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Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone?

Isn’t it an exceptional feeling to sit with a cup of coffee adorned with your favorite music on Spotify? This Swedish app today is probably the best music streaming provider which has almost 172 million active subscribers. One of those few features that make Spotify unique is its option to follow favorite artists to stay tuned to every new album from them. 

But does Spotify notify when you follow someone

This is probably the most searched query on the internet. If you are searching for an answer to the same, look no further. We will answer it accurately in the coming sections.

What Happens When You Follow Someone On Spotify?

Spotify is flooded with lakhs of songs for its users.  It is not easy to access every song instantly.  Evidently, you can search with the song or the artist’s name to find the same. But, the process of the search gets a lot easier by the follow option that Spotify provides. You can have direct access to albums for your favorite artists effortlessly by this option. 

When you follow an artist on Spotify, you basically subscribe to their content. Like other platforms like youtube, Spotify gives notification for every new track or album released by the artists you have subscribed to. This way, you never miss any new updates about your best-loved artist. 

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone?

Now that we know what the follow option in Spotify benefits its users,  does Spotify notify when you follow someone

Most of the users perceive that Spotify notifies for every update regarding the artist. It is true with one exception. Spotify notifies you of all your beloved artist’s updates and new songs, but it doesn’t notify anyone when you follow them. 

Does Spotify Notify When You Follow Someone Through Mail?

Spotify offers all its users to get updates and notifications through the mail. This can be initiated by choosing Push and email notifications active. Here’s how you do it-

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Navigate to the option of ‘Push and email Notification’

Step 3: Toggle, and switch it on if you wish to receive a notification on your Email.

But does Spotify notify when you follow someone through email? 

The notifications that Spotify shares with you through email are similar to that of in-app notifications. For instance, if a new album is released by artists you follow, Spotify sends notifications in application and mail. Since it doesn’t notify when you follow someone, it doesn’t notify the same in mails too. 

Spotify shares mail notifications for secure account activities like new logins, new family, or duo members.

Can You Secretly Follow Someone’s Playlist On Spotify?

Listening to the music without following is evidently anonymous. If you don’t want the artist to see the number of people following the artist, you go through the following simple trick –

Step 1: Go to the playlist which you are considering and click on the three dots under it. 

Step 2; Now, Tap on Share, and then Tap on Copy Playlist link

Step 3: Now, you can copy the link in the Spotify search bar and press enter to open the playlist.

Now playing this appeared playlist shows no information about us to the artist. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spotify notify when you look at someone’s Profile?

Spotify makes notifications for every relevant and useful update to its users. For an ideal artist, the interaction can be enormous. Thousands of people may view their profiles while hundreds of people follow them every day. Thus, Spotify doesn’t notify you when you look at someone’s profile. Neither artist will be given any notification. 

How to follow someone on Spotify?

Following your favorite artist is one of the unique features of Spotify.  Here’s how you can do this effortlessly:

Step 1: Search for the artist and visit their profile

Step 2: You will see a FOLLOW option; click on it and start following them. 

How can you access the music of the artist that you follow?

When you follow your favorite artist, you can easily access their latest albums. For this, 

Step 1: Tap on Home  and select Notifications

Step 2: Now, tap on  Music to access all the latest music from the artists you followed in the last 60 days.


Summing Up

You are here, which means that you have already got your answer for your question- Does Spotify notify when you follow someone?  Spotify gives notifications for all relevant and crucial updates. Thus it doesn’t give any notification when you follow someone, since you may have tapped on follow with consent. While, in the case of the artist, there can be hundreds of new followers added every day, this notification is not provided; rather, the number of followers are changed at regular intervals as they increase.


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