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32 Sexiest Web Series on Hotstar, Netflix, MX Player, And Amazon Prime {2024}

We understand how fun crime thrillers and rom-coms can be – but on some days, we just wanna drool over some steamy hot scenes. Well, we do not mean the explicit ones but our own OTT platforms like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have a bunch of sexiest web series shows to watch and offer you.

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To spice things up for you a bit, we present to you a very scientific list of adult shows to watch in 2021 to get you in the mood.

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on Hotstar 2024

  1. My Cousin Rachel

Based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier, the movie features a major seductress, Rachel, like the protagonist of the novel, Rebecca. 

Wondering what makes it one of the best adults shows on Hotstar? Well, the twisted plot of the dramedy, magical charms, and intimacy – undoubtedly makes the movie stand out. This show is available on Amazon Prime as well in selected locations.

  1. Pretty Woman

It’s a dream about an unassuming Georgia young lady getting her fantasy finished. It’s a dream about vertical portability in the city and salons of Beverly Hills. It’s a dream about transforming Roberts herself into a current Audrey Hepburn, demure and rich and sure beyond a shadow of a doubt to realize which kind of fork is suitable for each course. 

The film clarifies that she’s new to s*x exchange, that she doesn’t take tranquilizers, that she doesn’t have a pimp and that she appreciates total organization over the inquiries of “who”, “when” and “how much”.

  1. Sex and the City

Directed by Darren Star, S*x and the City stands out to be one of the sexiest web series on Hotstar and the most evergreen comedy-drama shows of all time. 

Set in the early 90s New York, the series takes you on a tour to explore the lives of four women. How these four friends face various ups and downs in their ever-happening sex lives while maintaining a strong friendship among themselves – would be quite interesting to binge into.

However, it’s not always just about sex but there are a number of intertwined plots that parallelly run within. 

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on Netflix 2024

  1. The Queen’s Gambit

Did you ever know that a simple game of chess can drive you crazy? Well, we knew when we saw it – and that’s the reason it tops our list. Though you may end up finding only a little bit of sex, there’s, however, no short of sexiness in the series. 

The Queen’s Gambit, one of the hottest web series on Netflix, is a notable exception of lustful tease and clearly depicts how a woman’s mind can make her s*xy – and, her body comes second. Besides, the crafted beauty of each scene is sheer exceptional!

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How a teenage orphan makes her way to being an international chess champion, that too, in the early 60s – will be quite divine to watch.

  1. Unstoppable

You have often heard it – be your own boss – but how many of you have really done it? Well, our four protagonists from Netflix’s Unstoppable surely did. 

Though a Mexican comedy in its origin, the series revolves around the lives of three young girls – who go on a fun road trip but are bound to change their path upon coming across our fourth protagonist mid-way. 

It would be, however, interesting to watch whether our femme-trio is ready for a femme-quadrilateral on the entry of the newbie – and how each deal with their own struggles and evolve together. 

Apart from the fantastic storyline and exquisite crew, the fashion they carry along, and the sudden hook-ups they fall into – make the series undeniably s*xy to miss out on!

  1. Easy

Joe Swanberg, known for his indigenous love affairs, is one of the most undeniably 18+ shows on Netflix. The anthology series, however, does not run in a similar plot as of the traditional s*x – to be honest, the diversification brings out the intimacy of the plot. 

A series of eight half-hour episodes, bound by geography alone, Easy might win the prize for the most Netflix show ever made. Like Love and Master of None and Bojack Horseman and Lady Dynamite before it, it’s a comedy-drama that features a parade of flawed, self-interested sadsacks forlornly trying to navigate through a modern tangle of love and s*x and culture.

  1. Weeds

Weeds, the craze-deriving Netflix series, narrates the life story of a widow woman, who gets into the illegal dealing of marijuana to serve the privileged lifestyle of her family. 

No matter how interesting the plotline of the series is – Jenji Kohan crafted her woman s*xy, all the way. The protagonist, Nancy Botwin, who is also the mother of two – starts selling marijuana to support her family, with darkly comedic results.

If you are looking out for physical s*x, you might get some – but nothing can be s*xier than the mind games she’s playing are over the top and can turn down any s*x scene into a dull moment.

  1. Outlander

Imagine watching fine Scottish s*xy and intimate scenes from the medieval period? Apart from offering an adventurous historical romance, the Outlander is quite a show with a contemporary heroine, defying genre classification, and actionable World War II scenes. 

Besides, if you are someone who prefers hot and steaming romances from the medieval period with some cool s*x punch – then stream Outlander right now!

  1. Riverdale

Taken from TV by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Glee), Riverdale may not be your father’s Archie story, but it is definitely the Archie that older viewers probably remember from decades of digests. 

Being one of the best adult shows on Netflix, the show is filled with recognized Archie elements, but the familiar character names and some of their superficial traits have been funneled into a creepy murder mystery – with shadings of incest, inappropriate student-teacher relations, and corruption. 

