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Huge List of Social Media Chrome Extensions

Are you using Google Chrome Browser?


Then you would love to read the post and you must read it.

Google Chrome Browser has attained a great popularity due to its minimalist and user-friendly design. Chrome extensions are an excellent way to extend its functionality. Installing the exact Chrome extensions would not only improve your productivity but also save your precious time and energy.

Social networking is becoming one of the most essential things to do in our day to day life. People spend a lot of time in social media to interact with others on the same wave length and the business owners take benefit of this efficient media to market their products and services.

chrome extensions for social media

So, having the above two greatest stuff (Chrome Extensions + Social Media) in mind, I’ve putted a lot of effort to gather this huge list of social media chrome extensions to enhance your social experience.

50 + Ideal Chrome extensions to improve your social media activities

Following are the useful chrome extensions for social media enthusiasts:

[color-box color=”white”]Twitter Chrome Extensions[/color-box]

1. Twitter Notifier: This full-fledged twitter client for your chrome browser brings latest tweets through Twitter’s streaming API. Thus you can read and compose tweets, give DMs & reply to tweets, retweet and favored the tweets with it. Its latest version has improved a lot with lot of bug fixes. If you’ve this twitter chrome extension, you’ll never need a desktop client for Twitter.

2. Tweet Deck: TweetDeck is a flexible Twitter chrome extension which will allow you to schedule tweets with images and track the real-time conversions. You can easily navigate with its redesigned sidebar and keep you updated with the trendy topics through its customizable layout. You may craft, organize and share a timeline of tweets with this chrome extension for Twitter.

3. Sliver Bird: This amazing Twitter client expansion offers most important features like real-time timeline updates, display trendy topics, follow/unfollow the people through inline user actions menu, create & preview short urls and so on. Sliver Bird will never ask your personal information and doesn’t even request for your Twitter password.

4. Riffle: If you’re serious about developing relationship with your community, you may have this super-smart Twitter dashboard as extension in your chrome browser. You can find influential tweeters, activity breakdowns and engagement assessments with this chrome Twitter extension.

[color-box color=”white”]Chrome Extensions for Facebook[/color-box]

5. Facebook for Chrome: It is an unofficial chrome extension to check the Facebook notifications and news feed. You can do all the stuff such as comment, share, like, friend search etc. with this handy chrome extension. Its recent version has great UI improvements with increased loading speed.

6. Facebook share button: To share your preferred links on Facebook from your web browser, you may install this chrome extension for Facebook by Shareaholic. You may also check the official Facebook count for any links with it.

7. Photo Zoom: Whenever you hover over the pictures, you can make use of PhotoZooom, simple, light-weight Facebook chrome extension to see the bigger pictures, profile images and so on.

8. Social Fixer For Facebook: To enhance your Facebook experiences and to get more fun, this chrome expansion could be used. You may track recent comments on your old posts, get superior navigation, hide the viewed posts, grab tabbed news feeds and some more great functionalities through this useful chrome add-on.

9. Profile Visitors For Facebook: Do you wanna check who has visited your Facebook profile? Then, you may download this Facebook Chrome extension.

[color-box color=”white”]Google plus Chrome Browser Add-ons[/color-box]

10. Share On G+: To share your ideal web pages on your Google Plus profile, install this Google plus extension for your chrome browser.

11.  Google+ Optimizer: You may change your Google Plus stream with Google+ Optimizer Chrome extension. It is likely to display extra content and get rid of unwanted content with this constructive chrome add-on. It has additional features like Autosave, Quickshare, Bookmark, Hashtag filter etc.

12. Hangouts: Hangouts is one of the supportive chrome extensions for Google Plus which would let you to connect with your friends/group of people through video call or text from your browser. If you want to send some messages/images to someone in your G+ Circle, you just need to hover and click on the extension.

[color-box color=”white”]Chrome Extensions for YouTube[/color-box]

13. Video Preview: If you wish to see more images for YouTube  videos, VideoPreview is the best chrome extension where you can get image preview through mouse hover.

14. Auto HD for YouTube: As the name suggests, you can set the YouTube videos to play automatically in HD with this chrome extension for YouTube.

15. Magic actions for YouTube: This is the famous YouTube Chrome extension to enhance your watching experience of YouTube videos. It has excellent features like Auto HD, Snapshot, Cinema mode, Stop auto play, Expand & Wide videos and so on. You may also hide ads, comments and annotations with this best chrome extension for YouTube.

16. SmartVideo for Youtube: SmartVideo offers great control over YouTube buffering, quality and playing preferences. This YouTube Optimizer works well with embedded/HTML 5 videos.

