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200+ Cool, Funny, and Funky BeReal Username Ideas in 2024

Have you just got to know about the BeReal app, and signed up for it? And, looking for some cool ideas for choosing a username for your BeReal account? 

If you are affirmative about these, this article is for you as I am going to list down some of the amazing ideas for BeReal usernames.

Before we go ahead, let’s get to know a bit more about BeReal app because we haven’t covered this app yet on Techtricksworld.

What is BeReal App?

BeReal is a photo-sharing platform made by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau in France in 2020. The term ‘BeReal’ is also considered as ‘Double Entendre’. Double Entendres are terms that are being used in a context but indicate something different, dual-meaning words or words that drive sarcasm. The term ‘BeReal’ is also similar to ‘BReel’ meaning the role that’s not put to use in the final cut of the film. It’s a statement about How nonchalant and unpretentious, caring, and cut-loose a space can be without caring about trends that occupy frontal space in social media.

BeReal is creating buzz for its unique idea of photo sharing where on a particular day you get a timeframe of 2 minutes which you require to submit your photos beyond that you cannot share anything. You can view other photos. The concept of the platform is based on the idea that social media has to be an entertainment source for humans and not a life in itself. Its 2-minute rule keeps everyone safe from falling prey to social media addiction.

Some BeReal Stats

BeReal also got the iPhone app of the year 2022. It shot up during 2022 only. When it rose at that time the app had roughly 10 million daily users with 21 million active monthly users. As of this year in February, they have 13 million daily users and 41 million active monthly users.

Let’s check out some of the best Funniest and coolest username ideas for boys and girls.

Best BeReal Username Ideas
Image by drobotdean on Freepik

BeReal Username Ideas for Boys

Username for Boys on BeReal has to be something that defines them. Now it is true that in this space you need to carve your own individuated role. It’s better to create one that is deeply linked with you and your individuality than someone else. We will look into fantabulous username options that can help you build your own identity and sense of self on BeReal.

Become a Muse (BeReal Username ideas for Boys that Display Lovable)

These are some names that will make you appear romantic and lustrous. Girls like bad boys, is nothing but an old narrative. The new saying is Girls like good boys who can love them with all their wonder. Some Muse options that are perfect for your character

  1. Craftylover
  2. Sinkinglavender
  3. Masculinelovelifeline
  4. WanderlustWarden
  5. DreamyDrogoLover
  6. AureliaFallingMan
  7. WisdomWonderchild
  8. DancingSerenade
  9. LostLovingMan
  10. Robinhoodinlove
  11. DreamyandPerkynights
  12. TheCravingSensation
  13. PerfectPirouette
  14. LovebombVicar
  15. Bombshellboldy
  16. MuscularMasculine
  17. LoveTerrainTraveller
  18. BewlderingBoy
  19. LoveAbacked
  20. AdorableAdonis

BeReal Username Ideas for Boys that Display Strength

To gain traction in social media with certain phenotypes you would require a solid name that can actually make you stand out as an alpha male. Alpha males are not only revered by other guys, admit it or not girls prefer bad boys as opposed to ‘goodies to shoes’ for a fling. It is still true that some girls do prefer Romantic kinds but to get her too long you need to have a bad boy attitude. A brash character of sorts. After going through personal struggles they do marry someone permanently who is good and stable. But to get a lady in her prime years without some game you can’t really do it if you don’t stand out with your masculinity.

