ZenFotomatic – Removing Background from Images in a Click

Image editing is one of the primary tasks when you run an e-commerce website where you sell products because you cannot simply put bad looking product images on the site as they may not be able to attract more eyeballs. Therefore, editing each image is important to make them sellable. Especially removing backgrounds of images can be a seriously tedious task if you don’t know Photoshop or similar editing tools. Moreover, even if you know how to do it using Photoshop, it is a time-consuming process depending upon the image background. That is the reason; you need a tool that does the editing as well as removing backgrounds quickly as you may have to do it for hundreds or thousands of images.

If you are an online seller or merchant, you must have faced the issue of how to take photos that sell! Ever wondered what makes the photos that sell special from those that don’t? According to the results by AB testing tools, almost all of the products that are sold online have a pure white background which makes it easy to look at. This small and insignificant thing makes a HUGE difference in the revenues of any company as it makes the product SELLABLE (the conversion rate comes out to be 148%)! Then one would obviously ask how the e-commerce business giants around the globe do these things? Of course, some of them simply outsource that task to professional photo editing studios which charge oodles of money and cost a great deal of time, but for the smarter ones who need to get it done quickly and /or have a limited budget, there is one and only one solution in the market – ZenFotomatic.

Crop-remove background-zenfotomatic

A one-click solution?

ZenFotomatic – is an online cloud-based photo editing software that with just one click (Yes! you heard that right) processes your photos and makes them sellable! In one click, ZenFotomatic not just removes the background but also auto centers, rotates the object, does the padding (you can specify how much of that you want in the settings), and a lot more smaller editing details which your photos need for setting them up at e-tailing shops, which concisely fits the workflow of most of the sellers & merchants. All this and it costs just a minuscule amount of the time and money that would have incurred had the task been outsourced. lt is one of THE revolutionary technologies that will change the face of product photography forever as they remove the background in the blink of an eye!

ZenFotomatic is usually used as a B2B solution service by e-commerce businesses, merchants and similar platforms which mainly use it for bulk editing of a large volume of their hundreds of thousands of photos. Its clients include e-retailing giants like ZOZOUSED (Japan), Ocado (UK), Monotaro Indonesia (Indonesia) and has partnerships with Rakuten (Japan) to name a few; it has a user base in more than 95 countries worldwide.

What does it offer?

And that’s not all!

What is offered is unparalleled anywhere in the market:

  1. Once you buy the Foto Pack, there is NO EXPIRY for the usage of service so that you can use it up to your convenience.
  2. You only have to pay for the download cost of the processed (edited) photos, which means you can process and review as many photos as you want before you download them.
  3. And the whole process happens at unmatched speed!


What the e-commerce merchants say about it


Crown Jewel Co. Ltd. (

“At our in-house studio, we process over 1,000,000 photos every month to display on our website. Without ZenFotomatic, this would not have been humanly possible.”

Diamond Head Co. Ltd. (

“Combining our own retouching software to process product imagery for UNITED ARROWS and GILT, with ZenFotomatic we were able to dramatically reduce our time and cost.

Studio Alice Co. Ltd. (

“We provide our customers with a web catalog of what clothing and accessories we have to offer, as well as sample photos of past photo shoots with our clients. Thanks to ZenFotomatic, we at Studio Alice are now able to organize and present our database of products efficiently and professionally to our customers.

The inspiration behind

The concept of this background remover was envisioned by Daisuke Miura and Blain Hosford who happen to be the co-founders.

“Previously a guitar lecturer at Yamaha