[color-box color=”white”]LinkedIn Chrome Browser Tools[/color-box]

17. Search On LinkedIn: Say, if you’re browsing a webpage and come across a new company. If you want to search more about that company on LinkedIn, you may make use of this LinkedIn chrome extension. You just need to highlight the text to be searched on LinkedIn.

18. Share to LinkedIn: You can share the links and posts directly from your chrome browser to LinkedIn with this useful extension.

19. LinkedIn Messages: This LinkedIn chrome add-on would let you to save messages as templates to auto-complete the subject while sending the new messages. It also set message based default templates.

[color-box color=”white”]Chrome Add-ons for Instagram[/color-box]

20. Instagram Tools: If you need to create PDF documents and slideshows from your Instagram images, I would suggest you to use this powerful chrome extension. Some other PDF possibilities from this Instagram tool are printable PDF, online presentation and PDF with many images.

21. FindGram: With this best Instagram chrome extension, you can search Instagram hashtags, users and photos.

22. Instagram for Chrome: It is the best Instagram extension for chrome with excellent navigation support. You can browse easily, like and comment on the images from your feed. Its streamlined design would speed up the browsing speed. Besides, it has email support, improved login experience, tagging feature and much more.

23. Search Instagram: It is the finest extension to search Instagram images online from your chrome browser.

[color-box color=”white”]Chrome Tools For Spotify[/color-box]

24. Spotipedia for Chrome: If you’re reading about your favorite musician in Wikipedia, you may listen to the music of that artist from there through this chrome extension for Spotify. But please note that you need to have Spotify desktop app to listen the music.

25. Spotify search plus: You didn’t install Spotify or not having Spotify account, but wishing to search songs, albums or artists over there. Spotify search plus is a pretty useful add-on to discover your preferred Spotify stuff. Here, you could also get the embedding code to share the music on your favored web places.

[color-box color=”white”]Reddit Chrome Bowser Extensions[/color-box]

26. Reddit Companion: To integrate your Reddit account to your chrome browser, you may install this tool. After adding this Reddit chrome extension, you can submit links, easily vote on other submissions, save and view comments on Reddit posts.

27. Reddit Enhancement suite: It is one of the chrome best extensions to enhance your browsing experience on Reddit. It has overwhelming features like Never ending Reddit, inline image viewer, uppers & downers, account switcher and user tagger to get more involvement with Reddit through your web browser.

[color-box color=”white”]Chrome Extension for StumbleUpon[/color-box]

28. StumbleUpon: StumbleUpon chrome extension provides the easiest way to find out the best images, videos and websites. It has 30 million expert curators to recommend the best web content based on your interest. Just you need to click a button to see the amazing stuff.

[color-box color=”white”]Tumblr Chrome Add-ons[/color-box]

29. Post to Tumblr: Right click post functionality will be added to your chrome browser to share the content to Tumblr by this Post to Tumblr add-on. You can also share videos to tumbler through this chrome extension.

30. TumbyPageGetter: This Tumblr chrome extension would assist you to discover and share the content of Tumblr on more places easily and quickly.

31. Missing e: Missing e is useful browser add-on for Tumblr which adds functionality and micro-blogging tools to bookmark your Tumblr posts, view full-size images, creates posts, mass message deletion and so on.

[color-box color=”white”]Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers[/color-box]

32. Ritetag: Are you using hashtags in tweets? If so, you may utilize this instant hashtag grade to get your tweets found and shared by more people. Hashtag audits can be run on any Twitter account to check the power of hashtags. Hashtag notifications is another feature of Ritetag to mail you the details about trending hashtags. If you are serious about social media marketing, I would tell you to download this excellent extension in chrome to watch the clicks, retweets and favorites of your tweets.

33. Klout: To check your Klout score in your twitter stream, you can easily schedule and share your preferred content to multiple networks with Klout chrome extension. You could also understand the online influence of other content initiators through Klout score. It would be good to share other’s content to enhance your reputation and influence.

33. CircleCount: You could get details about any Google Plus user from your browser through CircleCount chrome extension. Getting follower history, highlighting comments where you have been mentioned, adding favorite posts, receiving information on the Hover card are some of the best features of this awesome chrome extension.

34. Hootlet: To experience better social experience with your browser and perform effective social media marketing, Hootlet social chrome extension can be used. It would let you to share and search even images and videos) social effectively. Moreover, you could highlight the text to be shared on social media and find out social media with local awareness.

35. BufferIf you’re avid social media marketer, Buffer is a must chrome extension for you. Within single click, you can share any content to several social networks. You can easily schedule your posts for sharing, track them and analyze the result.

[color-box color=”white”]Social Media Management Chrome Expansions[/color-box]

36. Social bro: It is the best Twitter marketing platform which combines real-time data with campaign management to let you to analyze, involve and monetize your twitter marketing efforts. You could access in-depth approaches about your Twitter community. Moreover, discovering new Twitter users through keywords and finding best time for tweeting to get maximum engagement are the notable things of Social bro chrome extension.

