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Who is Eri from My Hero Academia?

If you have watched My Hero Academia, you will certainly remember the cute little girl rescued from Kai Chisaki’s operation to manufacture a Quirk-Destroying Drug.

Eri is a little girl with the Quirk to rewind and reverse the state of living things.

Eri also has in possession one of the most powerful quirks – Rewind. Her Quirk allows her to reverse a living being back, from making them younger to completely ceasing their existence ie. before they were even born. It does not work on non-living things, but anything that breathes can succumb to this power.

My Hero Academia has secured a place among superhero manga and anime fans. In a world where not having a superpower is unusual and even unfortunate, My Hero Academia gives us an array of superpowers (known as Quirks) from something as silly and funny as popping off grapes that grow on the head to something as deadly and lethal as Eri’s above-mentioned quirk. From mighty kind-hearted superheroes to evil but also immensely powerful supervillains, My Hero Academia has it all for the geek in you.

Eri from My Hero Academia

Eri could be described as a little girl with pale blue – off white long hair, wide innocent red eyes and a peculiar little spiral horn poking through her forehead from the upper right side. The physical size of this horn can determine the magnitude of power at her disposal at any given time. The bigger the horn, the deadlier. She can also be seen covered in bandages from all the experiments Kai has been performing on her.

How Old is Eri?

One might wonder, how a child possessing a quirk that lethal controls it or even survives with it. The juxtaposition of Eri’s lovable and innocent personality and the deadly power that she possesses is quite interesting. Eri is only six when she first appears on the show (Episode 66), while in the manga, she first appeared in Chapter 128. It is also known that Eri’s birthday is on December 21. Since My Hero Academia does not follow the real-world calendar, the exact year is unknown. 

Eri’s Background

Eri is the granddaughter of the boss of criminal yakuza Shie Hassaikai through her mother. Eri has a horn on her head that is the source of her power. At a young age, with her newly acquired quirk, Eri accidentally used it on her father made him disappear. This led to her own mother abandoning her and giving her up to her father. Shie Hassaikai leaves her to his protege, Kai Chisaki’s care to test her and identify her quirk, and sympathize with her since they seemed to have similar quirks. Both Hassaikai and Chisaki assumed Eri’s quirk to vanish. After her grandfather fell ill, Chisaki took over the organization and started experimenting on Eri, later on, which he found that her blood had properties that could inhibit someone’s quirk. Chisaki collected her blood and injected them into bullets that would be known as the Quirk-Destroying Drug and sold them to villains of the underworld.

Eri’s Fate

One could easily claim Eri’s character to be the most tragic one. Completely unlike any child her age, Eri is cloistered and timid. Being secluded from everyone and being tested upon constantly like a lab rat, Eri had come to accept her fate as a prisoner. Chisaki, in spite of Eri’s pain and resistance, did not stop. Eri had become a fearful child completely unknown to kindness of any sort. Kai has, ever since she was his captive, brainwashed her into believing that her quirk was only destructive and that she would bring ruin upon anyone near her. This manipulation shows itself when Eri is willing to stick with Kai in order to protect those who try and help her. As a result, Eri feels a great and terrible sense of remorse, and she does not want anyone to perish as a result of her actions.

Post Rescue Life

Even after her rescue and a couple of days of hospitalization, Eri was still psychologically unstable from all the trauma. Having never experienced happiness, Eri couldn’t smile initially. This changed, owing to the events of the U.A. School Festival, whereby Eri smiled and voiced her delight for the first time. After this occurrence, Eri became more joyful in the company of her friends and gradually adjusted to her new life at U.A. Eri’s horn, which had earlier subsided, started growing again and she was thus transferred to the faculty dorm where she was supervised by Shota Aizawa who would help her gain control over her quirk by first practicing on insects and bugs. 

Burdened by one of the most baffling and lethal quirks, it can be observed even later that Eri still feels guilty about the destruction her quirk renders and that she is better off without it, to which Izuku assures her that they were able to rescue her and defeat Kai because of her quirk and that she in fact saved them. Izuku also further explains to her how power is all about how it is used, comparing it to a knife that seems dangerous initially but can make all kinds of food if used the right way. Eri takes Izuku’s words of encouragement to heart and implements it in her approach towards life. She is more positive and optimistic.

What Does the Future Hold for Eri?

Eri’s quirk definitely raises a few questions like whether she can heal herself by using her quirk upon herself and whether she can bring back the quirks of those who had lost it by yet again rewinding it. Eri is still a child and has just realized what she is really capable of. As she grows and learns more about her quirk, it is undebatable that she could be one of the most powerful characters. Eri also can be seen leading a tranquil life surrounded by people who love and support her, while also focusing on herself and her quirk.

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