makers and distributors. The concept seems to have worked out perfectly – the app is pretty neat, and you will enjoy a decent user experience. However, the disadvantage is that there are no free options out there. You can still take a trial if you want to, though.

Download – Android, iOS

8. Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple’s official response to Spotify. Apple Music has gone a great way in competing with the latter. Both the rivals have faced stiff competition from each other. Apple Music comes with pretty decent features. You get the awesome “Apple experience” you would expect here.

The plans start from as low as $10 per month. Family-wide plans are available as well. There’s a three-month free trial also!

Download – Android, iOS (Pre-installed if you have the latest iOS version)

9. iTunes

If Apple Music got a position, why not iTunes? Well, iTunes is not basically a music app – its way more than that. iTunes works on the simple rule – buy and download, as simple as that. There are no subscription fees. After downloading, you can transfer the music directly to another device. You will enjoy using iTunes, for sure.

Download – Android (Not Available), iOS (Do you even need to download it?)

10. PlaYo

Yo Yo! It’s PlaYo. I personally like the PlaYo user interface; it is blue and white in color. There’s the same old bunch of features again (I am tired of mentioning this now :p), a new feature being that you can create an account to sync your playlists at various devices.

Download – Android, iOS


Thank you, my friend, for coming till the end of the list. You’re simply awesome.

If you liked my list of free apps like Spotify, do consider sharing this article or leaving a comment below!

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  • Hi Atsih
    Living as an android user from a long time but never heard some of the music apps that you have listed in this article.
    I am a music lover so definitely going to test all of them and lets find a rocking one.
    Thanks for the options

    • Hello Riju,

      Glad to know that you are going test out all of these apps. Even I am a big music lover! Thanks for coming by. Cheers.

    • Hello Chiranjit,

      Thanks for coming by. Try Gaana.com’s app as it has regional language songs on its lists as well.

  • Hi Atish,

    I use Itunes and Google music to listen to music and I heard about Pandora and Sound Cloud but never heard about the music services you mentioned in this article, I will definitely try those services.

    Thanks for sharing information about these music services.

    • Hello Siddaiah,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Happy that you got to know many new apps for music. Enjoy music!

  • Thanks for sharing really awesome apps like spotify. I would like to download some apps listed above.

  • I am a really big fan of soundcloud. Lots of great artists post music there. I just love it.

  • Hi Atish,
    Some of the apps you mentioned like the iTunes, Google Music and Last.fm ar very common and I have used it plenty of times. Other apps you have mentioned are completely new to me and I surely look forward to suing them to see if it provides better songs variety.

    I do like all the top 10 list of apps posting you are doing. Do keep up the good work.

    • Hi Marzan,

      Nice to know that you have used many of them, and a few you have find as new. Hope you will enjoy using those new ones too.

      Thank you very much for coming by.

  • Hi,
    All the listed apps are really good. I have used Pandora and it’s really good.
    Thanks for the other good apps.

  • Hi Atish,
    It was really a good post, nice collection of apps, i was using soundcloud for long time , its really awesome, now i make a try on the apps mentioned. You really make our work easy atish, keep going

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