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What Are PopSockets and How to Choose the Best One?


I bet that you have seen this accessory at least once in your life. Someone called them “weird grip discs,” but I prefer PopSocket. They became popular in 2018 and are still commonly used 5+ years later.

It’s useful but a pretty delicate tool. And sometimes, the top part comes apart, so it may look like it’s permanently broken. I asked Howly experts how to fix a spinning PopSocket, and they tell me that you have nothing to worry about: you should just detach a removable part. Then plug it back by squishing the top part back. You can change the top part as often as you want and customize accessorize for your needs. 

So, I have asked them more about how to find the best PopSocket that can serve for years. Here is what they tell me. 

What Is a Pop Socket?

It’s a small tool that gives you an extra grip while you hold the phone. It looks like a plastic circle, which you should attach to your phone or plastic case

But how can it stay so well without falling off? I was curious about this fact. The Howly experts tell me it adheres to the device with special non-toxic glue. It’s really easy to mount it on the phone. 

Peel off the sticker from the bottom part. Stick it to the phone or case. Once you connect the tool, slip your fingers between the device and the end of PopSocket. You will hear a quiet “pop” sound, and the tool extends like a mini-accordion. That’s it! The installation process is done.

Reusability of PopSocket: Change the Design Anytime You Want

As you may notice, most PopSockets come in two parts: an adhesive PopGrip and a removable PopTop. It’s an intentional move that allows you to customize the tool’s design. All you need to do is collapse the PopSocket, press it, and twist it. The PopGrip will remain in place. Take another Top, align it with Grip, and twist the Top to fix it securely. Even PopSocket shops are recommending you this customization.

If you want to remove the tool, make sure it’s flattened. After this, start carefully peeling it up from the case. If you face issues while removing PopSocket, slide a floss or card underneath the PopGrip. It will help to separate the adhesive tape.

You can reapply genuine PopSocket to any other phone up to 3-5 times. Slightly rinse it with warm water, let it dry for 3-5 minutes and reapply it on a new device.

I was curious about this fact, so the first thing I do is test it in real life. It works! I reattached the PopSocket from my iPhone to iPad Mini multiple times. It is still sticky but doesn’t leave any glue marks on the devices.

8 Types of PopSockets: How to Distinguish Them

There are 8 main types of PopSockets, and you can change them any time you want. PopGrip stays the same in every accessory, but PopTop can vary drastically. You don’t even need to substitute the original Grip part — unplug and replace the Top. Take a closer look at this list:

  1. PopSocket Grip Stand: The classic variation gives you extra grip while you hold the device. It is also commonly used as a mini-stand on flat surfaces. You can find thousands of different patterns for this type of accessory.
  2. PopSocket with Mount: Drive safely! Attach this mount to the dashboard and slide PopSocket into it. You don’t need any additional holders.
  3. PopSocket with the Wallet: Place the most commonly used cards inside the wallet pouch and get instant access to them.
  4. Diamond PopSocket: It’s slightly different from the classic version, adding even more grip while you hold the device. Playful diamond-like accents make it fashionable and practical at the same time.
  5. Wood PopSocket: This accessory is pleasant to touch and long-lasting. You can find custom-made PopTop from natural wood, but most often, it’s a fancy print on plastic.
  6. Aluminum PopSocket: The PopTop of this accessory is made of brushed aluminum steel in various colors. It’s a perfect choice for the warm season because cool metal can add some cooling effect. But I do not recommend using it in the winter, because it can get too cold.
  7. Leather PopSocket: It’s a cruelty-free choice because the top part of this accessory is made of vegan leather. It’s soft, pleasant to touch, and perfectly safe to use.
  8. Mini PopSocket (PopMinis): It’s a mini-version of the classic PopSocket and is perfect for kids and people with small hands. You can put several pieces at once, creating a unique pattern. They have the same connections as other PopSockets, so they are interchangeable.

How to Detect a Fake PopSocket?

Every successful tech or accessory eventually becomes so popular that fake sellers sell counterfeits. PopSocket is no exception to this rule. Thousands of sellers pretend to be selling genuine tools. But in reality, they sell fakes of unknown quality.

Check out these 4 useful tips on how to identify them from the crowd:

  • It has a generic adhesive tape at the Grip part. Most counterfeit accessories have a 3M double-sided tape. Also, most fake PopSockets will lose their stickiness after the first use. Genuine PopSocket remains sticky even after 3-4 applications.
  • It doesn’t have a pop noise. Or it can be too loud. Most importantly, it doesn’t sound proper and satisfying. Original PopSocket will make a quiet but pleasant popping noise.
  •  It costs way too cheap. Fake PopSockets will cost you around $2-5, but it won’t last long. Also, they are uncomfortable and often unstick at the worst possible time. Genuine accessories can cost up to $10-17, but they will serve you for years.
  • It doesn’t have the correct labeling. If you own a real PopSocket, you will see the brand name on the Grip part. If there is nothing or some gibberish like “SocketPop” or “POPSocket,” it’s fake.

You can see all differences in the Kimbyrleigha video. After I saw it, I felt a burning desire to test the fake option IRL. It was the worst $5 that I had ever spent. Fake PopSocket has a nasty texture, it constantly peels off from the phone and doesn’t make a cute “Pop!” noise. 

Don’t spend a penny on those counterfeit items. You don’t know what it is made of and how long it will last. It would be better to find the original item, so it will last you years.

Final Thoughts: What Are the Best PopSockets in the Market?

Choose the one that suits your requirements and personal style. Do not chase extra-low prices — they can be counterfeit items. I recommend you test your favorites offline. That’s the only way you can find it if it suits your hand. 

Choose the classic Stand option if you need PopSocket only for extra grip. Select the Mount if you are a car owner. The Wallet option will be perfect for those who often use cards. PopMinis will give you even more customization — you can set them in various combinations. Diamond PopSocket adds even more grip, so a phone won’t slip from your hands. Design options like Aluminium, Wood, and Leather is a bold choice that picks you out from the crowd.

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