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3 SEO Tips to Increase Your Online Traffic And Sales

When your business wants to increase traffic to its website, you can use three “tried and true” SEO tips that will help attract new customers. Companies often try to make things too complicated, and they should abide by these three tips. Once you have mastered these three SEO tips, you can use other techniques to generate business from outside of your website. Remember that SEO content is website-centric. You want customers to learn about your company, get to know the staff, and spend quite a lot of time on your site.

Write Excellent Blog Posts

As the team at Drip Digital state, you should write excellent blog posts that will educate and inform your customers. You cannot sell your customers anything if they do not know what they are buying. You often do not have the luxury of bringing your customers into an office or the showroom. The sales pitch, then, should be on your website.

When you are educating your customers, you need to write blog posts that also sell them on what you have to offer. You can write an educational blog post that explains how your products or services work. You can break down when your products or services do, or you can use these blog posts as an AMA (Ask Me Anything) that allows customers to get questions answered. 

If you have written quality blog posts, your customers are more likely to come back. Customers like to learn from the businesses they shop with, and you will be rewarded with their loyalty when you are willing to be the teacher. 

Moreover, when you create the content, make sure to target the best keywords which you have to research. So, do invest more time in researching the keywords and choose them on the basis of their competition and search volume. There is no benefit of just writing the content if no one is coming to view it. That is the reason, we need to do keyword research to find those keywords that people are actually searching for, and also the competition is fair. So, that you can try ranking your site, and get more traffic.

Create Diverse Content

You must try to create diverse content that is easy to understand. You can create videos, podcasts, blogs, news pieces, and many more items that will teach your customers something unique about your business. You can write a blog article about how customers should use your new service, but you can write another piece that explains why your new services are better than everyone else’s. 

You can continue to create diverse content by making videos. Some of the best marketing that has ever been done was done by a company that made fun videos about its products or services. You can get as creative as you want. You might go as far as explaining how your tactical knife works by cutting things that a knife should not be able to cut. For example, you should create a video where your tactical knife cuts through a piece of paper because it is so sharp. 

You should also create videos of interviews that you have done with your employees or luminaries in your industry. You can make videos when you are showing your customers what goes on behind the scenes, or you can create videos that share news about the company. You could do everything from introducing new employees to creating videos about new products that have not yet been released.

You could show these products in their infant stages, or you can start teasing these new products in a video. 

As your content gets even more diverse, you should consider writing guest posts for other

websites. You can reach an entirely new audience, and you might find partners along the way. These partners will advertise your products for you, and they might even sell these items or services on their websites. 

Podcasts are another way for you to create diverse content. You might not feel comfortable creating videos, but you can record podcasts where you can talk about your products, your industry, or interview your team. Podcasts are a good option for a company that deals in ideas and market information. You might also invite authors to read from their books if you are a publisher or you work in an industry that features luminaries who would attract a wider audience.

As you sprinkle this diverse content around your website and social media platforms, you can point back to your business and website at any time. 

Ensure That Your Site Is Easy To Navigate

You must make your website simple to navigate. Your customers will get frustrated if they cannot navigate to the pages they want to see, and they might leave your site if they cannot find what they are looking for.

Your website should be as simple as possible with a single string of tabs across the top of the page that are easy to click. You can add a button for each large section of the site, and you might add a pulldown menu that allows you to get into each category. 

Your site should also have a home button on every page along with an arrow button that will advance you to the next page on the site when needed. Additionally, you should add a contact, about, and sitemap to the bottom of the page. These links should always be at the bottom of every page, and you may want to leave the navigation tabs at the top of every page. 

Your website should also have a list of pages and subpages that are easy to follow. For example, you can show your customers that they have clicked on the homepage, residential page, and mowing page. In this way, the customers will always know where they have been. 

You Can Build An Amazing Website Today

You can build an amazing website today that is easy to navigate, attracts more customers, and helps you convert sales. You can use each of these three tips as you go through the steps needed to make your business as popular as possible. You can write amazing blog posts that will speak to your customers and their needs. 

You can create diverse content that will reach customers in many different places. Moreover, you can make your simple to navigate. Once you have finished with your SEO project, you can make adjustments as you review all the work that has been done. Complete new blog posts in the most effective style, add navigation buttons when needed, and continue to create the type of content that is most popular. You should always gravitate to what your customers want and ask for input as much as possible.

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  • I think the famous quote “content is king” is the best way for traffic increasing. Content is essential for online traffic gaining but proper optimizaiton is also the latest needs for any website.

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    This is really very informative post and thanks for sharing this with us. All the various points you discussed and explained are important to increase the online traffic especially creating good content is more important as excellent content itself works 50%…. and the rest 50% percent is done by using all the various other optimization methods.

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