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Tumblr Blog Only Opens in Dashboard. What to Do? {Fix}

Tumblr is a social networking site that, since it came into existence in 2007, has taken teenagers and pre-teens and made them totally obsessed with it. It is especially popular among the people who are involved in the ‘fandom culture’. Be it Hogwarts, middle earth, animes, games are you are just an academia enthusiast, you are welcome on Tumblr. It is a community in itself with a place for everyone like the famous ‘science side of Tumblr’. 

You can communicate with other people, post your own ideas as blogs and engage in other people’s blogs. If you are a blogger trying to establish yourself in the digital world, Tumblr is totally the way to go. The features are compatible with beginners and you don’t have to know much of the technicalities to navigate around the site. This also makes your blog more accessible to other people. It is also a free platform for publishing. 

Now if you are a Tumblr blogger or regularly visit Tumblr to check up on your inspiration blogs, then sometimes you may be facing little hiccups along the way. One of the most common of them is that Tumblr blog only opens in dashboard or that Tumblr blog redirects to dashboard. But don’t worry we are to help you with this problem.

Tumblr Blog Redirects to Dashboard

Let us first see what we mean by the Tumblr dashboard. The dashboard is like the news feed of Tumblr, in case you are more familiar with the other networking sites. It is where you will be shown all the posts from the accounts that you follow and keep up with regularly as well as the blogs based on the accounts you follow and thus might be interested in checking out. 

When you log in to Tumblr, this is what you are greeted with. Here you can create new posts, see others, and also communicate with the other Tumblr people. So the problem you are encountering is that when you sometimes try to open a Tumblr blog, the Tumblr blog redirects to dashboard.

So now let us try to answer your question of why does Tumblr redirect to dashboard.

The reason for this can be that you have hidden in Tumblr. When that happens sometimes when you will try to open a blog it will automatically redirect to the dashboard. It means that the blog that you are attempting to open is being hidden everywhere except the blogosphere of Tumblr. It lacks a URL dedicated to itself. So it finds itself incapable of being launched in a separate tab.

When you hide your blog will only be visible in the dashboard. Other people who search up your blog won’t be able to view you. Check the visibility of your profile. 

If the toggle button beside the hiding your blog is turned on then your blog is hidden from people and thus anybody trying to open it will be redirected to the dashboard.  

How to Fix the Redirecting of Tumblr Blog to the Dashboard?

The idea of being able to access the blogs from the dashboard does not sound that bad but this will act as a hindrance against you enjoying your experience with Tumblr to the fullest. But thankfully you won’t be forced to view blogs through the dashboard. The state of ‘Tumblr blog only opens in dashboard’ is not constant. 

There are ways to work around this problem. But you have to face the fact that there may be some instances where you will not find a solution. Here is the way to work around it

  • In the dashboard of Tumblr, go to settings via the account icon.

  • Now you have to select the blog that you were being able to open.

  • In case the visibility of your account is tampered with, that is you have hidden your blog from people then you will have to unhide your blog to clear this issue. For this go to the visibility of your blog and switch off the toggle button beside the option that lets you hide your blog and you are all set. 

Tumblr Blogs Only Opening in Sidebar

You are in the Tumblr dashboard and you click on a username. It can be something that just came up in your feed, the messaging box, or any search results. You will find that the blog will be launched in a sidebar on the screen rather than how it normally loads in any other ordinary site. 

This is useful if you are doing a quick check and just want to check a few posts on a blog. But we understand your frustration. The tiny sidebar coupled with a dashboard that does not respond curbs the idea of spending some quality browsing time on your favorite blogs. 

But unfortunately, Tumblr has decided on this to be a part of their design. There is also not a toggle switch that you can use.

How to Fix the Issue of Tumblr Blogs Only Opening in Sidebar?

The sidebar issue is definitely a pain. But there are of course several ways around this. Here we will list the ways in which you can fix this issue.

  • Opening in respective tabs: This is is the first way of going around the problem you are having. We are going to open the Tumblr blogs separately, that is, in new tabs. The first thing that comes to mind is that you can just insert the URLs into a new tab and thus open the Tumblr blog.  But what if we tell you that there are easier ways to even do that? Yes, you can do that directly from the dashboard too. You may already know, that the traditional way of opening the Tumblr blog in a new tab is to right-click on the Tumblr username of the person that posted the blog or on their Tumblr avatar.  You will be presented with a context menu. There will be an option namely ‘open link in new tab’. You will have to click on that option and you are ready to open the blog in a new tab. Now you have successfully gone around the problem you have been facing. However, here is something you should keep in mind. The new tab that opens will open in the background of your browser. So from the dashboard, as necessary, switch to the respective tabs, afterward.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Shortcuts: To the ones who use mostly laptops, it is perfectly understandable if you hate clicking on the right-click button. These shortcuts should come as a blessing to you. In case you have a mouse, you can simply click on the middle mouse button of the scrollbar. This should make the blog open in a new and separate tab immediately. This is not only a fast way to do it but you don’t have to deal with any kind of menus.
  • Using Chrome Extensions: Are you a Chrome user? Well, one thing the people who have chrome as their go-to browser boasts about is the chrome extensions. Some chrome extensions that can be used for this are the ‘Click to Tab’ or the ‘Long Press New Tab’ extensions. You won’t have to go through menus or rely on the mouse and keyboard shortcuts to open chrome in a new tab. Although you may face a drawback. These extensions will try to forcibly open all the links that they come across in a new tab. But then again you have the authority to enable the extensions so that they open just for your Tumblr sessions.  In case you are wondering how to activate or deactivate the extensions that you have already installed, we have got you covered too. There will be a three-dot menu in chrome. Click on it. There will be an option called More Tools, where you will further find extensions. There search for the option of activating or deactivating the chrome extensions and you will be fine with opening the Tumblr blogs in separate tabs through the chrome extensions.


You must have been heavily disappointed when you for the first time found out that you were absolutely unable to open the blogs in separate tabs. And not being able to open the blogs in separate tabs equals not being able to scroll through your favorite blogs comfortably. 

If you are a blogger yourself, it is just worse. You will keep thinking about how the other people who may be interested in your blogs will also face the problem of Tumblr blogs only opening in sidebar, or just on their dashboard.  We understand you and that’s why we presented you with this article where we not only told you about how to get rid of the issue but also why does Tumblr redirect to dashboard in the first place. So go and enjoy your blogs now. And in case you are a blogger, don’t worry. There’s a way and people will of course be able to navigate your blog with ease. All that hard work will certainly not go to waste.

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