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What is Mariana Web? Is it Internet’s Biggest Mystery?

If you are an avid reader of TechTricksWorld, you must have read the post I wrote about Dark Web. If you haven’t read that yet, read here. Today I am going to talk about something related to it, or you can say the deepest part of the internet we are going to talk about.

Mariana Web is the name given to the deepest part of the internet, and the name is inspired by Mariana Trench which is the deepest part of the world’s ocean.

Nowadays, for searching anything, we use internet whether it is to find nearby restaurants or flight timings, and so on. That all we get from the internet but do you know that the part of the internet we access normally is known as Surface Web which is said to be only 4% of the information on the internet. That means there is much more online which we don’t even bother to check out. In fact, we cannot access them the way we access the surface web.

The Internet has different layers, and we only access the first layer that is called Surface Web. Then comes, deep web, dark web, and then Mariana web. Let’s talk about each of them one by one.

5 Layers of the Internet

Surface Web – 1st Layer

The internet which we use every day for our general use that can be accessed using a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. it is crawled and indexed by search engines.

Deep Web – 2nd Layer

The part of the internet that is not crawled and indexed by search engines. If you have a direct link then only you can access a part of the deep web. When you use online banking, there are many pages you see which are not indexed by search engines because they are only accessible when you log in. Those pages are also the part of Deep Web. Not only bank sites, but there are many websites on which when you log in, you can access those pages that are not publicly available. You can access Deep Web using normal Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Dark Web – 3rd Layer

Dark Web is a part of Deep Web, or you can say a deeper part of the Deep Web which is not crawled or indexed by search engines, and to access them you need special software such as TOR (The Onion Router) browser. The websites on the dark web have .onion TLD. The shadiest things are there on the Dark Web. However, not everything is illegal there, but yes there is more illegal stuff out there such as suicidal videos, chi*d p*rn, hiring hackers, and many other things that are generally not legal activities on the general web. Therefore, it is advised not to try accessing Dark Web if it is not very important. If you ever need to access, do make sure you take proper precautions while accessing Dark Web so that you don’t get into problems.

Charter Web – 4th Layer

This is the advanced version of the third layer i.e. Dark Web Where you can get access to illegal stuff in plenty such as banned videos, banned books, offensive videos, rare animal trading, Human trafficking, Banned movies, and so on. You can access this using TOR browser, and make sure you use a good VPN to make your identity hidden while browsing.

Mariana Web – The 5th and the deepest layer of Internet

It is believed that Mariana Web is the deepest layer of the internet. It is “believed” because there is no proof of its existence. Yes, there are many theories speak out that there is nothing like Mariana web out there. Let’s dig deep into it, and find out what exactly it is.

It is believed that Mariana web contains the secrets of powerful agencies. The most disturbing websites can be found out there. There are beliefs that Mariana web hosts secret data of the secret agencies and government.

Since there is no proof, there are different theories that talk differently about Mariana web. Few are as:

  • It is run by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has gained Sentience

Many people say that Mariana Web is run by powerful AI bots that gradually gained Sentience which means they started to feel and perceive. Those bots keep an eye on all the activities happen on the internet. Some even say that the Mariana web itself is an AI. However, there is no proof that can prove this statement to be true.

  • It is a rumour that was designed to distract people from Dark Web’s market takedowns

This one of the sensational statements that Mariana web is nothing but a rumor created to distract people from the dark web’s market takedowns.  Again, there are no proofs that could validate this statement.

  • The Network on which Mariana Web works are comprised of Closed Shell Systems

The concept of Closed Shell System is one of the fascinating concepts that is talked about when there is a discussion of Mariana web. It is said that the Mariana web is the collection of closed shell systems that is accessed via a rare LAN Network using Quantum Computer which we will talk about later in this blog post.

  • It is supposed that Mariana Web holds the History’s Darkest Secrets and Mysteries

We all know how important the internet is in our lives due to its huge database of information. We can find almost anything out there. But, there are some dark secrets that you don’t find on the internet we access, i.e. surface web. But, those can be found on the Mariana web. Many mysteries that can only be found uncovered on the Mariana web. One such mystery is Cicada 3301 in which there is a puzzle that needs to be solved, and it was said that the puzzle was created to find out the highly intelligent persons.

How to Access Mariana Web?

It is still unclear whether Mariana web does exist or not. Everything we talk about it is still “Believed”. Another thing is believed that to Mariana Web can be accessed through Polymeric Falcighol Derivation which is calculated only by a Quantum Computer. In 2015, Google and NASA jointly confirmed that the existence of functional Quantum Computer. Still, there are people who don’t believe the existence of quantum computers. There is a solid discussion going on Quora about the existence of these computers.

To run a Quantum Computer, it is required to place it in an extreme environment because its CPU can work well only in a vacuum which pressure is 10 billion times lower than that of earth’s atmosphere. Also, the temperature of that vacuum should be 0.015 degrees.

Final Thoughts

It is still tough to say whether Mariana Web actually exists or not. There are only speculations and different theories that talk about the existence of Mariana Web as we have discussed in this blog post already.

So don’t simply reach on a conclusion as it is still one of the biggest mysteries of the web. What are your thoughts about Mariana Web?  Do share them in the comments.

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  • Hello Atish,

    This topic is something new to me and I am so happy to know more about it through this awesome post from you. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  • Hello Atish,

    A new and interesting topic. I didn’t have any clue about this subject but once i started to read up i felt it very interesting and gained knowledge. Now i can spread the word about this one to my friends and neighbour.

  • Hey Atish,

    Really nice article.
    If the Mariana web is powered by AI we are all doomed. Earlier I read a report when Facebook was experimenting with AI and two chatbots starting to neglect the commands and they have developed their own language.
    If AI is the case and it is that intelligent you can see the consequences.
    but on the other hand there are no actual proof of this thing so maybe it is just a wild theory spread on the Internet.
    Anyways Really nice article. Keep up the good work

    • Hi Ashish,

      Yes, if something is managed by AI that will be going difficult for human. Yes, I read the news about Facebook AI.

      About Mariana web, there is still no proof if that really exist? It might be just a hoax.

  • What an insightful article!
    It is really amazing to know about this Mariana web.
    Since it is only accessed by Quantam computers,is there any possibility to access it publicly?

    • Hello Soumik,

      As you read, it is even unclear that if Mariana Web actually exist? If it does, you cannot access it without using Quantum computer. Moreover, if you want to explore something interesting, do visit by Dark web post which link you will find in this post itself, and that you can access using special browser and VPNs easily.

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