The s*xy elements, however, in this show are quite cliché and somewhat replicate the typical teenage romances. Moreover, there is also a love triangle to spice up your entertainment.

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime 2024

  1. American Playboy: The Hugh Hefner Story

The founder of the Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner, happens to be one of the cultural symbols of liberation in America – no wonder it’s one of the Sexiest Web Series on Amazon Prime. With photographs, archival footage, and re-enactments of many aspects of Hefner’s life – where we get to experience the major aspects of Hefner’s life behind the myth. 

Though there is no s*x scene in this series, it is the gorgeous female company our series’ protagonist finds himself in, which validates the show’s position on this list.

  1. Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Written by the pseudonymous writer Belle de Jour about her life, the Secret Diary Of A Call Girl is definitely one of the best 18+ shows on amazon prime you’ll watch and re-watch. 

From the beginning of the series, it seems to be centered around a character called Hannah Baxter. While she is already a student at Baxter, she also has another identity of a call girl. 

What makes the show interesting primarily, are definitely the hot and intimate s*x scenes but apart from that – how the girl ends up balancing two of her identities at a single attempt.

  1. Fleabag

Breaking a stereotype can be quite s*xy too – who knew that? Well, Fleabag definitely proved us right. 

Fleabag is a woman in her early 30s who is extremely assertive about herself and her feelings about others. She does not hesitate to speak her mind, and even does so while trying to satisfy her ferocious s*xual appetite.

Apart from cool and intimate s*xual scenes, Fleabag breaks the fourth wall while having anal and describes the act directly to the viewers.

  1. Strictly S*xual: The Series

Created in the year 2011, Strictly S*xual is one of the notable adult shows on prime video for you to drool over. It centers around the lives of two modern women and their romantic/s*xual adventures.

Though the storyline of the series is quite cliché of how a strictly s*xual relationship develops into a heartfelt relationship, the steamy s*x scenes are something to stay hooked on to.

  1. The L Word

Well, it doesn’t always have to be a boy and a girl to bring out the s*xiness of a couple – a cool homosexual can do that too out of the blue. The show depicts the romantic and s*xual lives of several women who are either lesbians or bis*xuals.

The series has a number of steamy s*x scenes, mostly between women. We must applaud the efforts of the makers of ‘The L Word’ as this was the first time that bold lesbian relationships were depicted in mainstream television.

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on MX Player 2024 – Hindi

  1. Bekaaboo

Bekaaboo is the story of an novel writer Kiyan Roy whose life is exactly how he wants – just like any other casanova from the town. Though he has everything from money to fame – as the show progresses, he loses them one by one – basically, from riches to rags.

No matter how tragic the show gets, we can hardly let go of the steamy s*x scenes that come along with the package. Undeniably, our protagonist and his bed partners go much ahead of our intimate expectations.

  1. Hello Mini

Based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s book “Marry Me Stranger”, Hello Mini can be summed up as one of the best hot series on MX Player for its own good reasons. From extreme fear to daily life problems and s*xual needs – there’s more to it than just hook-up. 

Apart from some hot and intimate s*x scenes, Hello Mini showed how hard can life be to cope up with a new city – and, much more humane problems.

  1. Mastram

Who would have thought that web series could be that interesting if we hadn’t seen Mastram on MX Player? Though a blast from the early 80s, the series starts presenting out one story after another through our protagonist Rajaram – under the pen name Mastram.

While the vintage-y s*x scenes quite excite us, one cannot possibly ignore the plot. Writing is top-notch in the sense that not only do the stories in this 10-episode miniseries set your heart racing with their raunchy content. 

  1. Charitraheen

Though Charitraheen is one of the s*xiest Bengali web series with two seasons, it is also available on Mx Player in Hindi Dubbed Version. This web series, however, aimed to provide the viewers with a thrilling, lust, love, and desireful web series – alongside several s*x-screaming scenes.

The story revolves around two couples and their tangled relationship. If you like bold content with a little dark story then this one’s for you.

  1. F Buddies

Technically an anti-romance, F Buddies turns out to be a great story to make you feel se*y then and now. The effect the show is going for is cool and casual; just a father-daughter duo knocking back after a tough day at work. But then you watch it again and notice that there’s nothing else in the scene.

Though the concept of F Buddies is not new, it is a trend that is being followed by millennials now. However, the way the show has been put across is very different and engaging – especially the steaming hot bunch of s*x scenes. 

  1. Maaya: Slave Of Her Desires

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the hot series is will surely enhance your s*xual desires in no time. But in this series, they went the extra mile and dealt with a father-and-daughter-like relationship. Maaya, the web series is about a woman, Sonia/Maaya, who has witnessed a mentally traumatic event and has a breakdown.

However, her husband is on a mission to find out what happened in the last six months of her life, the time period she cannot remember due to an onset of retrograde amnesia. But, he is in for a rude shock as he discovers that Sonia leads a double life as Maaya.

