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What Does YK Mean On Snapchat?

The short-form writing style in texting and chatting on social media is now developed into a whole new massive library of vocabulary. Netizens have named it Internet Slang. And I realized a few days back, that I am not at all good when it comes to testing my knowledge of ‘Internet Slang‘. And I think there will be many more like me. 

What Does YK Mean On Snapchat

Last weekend, I was just checking new Snaps and updates on my Snapchat account and I feel there is a lot of new slang added. Although I am not a frequent user of Snapchat and Instagram social spaces, I make sure to check the latest updates on my account, twice a week. Well, I have decided to learn this emerging and trending internet slang, after all this is the future of social networking and I am starting with understanding what does YK mean?

Like we all do, I also reached out to Google for help but excessive information leads me nowhere. There are hundreds of websites that can tell you what does YK mean in Texting but many of them are contradictory in opinion. So, to get away from all ambiguity and to get the spot-on meaning of YK, I also talked to some of my friends who are social media freaks and as a result, I eventually understood what does YK mean on social media. Through this post, I want more people like me to know about it and enjoy using social media more.

What Does YK Mean On Social Media?

Depending on the context of the conversation, there are two different meanings of YK. Sometimes YK means You Know while sometimes it is also meant as You’re Kidding. I will tell you the correct usage of both of these YK meanings in this article. I personally recommend using this internet lingo so that you will be able to use it like a pro on Snapchat.

People, especially teens and youngsters, have adopted Snapchat very quickly. The reason is the funny and funky filters, lenses, Snap stories, and all the fun features to engage you for hours. Most of the abbreviated Chat language comes from Snapchat only. The abbreviation is fun to use and it saves time also. An abbreviated word form is a savior when the number of word limits is very short. 

YK – Meaning, Usage, And Examples

As I already explained, there are two popular meanings of YK. Let us discuss their meaning and usage along with examples one by one.

YK Meaning

You Know is the most commonly used YK Meaning. Typically, Snapchatters make use of the abbreviation YK at the end of the sentence. Mostly it is used to confirm the statement, or to ask questions. This is why YK can also be taken as a question tag. For this reason, you can add a question mark after it. 

Another meaning of YK is ‘You’re Kidding‘. It is a tricky word that refuses the previous statement or a sentence. It is used at the end of a sentence or in a reply to any text message. Also in some cases, it is used as a reply to an unbelievable statement or fact. To express surprise and disgust also, YK as ‘You’re Kidding’ is used in response to a certain text. In this case, it is used as a declarative sentence. So, you can add an exclamation mark after it. 

YK Examples

To better understand what does YK mean in chat on Snapchat, here I’m illustrating some examples. These examples will definitely help you and make your chatting experience better and fun than before.

YK Example 01

In this example, YK is used as You’re Kidding. Here there are two friends who are talking about a third friend. Let us see:

Henry: Hey John! Do you know that Spencer has won a lottery worth 1 Million Dollar.

John: YK

Henry: Not at all, I myself have seen his number in the winners’ list.

John: That’s great! I should congratulate him. Thanks for telling this to me.

This example perfectly helps you in understanding what does YK mean in chat. In the above-illustrated example, John replied to Henry YK, which means You’re Kidding. He is unable to believe that Spencer has won such a huge lottery amount. He is surprised by the news and thus he replies to Henry that you are kidding, this can’t be true. 

YK Example 02

In this example, YK is used as You Know. You will read conversations between two friends and check out what does YK mean in Texting

Greg: Alice wants me to pick her up for the party. I’m very busy this evening but I can’t refuse, YK!

Thomas: Yeah! I know you have no choice because Alice is your girlfriend.

In the above-illustrated example, Greg explained his dilemma to his friend, Thomas, writing YK. Because Thomas already knows the fact that Alice is their girlfriend of Greg. If you have noticed, here Greg saves the time and effort that he would have had to spend telling Thomas that Alice is his girlfriend and that he can’t say NO to her. So, writing YK at times saves your time too.

YK Usage

YK is best-used situations when you have to express surprise, confirmation, and ask questions. It is usually used at the end of the sentence. Instead of writing Right? or Understand? for confirming the sentence at the end of which you are writing them, YK is the easy and short replacement.

Just like we use while speaking, YK in texting is also used for taking a pause. If someone writes YK and then writes nothing, it indicates that the person is taking a pause. He wants to write something which he is either feeling embarrassed to write or is trying to emphasize the sentence already written. 

Words like What?, Really?, or Seriously?, which are used for expressing surprise at the end of the sentence or statement, Can also be replaced by YK. Said words can’t be used in the short form, so I think YK is the shortest way of expressing surprise, joke, or affirmation to any statement, information, or fact as compared to other similar words.

YK Meaning Other Than Social Media

Now you know what does YK mean on social media. But there are several other meanings of YK which are not in context with the trendy social media lingo. However, these YK abbreviations can be used on social media also but it doesn’t mean what I explained above.

YK Stands For Osiris Jahkail Williams

Osiris Jahkail Williams is a renowned American songwriter, singer, and rapper from Jacksonville, Florida. His professional stage name is YK Osiris. According to him, YK means Young King.

YK My Body

YK My Body meaning is a song by Swave which was released in 2020. This song is Hip Hop genre and is quite popular among young lads and gals.


I am sure you have learned what does YK mean? And will going to be used this newly learned internet lingo in your conversations with friends and family on Snapchat. YK is the short and simple way of saying ‘You Know‘ and expressing surprise or sometimes disgust exclamation ‘You’re Kidding’. It is generally used at the end of the sentence. Both words are often used by us while texting and chatting on social media and hence it is quick and time-saving to just write YK instead of the entire phrase.

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