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17 Best Free Text to AI Art and Image Generators – 2024

AI algorithms are used to create works of art. AI is now fully capable of producing original and creative visual content, including pictures, paintings, and even entire works of art, thanks to advances in machine learning and deep learning. Image creation is one of the most widely used uses of AI in art. Picture generators are a class of AI models that can learn to create realistic images from scratch. They are often referred to as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

AI image generators are programs that may create characters or works of art in the anime style automatically from user input or predefined choices. Here are five well-known anime art generators:

AI Art Generator

16 Best AI Art and Image Generators

AI Anime art generators are programs that may create characters or works of art in the anime style automatically from user input or predefined choices. Here are five well-known anime art generators:

1. Freepik AI Image Generator

The Freepik AI Image Generator stands out as one of the top AI-based tools for crafting high-resolution images. Driven by deep learning technology, it offers a diverse array of styles, including photo, digital art, and 3D, allowing users to select their desired aesthetic. Simply input your text, choose a style, and click “Generate” — in no time, you’ll have five captivating AI-generated images and masterpieces. Fast, efficient, and user-friendly, it also provides the option to personalize images further using Freepik’s online editor. 

2. Waifu Labs 

Waifu Laboratories is an AI-based character maker that specializes in producing male/female characters in the anime aesthetic. You can choose the initial portrait, color pallet, other details, and finally the pose from the given set of options. Based on this, the tool will generate an Anime character of your choice based on your preference.

3. DALL-E 

It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) model created by OpenAI that can produce visuals from textual descriptions. Based on predetermined cues, it is capable of producing original and inventive graphics. DALL-E, for instance, can produce an image that corresponds to the prompt “a green recliner in the shape of an avocado” given the prompt.

4. AI Image Generator by Image Upscaler

If you are looking for a free platform where you can create pictures, you must try AI Image Generator by Image Upscaler. It is a fantastic way to bring your creative imagination into reality. This AI Image Generator has no sign-up requirements. Go to the website, write clear instructions, and AI will generate an image quickly.
AI Image Generator by Image Upscaler offers plenty of options for generating an AI image, so now, whether you want to create an anime-style image or explore other styles like cartoons, fantasy, cyberpunk, and more, it can be done in just a few clicks.

5. Problembo

Problembo is one of my favorite AI anime generators which uses machine learning to generate different types of art for you such as Wallpapers, avatars, and images. This is  You can either generate an old Anime girl or a new 3D anime girl using this too. All you have to do is to write the text, choose the options as you see on the screen, and click on “Make Image“.

For example, I have written to generate “hot and beautiful girlfriend of mid-age“, and this was the output.


It uses AI techniques to convert your text into Art. This is a perfect example of text to art tool. Problembo is generally known as an AI-based virtual girlfriend generator tool among many. Moreover, this can generate other arts as well based on the text you feed.  This tool can work as AI real art generator as well as AI girlfriend generator as well.

6. Charat (Charat Avatar Maker)

With various customization choices, Charat’s complete anime avatar creator enables you to create unique anime characters and avatars. Several facial characteristics, hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and backdrops are available. You just have to select these features and your avatar will be ready. It is not an AI-based anime art generator but rather an old-type Avatar maker which is still good. When we talk about AI Anime art generators, Charat is a great choice.

7. Picrew

Artists can build and share their own character-creator tools on the Picrew platform. Users can combine various parts to create distinctive anime-style characters thanks to the variety of styles and feature it gives.

8. Artbreeder

Users can blend and morph photos on the Artbreeder platform to create original artwork. Although it wasn’t made exclusively for anime art, you may use the site to access a variety of anime-inspired designs and combine other photos to create your own characters that seem like anime.

9. AI Painter

An online application called AI Painter offers a variety of creative forms, such as anime and manga. You can submit an image and use the anime-style filter to create artwork that resembles anime. The application also offers customization options to change the degree of colorization and intricacy. Beyond that, its text generator is on point. If you descriptively in detail mention about the image you can get one in seconds.

10. Picso

Picso is another amazing AI photo-transforming app that does really well in the section of the AI girlfriend generator.  If you want to generate an AI girlfriend you can generate a real AI girl or an AI anime girl as well using this tool.

Its interface is very easy to use. You have a very substantiated listing for eyes, the color of hair, the kind of body posture you want, etc. You can either use the AI Art feature or use the AI Girl feature which is often a choice of a real girl or an anime one. After filling in all the attributes all you need is to click on ‘create’.

11. ZMO

ZMO AI Creator is another amazing AI anime generator tool online that you can put to good use. This tool relies both on image input and instructional creation. All the core parts of the internal UI options that generate any image are all there. For better understanding ZMO is built on the traits of AI creation of the following topics, that is background remover, Image input, Text input, etc. The prompt lies at the second top section of the screen.

