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10 Best Netflix Shows Comedy Lovers Can’t Wait To Watch

Who doesn’t need a dose of fun, laughter, humor, and sarcasm? Whether it is the case of mistaken identity, getting back to your ex, or a fun take on serious social issues, Netflix is the king of comedy.

The streaming giant is bringing everything to your house, whether it is horror, comedy, rom-com, reality, romance, or a collection of special standups to watch.

Today, we wanted to share the best comedy shows with you. Due to the quarantine restriction, we are stuck at home. It seems appropriate that we help you leave your worries behind and laugh out aloud in these depressing times.

Now let’s get to the laughter therapy with our picks of 10 of the best comedy shows currently streaming on Netflix.

10 Best Netflix Shows Comedy Lovers Can’t Wait To Watch

  1. Chappelle’s Show

It is a comedy show by nature which is hosted by a well-known Comedian Dave Chappelle. We all are well aware of his sarcastic humor, but here is a brief introduction for those who are missing out.

Dave Chappelle covers quite serious issues like racism and cultural ethnicity humorously and mocks over the standards set by the society in terms of beauty, class, and creed. He is utilizing his comedy skills to educate people and make the world a better place for everyone.

  1. Arrested Development

After his father is imprisoned for questionable accounting methods at the family-owned company and the Bluth family assets are frozen, Michael Bluth, a widower with a 13-year-old son called George-Michael, is obliged to keep his huge and chaotic family together.

As the family comes together, they remember why they avoided each other in the past. Different traits of this weird and quirky family become evident, and their struggle becomes the focus of our entertainment.

  1. Community

This show is based on the humorous story of a former lawyer who unwillingly takes admission to the community college after getting caught for faking his bachelor’s degree. Soon, he gets attracted to a fellow student, and to spend more time with her, he makes a group to study Spanish.

Surprisingly many students joined that study group, including a former drug dealer, a single mother, a former quarterback, a film student, and a millionaire. Together, the group of these misfits formed a community.

  1. New Girl

New Girls is a comedy show in which the actors just stepped into adulthood and have to face everyday challenges, such as careers, love life, or friendship, which often results in funny endings. They have presented a new and improvised look at romance and friendship.

 The bond they share in the show is the true epitome of love and friendship that we lack in our lives. This show tells us the true meaning of friendship with the additional dose of fun, laughter, annoyances, and embarrassing moments.

  1. Schitt’s Creek

The show is full of emotions, annoyances, awkwardness, sarcasm, and humor. It shows a filthy rich business family’s downfall that somehow broke and had to let go of all their assets.

They move to a small rural town named Schitt’s Creek that they once bought as a joke and start a new life and try to rebuild everything from scratch. This whole journey was not less than a roller coaster of emotions for the family.

  1. The Good Place

If you are looking for a show full of laughter, this one is our number one recommendation. Eleanor goes to The Good Place, a town where people go after death for the good deeds, they have done their whole lives.

But wait for the twist; she got mistaken for someone else. She then tries her best to find a spot for herself with a little help of a friend that she met in the town.

  1. Russian Doll

Nadia is the protagonist of Russian Doll, a dark comedy. She is a game programmer who is celebrating her 36th birthday at a friend’s house.

There’s an ostensibly Israeli restaurant, a possible one-night stand, a homeless stranger, and a disturbed man who creeps Nadia out in a nearby deli.

Nadia is hit by a car later, dies, and then returns to find herself looking in the mirror.  She was celebrating her 36th birthday when this weird incident happened, and now, she is dying over and over again. What will you do if you are stuck in the same scenario?

  1. Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a six-season animated series about an alcoholic, unhappy cartoon horse that injured a cancer patient, fed the kids drink, and left someone to die.

This funny comedy follows BoJack, who manages to make things worse while making amends for his previous bad behavior.

This comedic television program expertly blends major societal themes such as mental health, addiction, power, and, of course, abuse. It’s one of the finest anime shows on Netflix because of the story and premise.

  1. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a half-hour edgy adult animated comedy. The show is mainly focused on the lives of real-life friends and their interactions. As they have been going through the adolescent period, they are on edge, and hormones are making every one of them crazy.

The show is full of weird characters, talking pillows, nauseating hormones, and rational actions, making it one of the best comedy series on Netflix.

  1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch is a well-educated real estate lawyer who works for a prestigious company in New York City. When she is promoted to junior partner, she panics and exits the building, where she runs into Josh Chan, her summer camp boyfriend, whom she has not seen since she was a teenager.

Josh informs her that he has discovered that living in New York City is not for him and that he will be returning to his hometown of West Covina, California.

Rebecca decides to accompany Josh to West Covina in the hopes of finding happiness, although she claims Josh had nothing to do with her decision.


Comedy is the need of the time. With so much exposure to negative energies and new ones, one can’t get enough of fun. With the hope of making your life a bit funny, we have compiled our favorite comedy shows.

Even though these shows are available only in the US, you don’t have to worry. All you need is a premium VPN service, connect to the US server, and unblock the Netflix library from anywhere.

We hope that you will share the fun, laughter, and sarcasm with your family. Laugh, live, and be happy!

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