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What Does CF Mean On Instagram?

I have been using Instagram since the days when it was just a photo-sharing platform. Now reels and stories have changed the entire scene. Of course, the change is positive and enjoyable but what I found the most tricky thing is learning new Instagram slang words. Every day I open my Instagram account, I see a new slang word floating on my phone screen. If you have recently scrolled down your Instagram wall, you must have seen a never-ending list of slangs. Agree? To help you out, I am here explaining one such super popular slang on Instagram which is CF.

So, In the rest of this article, I will tell you what does CF mean on Instagram along with some relatable CF examples.

What Does CF Mean On Instagram?

As I said, Instagram started as a normal photo-sharing platform but soon it grabs the top position in the list of favorite social handles of users. This is because it always serves the users’ needs and keeps pace with the competitors. Plus it keeps on adding exciting and convenient features for its users. One such amazing feature I personally love is CF.

CF is the short form for “Close Friends“. Close friends is an option facilitated by Instagram where you can make a list or group of close friends. Basically, it is like creating a group of specific people whom you want to share some specific stories with and not with others in your follower’s list. However, Instagram also offers you the feature for creating groups but that is for chatting purposes. Close Friends list is mainly for keeping your Instagram stories secret.

This means that whenever you share stories to close friends, your story will be visible only to your followers who are added to the close friend group. Other followers will not be able to see it. As compared to the WhatsApp status privacy setting, where you can keep selected people away from watching your status update, Instagram’s Close Friends feature is giving you a little extra. Instagram’s Close Friends feature is not just limited to seeing stories but it works effectively while texting and chatting also. 

what does cf means on instagram

How CF (Close Friends) Works?

To make better and full-fledged use of this amazing feature of Instagram, read how it works:

  • You can add or remove people anytime whenever you wish.
  • People will not be notified either way. 
  • Photos and videos which you share in the Close Friends list will get a special label.
  • Other users will see that you are sharing stuff with Close Friends only but they won’t be able to see who is on your list.
  • Stories will remain 24-hour longer just like normal stories. There is no additional time bracket.

CF Examples

Easy and affordable access to the Internet on our handy mobile devices has turned the entire world into a global village and social media has a big hand in mitigating distances. However, things seem a little off-beat when it comes to understanding slang in social spaces. Various online communities have their version of slang and abbreviated language, and for someone who is accessing these social spaces for the first time, things will sound as complex as arranging the cubic square.

So I am here to explain to you with CF examples so as to better understand its usage.

CF Example 01

Imagine you went on a vacation secretly without letting your boss and colleagues know, you may add your followers to the “Close Friends” list. So, when you post exciting and happening pictures of your vacation on your Instagram stories, only your followers in the Close Friends will be able to see it. Since your boss and colleagues are not added there, they will not see it and your secret will remain secret.

CF Example 02

Now Imagine another situation, when your girlfriend wants you to post a loving Instagram story, especially for her. And you really don’t want to show off publicly. So, what you should do is add her to the Close Friends list and post the story. Select the Close Friends only and she will be the only one who will see your story thinking that you really put it on your Insta story. This would be a win-win situation for you.

CF Example 03

If you are into business or selling products online on Instagram, you may add special customers and distributors in the list of Close Friends for posting special discounts, prices, and giveaways. This will not disturb your routine pricing and discounting policy. You would also be able to identify and filter out your regular and repeat customers.

How to Add People to Your Instagram Close Friends List?

Sometimes it happens that you don’t want to say something directly to your friends in the chat box but post a story instead. So, if the story is for someone special, why don’t you add that special one in Close friends? This way only the target person will see your story. And the best part is Instagram will not notify your followers whenever you edit the Close friends list. This means that when you add to or remove someone from a close friends list, that person will not get any information about this. So you stay free from any guilt.  

Here is how you can add someone to your list of close friends on Instagram.

  • Pick the “Close Friends” option then.

  • Select people whom you want to be in your Close Friends list. If you ate clear, when you want to add in, you may directly search the name also.
  • Then tap “Done” and you are ready to share your secrets.

Meanings of CF Other Than Instagram

Other than social media and Instagram, CF can also have many other meanings and full forms. Some of them are eminent while some are lesser known. A lot of Instagrammers are confused while interpreting the meaning of CF, so, I feel the need to mention CF meaning in another context also so as to clear all types of misinterpretation.

Here you may go:

  • In the Medicine & Healthcare sector: CF means “Cystic Fibrosis“. It is a disease that damages the human lungs, digestive system, and other organs of the body.
  • In Mathematics: CF refers to “Cumulative Frequency” which is a term used under statistics.
  • In Latin Language: CF is a short form for the word ‘Confer’ which means Compare“.
  • In computer and data storage: CF means Compact Flash“. It is a removable storage device found in portable electronic devices. Another meaning of CF is “Configuration File”
  • In Finance and taxes: CF means Cash Flow“. Cash flow is a statement that accounts for all the cash transactions in a business. Besides that CF also means “Corporate Finance“.
  • In Telecommunication: CF means “Call Forwarding”.
  • In Climate and Meteorology: CF means “Climate and Forecast“. It also means “Cold Front“.
  • In Ophthalmology, the meaning of CF is understood as “Confrontation Field“, which is a test for examining the eyes and nose.


Instagram is an emerging and loved social media app that is not only used for socialization but as an eCommerce platform as well. The feature of CF is therefore really helpful for all types of users. Moreover, Instagram always prefers its user’s privacy and keeps bringing on exciting features. Close Friends is such an amazing feature that helps you filter the followers you want to show your stories to.

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