12 Best Hacking Movies For Geeks to Watch
If you are a movie lover and fascinated about the computer, you can combine your passion by watching hacking-related movies. Since the first hacking movie was made some years ago, many movie lovers have satisfied their desire for hacking movies that can be quite entertaining. If you have a soft spot for hacking movies, I… (6 comments)

10 Best Inspirational Movies on Netflix
Life is not a bed of roses but is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, you may be high and happy. The next moment may bring its challenges and wash off your happiness. When you feel low, you can lift up your hopes by watching soul-lifting and inspirational movies. This is a list of the… (1 comment)

10 Best Sci-fi Movies on Netflix
Science-fiction movies are among the best movies in the movie industry. Movie enthusiasts are always impressed and enchanted by the science and fiction that are incorporated into movies.  From apocalypses to creepy creatures, superheroes to space wars, science fiction has given movie enthusiasts something that will take them into fictional outer space and keep them… (3 comments)

5 Hollywood Movies Based on Hacking
Hacking is the buzzword in the field of computer programming. It is an art and it can be used to tighten the security of websites with sensitive data but at the same time it can be used for stealing confidential data from websites as well. Stealing any kind of online data with the use of… (6 comments)

The Season for Movie DVDs : Movies that Geeks Love to watch
Winter has arrived, which means the time has come for long, cosy nights on the sofa in front of the television. It’s too cold, too dark, too expensive to venture into your local multiplex every night, and terrestrial TV seems to show little other than re-runs and reality. So heat up the microwave popcorn, snuggle… (4 comments)