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Signs That Shows Your Boyfriend is Cheating

Having a boyfriend is quite common nowadays, and cheating is even more common when girls and boys are committed to one relationship, and sidewise they keep hitting on others as well. I know one of my friends has 3 different girlfriends, and he manages it quite well. All the 3 girlfriends are not aware of his other affairs, and they are quite happy with him.

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If you ask me, I would say, that if you are serious about one relationship, you must not cheat. And, if you have having boyfriend, make sure to know he is not cheating on you. I am going to mention some of the tips that would help you know whether your boyfriend is cheating on you or not.

Signs to Find Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You

1. Changes in Communication Patterns

If you are with a boy for a long time, and you are well aware of his nature as to how he communicates with you, and how he behaves with you, and suddenly you start noticing a change in his communication habits, and it continues for a long time, there is a high chance he is cheating on you.

For example, he used to talk to you for a long time and give you compliments and ask you whether you have had dinner or not, or something affectionate. But, suddenly, you feel that all care and affection are decreasing, there is a high chance he is either cheating on you or just getting out of the relationship.

2. Typing on his Phone for a longer duration

Generally, it is about the change in habits. if your boyfriend had not been messaging a lot when you are not around, and suddenly he starts doing it, and when you come to him, he suddenly stops, and gives some excuses about it without even asking, it is a clear sign of cheating.

3. Decreased Intimacy and Affection

When you are in a relationship, there is some affection, and physical intimacy between you two. And, it is all good, and one day, everything starts to change. You feel he is not showing interest in having some cuddles, hugs, kisses, or even avoiding to make out. This would be a sign of cheating.

3. Guarded Phone

If your boyfriend has been very open to you and he never kept any secrecy regarding phone and online activities, but suddenly he started to keep secrets, and started guarding his phone with screen locks, and passwords, it could be a sign that he is cheating on you.

4. Unexplained Disappearances

If your boyfriend doesn’t appear on a date when you have fixed it with his consent, and when you ask, he doesn’t explain his disappearances well, there is a red flag. If this happens sometimes, there is no need to worry but if it starts happening frequently, you must be careful, and start spying on him.

5. Private Chat Messages

If you have access to his phone by any chance, and you find out that he is deleting chats with some girl or woman, there would be a high chance they must be having some relationship. It may not be true all the time but if it happens just for one person, there is a high chance that he is cheating on you.

6. His Phone is Busy All the time

Generally, being a girlfriend, you must call him throughout the day to have talks, and you find his phone is busy all the time and for long hours. You should keep it serious, and have a look at it. If he is ignoring to tell you about the long calls, and it’s happening every day, this is a clear sign of cheating.

7. Taking a Long Time to Respond to Your Text

When you message him, and he always replies very late, which he has not done earlier, you must be cautious and have an eye on him. This would be because he has been busy.

These are some of the normal signs that if you notice, you should be alert. But, there could even clear signs that I am sharing below:

8. He Doesn’t Say. “I Love You” More Often anymore

Suddenly you start noticing that your boyfriend is not saying “I love you” more often than he used to do, there is something fishy, and you must be very alert about it. Even if he says, he doesn’t start. It is like when you say “I love you ” to him, then only he replies “I love you too”, that too not all the time.

9.  You Found Girl Stuff in His Car

When you go with him in the car, and suddenly you find lingerie or ladies’ perfume which are not yours, there is a clear sign your boyfriend had been with some other girl. This could be an extreme sign of being cheated.


When you are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, being cheated is not surprising. This happens quite often. Thus, you must be very alert about your boyfriend’s whereabouts and changes in his behavior. If you really feel something fishy, don’t wait to talk to him directly, and come to a conclusion. I hope the signs I have mentioned here will help you stay alert.

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