12. SoulGen.AI

SoulGen.AI is another amazing platform where you can easily make characters by instructing via text. It is very similar to Picso. In Picso you get a range of options to create a girl. While in SoulGen that might not be the case, but considerable options regardless.

13. Hotpot.AI

Hotpot.AI also comes in a white bg UI you can actually enable AI writing because of the platform being integrated with Chat GPT. Hotpot has to be the best in this listing as most of its features are free to use and the image generation of Hotpot paces pretty fast.

14. Midjourney

Midjourney is another platform that allows you to enjoy some excellent AI art, and it is one of the best on this list. It has been very popular among people. But in order to join it you need to have a Discord account, via Discord you will gain access to it. It has the best text-to-image, more relying on the art side image generator. You can customize play with dimensions making it a very rich image maker.

man in the sky

15. DeepAI

DeepAI is another great AI image generator. It stands out in its efficiency of work with ease. It has only two sections. The styling section and prompt section. Feed in the words and generate your font by selecting the design and dimensions.

16. WePik

WePik is another amazing AI image-generating platform. You just have to describe the prompt which is the text that will create the image and then choose the pattern of styling you would prefer on your image. It can be 3D, Digital, Painting, and Photo.

17. Getimg.Ai

Getimg.ai is another AI image generator tool via text which can also generate an AI girlfriend as well. You can quickly sign up to its platform via Google and frankly speaking, it’s very easy to sign up. You can do that instantaneously.  In this,  I will show you how to generate an AI Boy character.

How to Generate an AI GirlFriend or Image using Getimg.ai?

  • Login using your Google account, and Look at the top right you will see an option, Text to Image Creator, click on that option.

  • You can set the requirements by filling in the text in the textbox. As shown in the image, in no 1 you can fill in the textbox of the prompt. Moreover, you can select different model there as well, I have selected “Realistic Vision“. You can click there to choose out of many available option.

generate AI girlfriend

  • The next page will have a ‘generate’ option that you can use. The ‘generate’ button can be seen on 2 where you can generate up to 5 alternative images.

Here is the photo that got generated.

How Do AI Image Generators Work?

AI image generators are known as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). These generators work by using two neural networks that work together to generate new arts or images that try to become as perfect as real images.

The two Neural networks are Generator and Discriminator. Where Generator creates new images by taking inputs from the user, discrimination evaluates the generated image by trying to distinguish between real images and generated images.

The generator and discriminator networks work against each other in a game-like setup, where the generator tries to create realistic images, while the discriminator tries to accurately classify them as real or fake.

The duo makes it possible to produce great artwork and images that look much like real ones. By working this way, both of the networks learn more about generating images that are more realistic, and thus, they produce better and better images.

Comparison Table of Generator Vs Discriminator Neural Networks

Let’s Check Out how they are different from each other, and help each other improve the overall image.

Feature Generator Discriminator
Architecture Deep Convolutional Neural Network Deep Convolutional Neural Network (often with larger output layer)
Training Objective Generate images that can fool Discriminators into thinking they are real Classify images as real or fake
Input Random noise vector Image
Output Synthetic image Probability indicating real or fake
Loss Function Based on Discriminator’s output for generated images, aims to minimize the difference between Discriminator’s output for real and generated images Based on the difference between Discriminator’s output for real and generated images, aims to correctly classify real and fake images
Training Process Trained alternately with Discriminator, aims to improve the generation of images Trained alternately with Generator, aims to improve the classification of images

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI Art?

AI Art is an artwork that is created with the help of AI algorithms. AI art can also be called as Generative Art. This art involves various AI algorithms mixed with computer programs to produce digital AI art that can be AI anime art, AI real art, and so on.

How does AI generate art?
AI generators use Machine Learning (ML) to generate art. These generators are also called GANs, and these are based on two neural networks Generator and Discriminator which work together and against each other to produce realistic art. I have explained about it earlier in this article, you can check that in more detail above.

Can AI art be considered “real” art?

Different people may have different opinions. I personally think that Real Art is what a human makes using his thoughts and imagination. So, I would not consider AI art as real at least for now, they don’t even look real enough.

There is ongoing debate about whether AI art can be considered “real” art. Some argue that because AI-generated artworks lack the intention and creative decision-making of human artists, they cannot be considered true works of art. Others argue that AI art is a legitimate form of artistic expression and that the use of algorithms and machine learning can enhance human creativity.

Is it legal to use AI-generated images for commercial purposes?

This is a great question, and still, there is no legitimate answer to this. But, this can depend if the AI art generator website has some kind of copyright or trademark on all the art generated created there too. Moreover, I would recommend that you should consult a legal expert on this matter before using any AI-generated images or for commercial purposes.


These AI art and image generators are good enough to generate images, art, sceneries, and all as per your requirement. It all depends on how well you explain the AI to generate an art. Based on the text you feed, it generates the art.

AI is changing the tech world the way it has been! I am sure the AI will continue to evolve, and there will be a day that it will start generating images that will no less than real art.

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