  1. Muscleman
  2. VeteranBodyBuilder
  3. RocketGymLauncher
  4. FirmManChest
  5. HunkyHorsemen
  6. GiantGigaChad
  7. Wolfslayer
  8. DemonFighter
  9. FighterInDwell
  10. AndrewTateReimagined
  11. BroadShoulders
  12. RippedMasculine
  13. MaleMercy
  14. IrresistibleSexMachine
  15. IronedHands
  16. MusclePoet
  17. GymArtist
  18. DigitizedExpression
  19. UnrealMusculature
  20. CaringCasanova
  21. HeartthrobHero
  22. KindKing
  23. LovableLad
  24. SweetheartSage
  25. TenderTiger
  26. BelovedBear
  27. CaringCasanova
  28. CharmingChap
  29. DarlingDude
  30. EndearingEmperor

Username Ideas for BeReal Profile to Show humor (For Boys)

Another major thing that sells in social media is humor, Girls find humorous guys extremely attractive. Humor eases awkwardness and estrangement, it helps to ease connections and help form more bonded relationships whether friendship even beyond that. Guys want to hang out with someone who can joke. Joking actually lights up the mood in more ways than one. Some of the names that you can take up to form meaningful connections are as follows:

  1. Clown
  2. LaugRioter
  3. Hilarious Hipster
  4. HottiewithHumor
  5. HeavyHappiness
  6. HowzieJoker
  7. EnchantingClown
  8. CreepyLaugher
  9. SatireMan
  10. HumourousHarry
  11. GrinGeorge
  12. FicklesonAusten
  13. FartMachine
  14. RomanLaughMachine
  15. HumourousGladiaor
  16. CrispyDryHumur
  17. HumourinTragedy
  18. Potbelly
  19. EstrangedRabbit
  20. LionwithGiraffeLegs
  21. QuirkyQuipster
  22. SillySultan
  23. SmilingSamurai
  24. WittyWarlock
  25. YuckingYogi
  26. ZanyZookeeper
  27. ChuckleChamp
  28. ComedyCruiser
  29. FunnyFellow
  30. HilariousHunk

Become cool/offbeat/unique (BeReal Username Ideas for Boys)

Another way that you can draw attention is by going unique with your name. Unique names are able to draw enormous attention. A cool person is someone that you like with your deep heart because they are cool. They get ahead in life being pushed along as a breeze. They have fun and do well in exams in equal measure.

  1. Monkey_Dude
  2. Rocky_Garfield
  3. Style_Mania
  4. Triumphant_Tale_Teller
  5. Rocky-Raven-Mystic.
  6. Kailedoscope_Color_Bearer
  7. Modern_Romi
  8. Poet!! Patriot!!
  9. Asian_Sexbomb
  10. Breeze-Body
  11. Rockstar_Rambo
  12. Poltics_is_fake
  13. Worrisome-Gary
  14. ColdSlam
  15. Literary_Locker
  16. Fire_and_Ash
  17. Hobbyist
  18. MarinerMarvel
  19. Cryptic_Watcher
  20. Rob_is_Rolling

Funny BeReal Username Ideas for Boys

  1. ChucklesCharlie
  2. ComicalCody
  3. LaughingLeo
  4. WittyWyatt
  5. JocularJake
  6. AmusingAaron
  7. HilariousHenry
  8. EntertainingEthan
  9. JestingJared
  10. PunnyParker
  11. SillySeth
  12. HumorousHunter
  13. PlayfulPreston

BeaReal Username Ideas For Girls

Girls tend to have it easier on social media as Girls are still subjugated/oppressed in developing countries. They are not revered to integrate fully and operate like boys before they reach a standard Job-related age. But still, now Girls all around the world are coming out and are trying to assert their choice and also state What makes them different and what kind of partner they prefer in the long run. And also make casual friends on social media.

Girls Username Ideas for BeReal for Being Beautiful

Though girls relatively have it easy that does not mean their choices fall from the sky. They also have to struggle within a limited framework. Some usernames that assert their physical appearance tend to be more appealing to a social media audience for both boys and girls. Quite desirable in BeReal as well.