37. Viral Heat: Your social media management activities can be simplified by using this Chrome plugin. It is a free service which offers all-in-one account management over several social networks.

38. Sprout Social: If you’re looking for an easy-to-use social media management platform to manage your social channels effectively and give outstanding customer experience, you may get this Chrome extension. You can utilize the Smart inbox of Sprout Social to streamline the social meeting, perform keyword research, manage feeds, and make use of social CRM advanced scheduling & publishing tools with this valuable chrome extension.

[color-box color=”white”]Privacy Extensions in Chrome[/color-box]

39. AVG PrivacyFix: Are you worrying about your privacy in social networks? Then, I would say that this online privacy managing tool is here for you. Managing privacy for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn is possible with this tool. Just a single click is needed to fix the privacy issues and it blocks thousands of companies from tracking you through cookies. You’ll get alerted to privacy risks while visiting the sites.

40. Ghostery: To protect your privacy and check who is tracking your browsing, it is good to use this privacy chrome extension. This browser tool detects trackers, web bugs and beacons placed on web pages by Facebook, Google and many social networks interested in your activity. It has opt-in feature called Ghostrank to get comprehensive list of detectable items. Furthermore, it blocks images, scripts, objects and documents from websites that you don’t trust.

[color-box color=”white”]Other Chrome Browser Add-ons to Boost Your Social Presence[/color-box]

41. AddThis: This amazing chrome extension supports 300 social services and allows you to share whatever you like over these networks without slowing down your browser. You may also get the options like bookmark, translate and print with this remarkable chrome extension.

42. Disconnect: Even though, Disconnect chrome extension has listed under productivity category, you may use this add-on when involving in social web pages as it visualize and block the invisible websites which track your search and browsing history. Thus, it would make you to browse more privately and also loads the page faster.

43. Note Anywhere: This is an interesting chrome extension which would let you to make notes on any web page and at any position. When you browse that page again, you notes get loaded automatically as they saved in real-time. Notes summary and option to change the style of notes are the newly added features of Note Anywhere chrome extension.

44. Stay Focused: StayFocused is an exciting chrome extension to boost your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on pointless websites. Once your chosen time has been reached, you’ll not get access to the fruitless sites which you’ve listed to block. This highly customizable extension got featured in so many tech blogs. So, If you feel that you’re spending too much of time on useless social media sites, you may block those web pages after specific usage through this helpful chrome extension.

45. PocketIf you often save the articles (to read later or for future reference), videos or anything, Pocket does come in handy for you. One click is needed to save social media posts/discussion in this extension and it can be sync across all the devices.

46. Hover Zoom: Thumbnail images on various social media can be viewed in their exact size with this chrome extension without opening them in a new page. Just you need to move your mouse over the thumbnails to see full image. It has Enable/Disable zoom option and changeable delay and fading effect.

47. Social Analytics: This is a pretty simple chrome extension which will let to get reader engagement for your web materials on many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.

48. Feedly MiniTo insert your resources to Feedly (popular RSS & Blog reader), Feedly Mini chrome extension can be used. Not only to add the pages, you may mail, tweet, share or curate the pages with it.

49. BitlyBitly chrome extension allows you to save and share your links on famous social networks. Organizing your Bitlinks and adjust its privacy settings are also possible with this chrome plugin.

50. Giphy: Are you a GIF lover? Then, this thrilling chrome extension is for you. Yes, you can search GIFs on the web from your browser and add them to your Gmail, Twitter or Hipchat. You could also get the trendy GIFs every time when you use this Chrome Add-on.

51. Socializer: Socializer supports top social networks and let you to share any webpage over there. There is also an option to get automatic html links for the pages you view to paste them on your most wanted places.

[color-box color=”white”]Bonus Social Media Extensions for Chrome[/color-box]

52. Yoono: To view your social media updates in one place.

53. Twimbow: To engage with your friends on social media more effectively.

54. Ad Remover: To block all annoying social media ads and malware.

Final Words

Google Chrome is an extension-friendly web browser as it allows running its add-ons on Sandbox environment. If you’re a social media addict and struggling to manage your activities in various social networks, the above discussed social media chrome extensions might help. To install chrome extensions, just you need to click them. It will automatically install on your chrome browser with no restart.

I hope that these amazing browser extensions would let you to use social media in a better way. Have you tried any of these useful chrome extensions for social media to manage your actions? I’d be keen to know your favorite social media chrome extensions, so feel free to share your experiences through comments.

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      Also, Go to your list of software installed on your PC/laptop by entering appwiz.cpl to open the list of programs installed. Check there if few programs looks rogue/foreign which you haven’t downloaded and they are not necessary. Delete them

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