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What Does PC Mean in Text? [Meaning and Usages]

LOL, AKA, BTW, AMA, HAND, L8R…? Do you understand what we are trying to say? Well, this is called the slang language used on the internet and social media. Here LOL is Laugh Out Loud, AKA is Also Known, BTW is, By the way, AMA is Ask me anything, HAND is Have a nice day, L8R is Later

One such social media slang often used on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and similar platforms is ‘PC’. It is therefore imperative that one should know the meanings of this slang for better interaction on social media. Let us learn everything about ‘PC’ used in the text on social media. 

What Does PC Mean In Text?

Social media and the internet have become an all-new different virtual world inside this original world of human beings. A report on Social media usage by a renowned institute reveals that there are all age groups of people active on social media. Social media has special features to offer to business pages as well. This virtual world has its language to communicate, often called slang. These words are usually abbreviated forms to give quick replies while chatting and commenting. The probable reason is to save time and effort. 

Pc stand for ?

Let us find out the answer to the question, what does PC mean in text. Well, ‘PC’ is an online slang that is often used on social media, websites, blogs, and other online spaces. The term ‘PC’ has many different meanings in varied contexts. In terms of the internet and social media including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, ‘PC’ stands for Politically Correct.

PC Stands For Politically Correct

Politically correct is a much wider term than it sounds. To make it very clear, the term Politically Correct has nothing to do with politics. It is a broad term that is not just online slang but also applies to the real world around us. A person is said to be politically correct if he doesn’t harm the feelings of anyone in the society who is not equally treated based on caste or sex or physical or mental disability. A politically correct person always cares about the choice of words so that it won’t hurt anyone. These people are not judgmental, they don’t judge anyone just because he/she belongs to a particular caste or country. They do not offend people with their vocabulary. They are liberal folks of society.

What Does PC Mean On Instagram?

There could hardly be anyone who hasn’t heard about Instagram. Started as just a simple photo-sharing app, Instagram today is a full-fledged social world with personal as well as business marketing space. There are many Instagram slangs people use for having quick conversations. Abbreviations are needed for quick chats.

One such slang which you see on most of the posts on your Instagram feeds is ‘PC’. Many new users are unaware of this slang and wonder what does PC mean on Instagram?

The full form of the PC is ‘Photo Credit‘ or ‘Pic Credit‘. Instagram is one of the most popular social media marketing spaces today. A lot of people make use of Instagram as a digital marketing platform more than a social media handle. Writing an Instagram profile name just after @ is a cool idea to give credits to the one who takes the picture. This will promote the profile of the person who takes the picture. It is likely that Instagram users who visit the original profile and like the picture, also click the profile under ‘Photo Credit’ and follow them also.

‘Photo Credit’ or PC is given at the end of the caption. There could be many instances when it is a good idea to give ‘Photo Credit’. Usually, newlywed couples post photos and videos of their marriage ceremony or pre-wedding shoot on Instagram, so they give ‘Photo Credit’ or PC to the photographer who takes the pictures. People who liked the photo, visit the profile of the photographer also and follow his business profile. In this way, the photographer gets free promotion based on his work done through credit points.

Besides that, anyone can give credit to the person who clicked the picture. Facebook and Instagram provide you to promote any profile whether celebrity or other, using @ and it will be converted into the profile link. The name turns blue and automatically the profile name is converted into a profile link.

What Does PC Mean In Gaming?

There are multiple meanings of a single abbreviation in different contexts. The term PC also has many meanings in the gaming world. To cut it short, we are briefly describing 2 main meanings of the PC in gaming. Have a look.

PC Means – PC Gaming

Video games and PC gaming is popular among all. We all must have played a lot of games on the PC and had a fun memorable time. A PC game is a game that is played on a PC (Personal Computer). These games can be played online as well as offline. There is no need for a console, all the input devices (Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick) of the PC itself become game controllers. Windows Store has a massive collection of PC fun-loving and engaging PC games.

Some PC games need specific prerequisites of computer hardware to play the game at their best. For playing the latest PC games, the sound card, graphic card, operating system, and processors must be powerful enough to run the game effectively. Nowadays PC games can be played on consoles also to experience terrific gaming fun.

PC Means – Player Character

In the world of video games, PC refers to Player Character. The Player character in any role-playing game is a fictional character who is controlled by the real player of the video game rather than by the system commands. On the other hand, there is also a nonplayer character who is controlled by the gaming software itself. The non-player character acts and plays the game as per the preset rules of the game. He is not able to use his conciseness, unlike the Player Character.

Typically, video games have 2 players, one is a player character and another is a non-player character. However, in some multiplayer online games and shooting or fighting games, there could be more than one or multiple player characters. Each character may have various competitive abilities and power to choose from. At a time only one player character can be controlled and chosen.

PC Meaning in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the largest instant messaging Applications, with a payment system now, that has probably the largest number of users. We all make use of WhatsApp for instant photo sharing, sending quick messages, and voice notes. While using the WhatsApp chat feature, you must have come across some abbreviated language that you might not understand. One such short word is PC. PC is often used in context with WhatsApp but a lot of people who are active users of WhatsApp do not know the meaning of it.

The PC meaning in WhatsApp is ‘Private Chat’ or some people also call it ‘Personal Chat‘. This term is often used when a person wants to leave a group chat and continue the discussion on a PC that is Personal Chat. In other words, it means to say that the person wants to chat directly or one on one with the person on the other side. So, next time, when someone texts you, PC, understand it as ‘Personal Chat‘.


Language is the medium of communication that helps you to understand what the next person is conveying or thinking. Out of hundreds and thousands of languages in the world, social media has its vocabulary and terms that every social media user should know. PC is the most common and often used abbreviation across social media platforms including Instagram and WhatsApp. But each platform has a different meaning which needs to be understood. We hope that this article adds up some value to your social media dictionary and helps.

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