  1. LadyLove
  2. Rumi’sLostChild
  3. Austen
  4. Witchhuntreess
  5. SexySwift
  6. BeauthwithPride
  7. LifeHealer
  8. Nourisher
  9. CuriousChatty
  10. PristinePriestess
  11. LifeSaverGrace
  12. LisarayDevin
  13. NextYasmin
  14. LadyAusten
  15. GrandchildOfEmma
  16. PowerofChoice
  17. LustyMistress
  18. HeartDiamondQueen
  19. BendyJessica
  20. Inside_The_Void
  21. RadiantRose
  22. StunningSapphire
  23. PrettyPeony
  24. ExquisiteEmber
  25. ElegantElle
  26. EnchantingEve
  27. GracefulGwen
  28. AlluringAmber
  29. SplendidScarlett
  30. LovelyLily

Funny BeReal Username Ideas for Girls

  1. LaughingLena
  2. AmusingAvery
  3. WittyWillow
  4. JollyJenna
  5. CheekyCharlotte
  6. FunnyFrancesca
  7. HilariousHannah
  8. PlayfulPiper
  9. QuirkyQuinn
  10. SillySamantha

Girl Username Ideas for BeReal That Shows Being Strong

If you want to build in a lot of girl followers then project strength. Girls tend to get inspired by their own gender which shows strength and vigor. It also gives you space to break stereotypes associated with female looks among other things.

  1. Catwoman
  2. SuperGirl
  3. LadyWITHMuscles
  4. RockstarRacer
  5. GothGirlie
  6. Punkstar
  7. Rocklina
  8. CindrellaonSteroids
  9. Killing Demons in Wonderland
  10. SleepingBeautywithKnife
  11. StrongGoldDigger
  12. TaraninaTango
  13. BendyBreakDancer
  14. RaphaelGirlie
  15. LadyWarrior
  16. LaxLockoLalitha
  17. BrownBulgingSugar
  18. HeavyShape
  19. Surving_Stars
  20. Peculiar_Naivette
  21. FearlessFemme
  22. StrongSiren
  23. MightyMaid
  24. PowerfulPearl
  25. CourageousCleo
  26. ResilientRaven
  27. WarriorWoman
  28. TenaciousTigress
  29. IronIvy
  30. BoldButterfly

BeReal Username Ideas that Display Being Princess

One strange thing that is still in vogue is the use of Princess names. A princess named does give you an idea about your grace and elegance. Both men’s and women’s peers flood in if they hear princessy names. Maybe the fantasy around it is so much they do not go out of fashion.

  1. Cindrella2.0
  2. AliceinBeReal
  3. RockstarRupanzel
  4. ColorquotientMoana
  5. HappyLeah
  6. JasmineJeremyJones
  7. PriestressofNeverland
  8. PowerfulCindrella
  9. CindrellaReloaded
  10. DuchessDreamer
  11. LightLocii
  12. PrimePantena
  13. SugarWoman
  14. MistressArmageddon
  15. AlwaystheQueen
  16. QueenBeyonceReloaded
  17. CrookedCrickets
  18. LightwormsFirefly
  19. PrincessSabrina
  20. RundownRoxanne
  21. KimKruzack
  22. FatFoxiePaegantress
  23. CurvyCharolette
  24. QueenoftheJungle
  25. BloodlustDominator
  26. SubmersiveQueen
  27. RockyLadybug
  28. PoignantPeach
  29. RustyRoxette
  30. DryDaniel
  31. AwkwardAurielawithTiara
  32. LovingLeela
  33. PoeticPleasure
  34. QueeninVogue
  35. TheLastLadywithbeautifuleyes
  36. PrincessPetal
  37. RegalRose
  38. NobleNymph
  39. MajesticMaiden
  40. ElegantEmpress
  41. CrownedCrystal
  42. GracefulGoddess
  43. QueenlyQuartz
  44. LadyLavender
  45. EnchantedElegance
  46. ImperialIris
  47. SovereignSapphire
  48. RoyalRuby
  49. TiaraTopaz
  50. PrincessPosey


I have mentioned a very pertinent list of possible username ideas that you can use in your BeReal ID, for both boys and girls. I have covered all the bases. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. Select a name that rings true to you.

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