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Wearable Technology: The Future is here with Kisai

Just a few years ago, we were not even aware of the fact that there is something like Wearable Technology. However, the word wearable and wearable technology is trending all around the world. We keep on hearing about the latest development made in this field. New wearable gadgets keep on launching and the technology is expanding at a very fast pace.

What is Wearable Technology and what is its use?

Wearable technology is known by many names like wearables, fashionable technology, fashion electronics and wearable devices. In most simple terms, it is a gadget which can be worn on the body.

Even I was confused by this definition as headphones and digital watches are also gadgets and are worn on the body but, does that means they are also wearables. Well, theoretically they are wearables but, technically they are not.  After a deep research, I came to the conclusion that wearables are actually gadgets which can be worn and are usually connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These wearables are equipped with sensors that help you in many activities like staying fit & active, tracking heartbeat, losing weight and even for making calls and checking notifications.

What is the use of wearable technology?

When I heard about the word wearable technology, the very first question which popped my mind was why one would wear an electronic thing on his body. However, after reading more about this technology I realised that wearable technology is really helpful.

Common uses of wearable technology:

  • Notification Manager: Picking up the phone from your pocket just to check why it vibrated can be a really frustrating thing when you realise that it vibrated due to some unnecessary message from the unwanted person. What if there is a watch on your wrist which shows who messaged/called or emailed you and you could even reply from that watch? It will save you a lot of time and efforts.
  • Staying Fit and Healthy: This is one of the most important use of wearable technology. There are wearable technologies that are capable of measuring heartbeats, steps walked, calories intake, and calories outtake and can even measure your sleep duration with these gadgets.
  • Virtual Reality: With gadgets like Google Glass and Virtual GR, wearable technology has taken a step towards future and has converted the virtual world in reality.

Example of Wearable Technology

There is huge variety of Wearable Technologies available in the market and I recently got to use one of them – Kisai Link Inscription Bluetooth Bracelet. The device has got some good features and has got a cool fresh design too.

You can directly buy on Kisai Link Inscription Bluetooth Bracelet www.tokyoflash.com!


Features of Kisai Link Inscription Bluetooth Bracelet:

  • It creates a link between you and your smartphone: The best part of this band is its ability to manage the notifications. The phone boasts of a vibration feature which vibrated for a little whenever there is some notification. So, you will never miss a notification, thanks to this bracelet. There is also an LED indicator for better functionality.
  • Design: I personally liked the design and build quality of this wearable technology. At the very first glance, you would not be able to distinguish it from a normal bracelet. Available in two variants of brown, the watch is crafted from genuine leather and features a carved pattern with very fine stitching and a matching inlay on the device. It weighs just 10 grams and you will hardly feel that you are wearing something.
  • Ability to find the phone: Another unique feature of this bracelet is that it can help you in finding your phone. If you have misplaced your phone in your room and is not able to locate it, you just need to press the function button and Kisia Link will call your phone.

Kisai Link Inscription Bluetooth Bracelet

Key Specifications of Kisai Link Inscription Bluetooth Bracelet:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  • Custom notifications
  • 5 vibration patterns
  • 3 coloured LED indicators
  • Rechargeable in 90 minutes
  • Up to 5 days battery life
  • Super light: only 10 grams
  • Genuine leather strap with stainless steel buckle

The Downside:

Despite so many features, I feel that there are few downsides too.

  • Compatibility: The biggest drawback of this gadget is its compatibility. The device is compatible with only iPhone and doesn’t support Android, Windows or any other platform.
  • Vibration: Vibration is a good thing but, it becomes frustrating sometimes. Another downside of the vibration is that it vibrates only for half a second and this duration can’t be increased. The duration of the vibration is so low that there are high chances that you may miss some of the notifications.

Final Verdict

Wearable Technology is surely growing and evolving at a fast pace but, still it has to cover a long way. The day will surely come when Wearable Technology will become a common thing but, till then we can only wait for better and better versions to come and hit the market.

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Zainil is commerce graduate & is pursuing his further studies in commerce. He loves to write about software's & social media.

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  • Hi Zainil,
    Gone are the days when old fashioned watches were just a wearable which shows you time. Now the time is to show and wear the digital smart watches. I wonder how they are changing the world with smartness. My mail, my phone records and contacts are in my wrist.
    Thanks for bringing it here. Have a wonderful week ahead. 🙂

  • Hello Zainil,

    I enjoyed your post on wearable tech and the kisai link. So based on your description, you would say wearable tech is anything that can connect via bluetooth or wireless? I think that is a broad description but it encompasses all the wearables I have seen. Would you say bluetooth headphones are wearable tech? (I would think so)

    Anyways, keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more of your articles (I’ll subscribe to your blog 🙂 )

  • Hi Zainil, one of the most stylish wearable tech gadgets I’ve seen. Wearable tech is the way forward for many different kinds of users. Fitness gurus love watches, other smart tech like tracking devices for daily uses and action cameras for travelers, bloggers, film makers. There will be lots more to come in the near future.

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