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Computer Upgrade: The Benefits of Having a Mechanical Keyboard

When you think of various computer parts, the keyboard would be the least of your concern. However, because of a new variety of keyboards being released in the market today and the essential part that mechanical keyboards play in computer building, the humble keyboard has become an integral piece of hardware you need to put some thought on.

Keyboards are no longer built the same. Before, you could take a look at two keyboards and find no difference between them. They both come in black and have functioning keys. But now, keyboards are designed differently, each having its essential function to the performance of your computer.

If you want the best keyboard right now, that will elevate your efficiency at work or in games. Then we suggest you purchase a mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboards

So what are mechanical keyboards, and how can you identify them from other keyboards?

A big teller that a keyboard is mechanical is in its label. Many brands label their keyboards to make them more distinguishable. Another distinguishing factor is that the keys are more elevated. Additionally, mechanical keyboards are also more compact, so they tend to be smaller than regular keyboards in the market.

So what are the advantages of mechanical keyboards, and why should you purchase one?

Tactile Feedback

For many people, tactile feedback is negligible. Most of the time, they don’t even feel it. However, our brain depends on it to make our actions more satisfying or rewarding. For the subconscious, it’s a clear message that states that you’re currently doing something.

It’s a good design to have tactile feedback in all sorts of hand-held objects. That’s why you hear that sound when you type a letter on your iPhone or a click when you click your mouse. It immerses you in what you’re doing and helps you think.

If you’re looking into just the surface of tactile feedback in mechanical keyboards, the simplest explanation is that it makes typing more satisfying. For example, you could hear feedback from every letter you type, and your head is using that is pivotal to tell you that you’re doing a job well done.


Another benefit of having a mechanical keyboard is comfort. Most mechanical keyboards have raised keys, so you don’t need to put too much effort into typing. Moreover, as stated earlier, mechanical keyboards have a more compact design, which means you don’t have to reach your finger out too much if you want to press a key.

Overall, it reduces the stress in your wrists. It can be healthier and help you minimize carpal tunnel syndrome.


Mechanical keyboards tend to have shortcut or function keys. Essentially, these keys will help you start various programs without clicking them. It’s more convenient, especially when typing or programming, and you need to switch tabs. Its accessible design makes it easier for people to work efficiently.

Replaceable Keys

Mechanical keyboards have replaceable keys, and some even give you additional keys. This makes it so much easier to clean. Also, it makes it so much easier for you to replace damaged keys without you purchasing a new keyboard. Additionally, it makes mechanical keyboards more customizable when compared to other keyboards in the market.

They Look Awesome

Lastly, we can’t deny that the glowing lights from mechanical keyboards make them stand out and look a lot cooler than normal ones. If you’re planning to build a gaming computer, you really shouldn’t miss out on the aesthetic look that a mechanical keyboard can give to your setup.

Purchasing a Mechanical Keyboard

I’m betting that you’d want to have a mechanical keyboard now that you know its benefits. But there is a particular disadvantage in purchasing one: they are quite expensive compared to default keyboards. But that’s not a real problem if you know where to buy it.

Mechanical keyboards can almost be found anywhere. They’re in every retail computer store. You can look into Amazon and find dozens of brands selling mechanical keyboards there. However, the best choice for you is to purchase one in one of the best PC building website out there. These websites can help you choose the right mechanical keyboard for your rig. They even sell them at discounts most of the time, giving you the best price possible.

We suggest you purchase a mechanical keyboard the moment you’ve made your rig. Many computer builders usually give discounts on other computer parts if you’re buying a set, so you might be able to get a discount on your keyboard by doing this.

A mechanical keyboard is a necessity for your computer, and you shouldn’t think twice about that. Get yourself one, and trust us, you’ll feel the difference.

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    Nice post. I guess the keyboard is one of the most underestimated parts when it come to invest in computers. Why are people spending that much money on a good mouse, but so often forget about the keyboard.

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