  1. Wanna Have A Good Time

Though restricted to only 4 episodes, the show, along with its bold scenes has made its way to our watch. If you like watching bold content, you should watch this web series because this web series has a very short story and was just made to get the audience’s attention. 

It’s a heartwarming, a little bold, 18+ story with the story of love, obsession, the desire of love, mistake, misunderstanding, and betrayal.

  1. Kavita Bhabhi

The show revolves around the life of a married woman who is trapped between an invalid mother-in-law and a gay husband – who cannot satisfy her and seeks a way out. In order to earn a livelihood for her livelihood by being a s*x consultant for men by phone by arousing them by narrating them sexual bed stories.

The eight saucy episodes of Kavita Bhabhi are about the life and times of a hot and sexy woman. The motive of the series is to break the stereotypes and cash in on this weakness of the Indian viewer who basically goes in for voyeurism of the worst kind.

  1. Rain

The series traces the life of Barkha who is trapped inside her house, with four people from her past; one of them wants her to be dead. Will Barkha be able to trust anyone and get out of this safely is quite an interesting point to keep you hooked with.

The way the suspense is built will keep you hooked until the end of the episode. The series, however, manages to have the viewers hooked till the end with moments here and there that create fear, and at the same time, they are nowhere close to being predictable.

  1. One Night Stand

Though a Bengal web series, it has been dubbed in Hindi to cater to more audiences on a larger scale. One Night Stand is in the first of a very underrated top adult web series list, that you likely didn’t even know of until now. The series is more than the intimate scenes, it has a very twisted plot that leaves you on the edge of your seat from the start till the end.

Aside from that, it discusses the journey of moments that are seized in place by three strangers who find themselves together on a lonely night.

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on Voot 2024

  1. Naked SNCTM

The eight-part half-hour series chronicles SNCTM, a private members-only club that creates clandestine, VIP events featuring a mix of burlesque, masquerade, theater, and s*xual experimentation — for the elite and famous in Los Angeles.

There are choreographed numbers that are well worth counting. There’s even fine food and wined-up s*xy dinner parties, where some of the entrees are eclipsed by the paid help eating one another out on the dining room table!

  1. Marzi

The show grazes the surface of several socio-political dimensions of a sex-related crime from victim-blaming to bullying and slut-shaming or gaslighting.

However, Marzi excels in its atmospherics and landscape – and some of the exquisite s*x scenes. Like the New York City of Sex and the City, Shimla assumes a riveting role in the show.

  1. Fuh Se Fantasy

Fuh Se Fantasy – a web series – an anthology of stories about sexual fantasies. Though the concept is good. It mixes exotic love with the idea of falling in love with someone who’s a part of our lives, but we never really pay attention to them.

Cheesy, attention-seeking, romantic, complicated: whatever you want, it’s all in there. Every episode has its own charm, enchanting you to aspire and be the protagonist at the back of your mind.

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on Zee5 2024 – Hindi

  1. Virgin Bhaskar

Bhaskar, a 26-year old virgin who is the writer of some popular novels – is filled to the brim with unfulfilled fantasies. Though our protagonist is ideally a virgin, the touch of se*xy theme, adds up to its comedic timing and the gags.

Virgin Bhaskar tries hard to straddle two worlds in a single series with little success with a full-fledged adult comedy where the farcical, partially hot situations ensure a few laughs. 

  1. S3X Drugs & Theatre

The mini web series allows you to watch each one of them and learn throughout the process. This is, however, a perfect way to get your child accustomed to the concepts of intimacy, physical relationships, and adult concepts.

If there is one adult web series that discusses some of the best educational topics about intimacy, it is this one. The plot of the movie takes you along the life of Pappu and Papa, a father-son duo that discusses intimacy in a very educational way.

Sexiest Web Series Shows to Watch on Alt Balaji 2024 – Hindi

  1. Apharan

Apharan packs a thrilling and twisted plot that leaves you questioning every single move along the ride. The series takes you through a journey involving kidnapping, murders, crime, and the never-ending violence that takes place throughout the show.

Though the series is unsettling at times – its elements of adult intimate scenes, with a bolder touch make the series stand out amongst all.

  1. Gandi Baat

If the particular show didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have ever found and discovered the effective and impactful result a s*xy show can make. This 2018 web series features a stunning plot with different adult themes for every single episode.

The show, however, brings out the stereotypes surrounding rural India and helps you understand things that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

  1. Dev DD

The series is a perfect blend of modernity and bold scenes. The major plot of the series discusses the character of Vicky, a girl who does everything that you’d normally expect from an Indian guy including smoking cigarettes and drinking cheap alcohol.

It also touches bases with some societal topics that you normally wouldn’t expect from an 18+ web series.

Final Words

So, if you are a fan of watching web series with some good sensual intimate scenes, these may be great choices for you. I am sure, you will have a great time watching these web shows. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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